Streets, The - The Morning After The Day Off On One Lyrics

you talk around events and from the side of your sight, the benson burns it reflects in your eyes, in the room with the computer in, listenin to music and watching old youtube shit,
how come fire and rain sometimes sound the same, look me a goodbye in my eye as i say, its too hot in here for men with blood in their veins, faded by dust and darkened by days,
theres a choral chorus, and a floral adoring fuss, for us, for dust, but youre too bold thus, you have to be bolder, youve got a big chip on your shoulder.

yo misleading with lyrics the flow need to see it clearly, cos there all on my dick and they aint even seen my image, i recourse of chips on my shoulder, and battered fishes,
i walk with a devil persona, they gather wishes, im in the hands of god and use up all my raffle tickets, when the numbers up ill rattle cages, and ill be lifted, they dont know who to show their face with
the act is finished, i was living in the matrix, but these girls dont act ,gotta cross the line, is there a limit until lost for lines, so im saying what im actually thinking, im trying to say fuck you, and you hear the inkling
subdued by the way i play with words, itll have you thinking, i wonder what would have happened if i listened to mr simpkins, and really believed that i werent shit, it has me thinking,yeah it has me winking
i probably wouldnt be this sick, it has me cringing, but you can see the finger im waving from that distance.

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Streets, The The Morning After The Day Off On One Comments
  1. Eglu Megad

    Are they playing PS3 with Xbox 360 controllers?! WTF lol

  2. The Weirdo

    Saw this for the first time in 2011 on MTV Brazil! Great times! Love Mike Skinner!!

  3. J M

    That lyric "how come fire and rain sometimes sound the same" has stayed with me for years.

  4. guinpoppa

    i need the beat in the 2nd 1/2

  5. dansantan278

    the part that kicks in at 1:34 HOLY SHIT! what is that sample!

  6. Karolina Fidos

    can't stop listening

  7. Joe Malone

    What did you sample for this mike? Or more precisely will it be on your new album because i want that song

  8. konradhino

    the first part of song is epic , really .... it's so dark and the bit is awesome !
    Mike please come to Poland ! We are waiting for you

  9. t1mTV

    few herbs and a bit-a benson.

  10. Jarl Jakobsen

    Mr. Mike Skinner - You make several of my days. My deepest respect for the poetic flow of words - J - Denmark

  11. jam stew

    got myself one of those lamps too

  12. rodolfo navas

    that sample is insane!

  13. cosmicintoxication

    so much win

  14. Mickeypeach

    I love this channel .. thanks Mike.

  15. xXxios

    @tonythecooldude 5D Mark 2

  16. Tony King

    Any idea what camera this was filmed on, it looks fantastic!

  17. Lobby Gobbler

    Engaging in some reefer madness there skinner lad

  18. Anton Klimov

    beautiful track, good work Mike

  19. DjLoneStar

    just loving Mr skinner assaulting you tube with these great insights keep em comming , Sir.

  20. fume7dubelge

    Yeat Stella Artois ! Not the best ones but still ... belgians !

    love these vids

  21. muertecaramelo

    Videos keep getting better!! Way yo go, Mike.

  22. Josh Smith BDEM

    That was the freshest sounding beat I've heard in a long time!!

  23. humperkipper

    I am loving these vids, they really give an insight to how you think.

  24. Addolorata D'ambrosio

    This is shear excellence. Thank you x

  25. Joe Malone

    Awesome. No boredom implied

  26. vanrok

    best channel on youtube :D

  27. FrankSinatra89

    As a german I must say: England can be proud to have such artistst like the streets. I admire your culture, it inspires my live truly.

  28. SwanyUK

    Fuck me, that tune is class as fuck!
    the video was even better!
    would fucking love to have a sesh with mike BLAZE IT UP

  29. Rewind Fishwalk

    give us an album track mike ... we all love you !