Streets, The - Tidy Nice And Neat Lyrics

Always tidy nice and neat

Always tidy nice and neat
I like being white as a white sheet,
Keeping pale can be quite a feat,
Walk in a line 'til i am beat,
Whens it time to wear a watch
Should i be wary of just cotting?
Cos in the end its still a botch,
My father just drinks scotch
Enter into debt
As your appetite gets whet,
Endeavour to sweat it out,
Bet then bet then double down,
Walls of stony clad that recall such lonley madness,
Never been a call or phone you lad,
Next in line for a phoney fad,

Always tidy nice and neat
I like being white as a white sheet,
Keeping pale can be quite a feat,
Walk in a line 'til i am beat,

Let's see what we find
Looking for any time

Look i try to keep things tidy but im feeling all the same,
Keep my natter in the fray but its leaky chat that stains,
Inky problems causing trouble boris becker and for mug,
Got me feeling like a lump
So im sitting here all grump,
Towing lines all day,
Just leads to bicep decay,
All work and no play makes ghost a dull dog,
Yeah i tend to talk a lot
And my actions are squeaky,
Not as quiet as a mouse,
Hush pupping in my heedy,
Gobble box in the bling so im sitting on the sink,
Trying to clean up my glasses
Trying to clean up my think,
But my tongue keeps dipping and slipping on the sea
And the fish start nipping and dragging me beneath

Im in armour
Would just take my arm,
Its a bizzare and crazy farm,
Beautiful days lazy calm
But lazy calm can maybe harm,
You smoke a pack 'til the pack is black,
Choke 'til your lungs are a hacking black
Invoking memories of chimney stacks,
Coal anda little bits of slack, make the curtain twitch and peek,
Take a certain pitch in cheek,
Play the innocent little geek,
Listen to peaceful clicks and squeaks.

Always tidy nice and neat

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Streets, The Tidy Nice And Neat Comments
  1. 12NadaSurf12

    @DerFrischi it is...

  2. peter proctor

    @riotstand looks like a 35mm camera

  3. DerFrischi

    Why isnt this on the final album? :(

  4. supertye

    Could always ask him over twitter

  5. aber dunsky

    The streets puts out quality records year after year. hopefully his last album can launch him to even greater heights....

  6. a3ea

    @onrainstreet Basically it's incredible in 480p because it's scaled from a bigger resolution, 1080p. And I suppose it's the starting one. Btw, I would also like to know the camera model :)
    Who knows, maybe he'll read this and respond...


    when did he get married?

  8. riotstand

    @onrainstreet Yeh, would love to know what camera is used too.

  9. Ethan Herber

    @B333KAY on his website he said something about it. He didn't even notice but he ment that the limelight tan.

  10. sumotherdude

    genius beats, the slickest of lyrical content.... this shit just makes me so happy.

  11. Stephen Raynsford

    Hahaha computers and blues
    I think he was joking

  12. vanrok

    this is better than Going Through Hell.......owww w8 it sounds wrong :)),
    <3 The Streets

  13. deathcabie7

    he is making two albums reds and blues.........reds will be out sooner the blues.

  14. Daniel Clarke

    loves it