Streets, The - The Escapist Lyrics

All these walls were never really there,
Nor the ceiling or the chair.
I'm eking weeks of peace at the beach
I see the breezes weave the trees,
These walls, you'll find, are yours and mine
Defined not by them, I
I'm in times that lie behind my eyelids,
The sunset still the rising silence,

I'll not feel no fear
Cos' I'm not really here
I'm nowhere near here

There's no rain on roof that grates and beats me
My favourite tree breaking light to pieces
Sprinkling, sharded light on me
Throw a stone as hard as you can
And hearing with hand not here at land
Nothing taxi, dusting sand
My window world spins and twirls,
The walls then fall, I recall the sort
White clouds white wash faded spotless
The weighty shadows, ranges of rocks
The cold is all illusion thought up
Stroll on the shore, snooze and explore
All possibilities in each new morning,
'til satisfied reaching out, yawning
Fish in a big dish, some rice and spice,
Salt over shoulder, never salted so tight
The truth I have told was silence sometimes
But who's soul does not hide any crimes
Wrapped in walls, encircled by work
The walls fall - the story occurs
No barrier, no boundary or 'low us ID's
The freedom to stay off straight
Be fiend or friend, cause no harm but charm - the peaceful end

[Chorus x2]

Pale, ancient woods, strew white sandy bays
This ugly room pales away today
I'm swimming in the ocean
I sink slow motion
Fingers, toes, floating
Every year 'til yesterday
I see the eternal setting sea
I compare all this to me,
It's all fleeting momentary me
I blink my eyes, this is reminding me
Life lies in the blink of an eye
The old die for reasons, new tides for seasons
New life born is like teasing
All these walls were really never there
Nor the ceiling or the chair
I'm eking weeks of peace at the beach
I see the breezes weave the trees
I am not here at all,
You are dearly fooled,
I see bristling trees, the shush at the sea
Fluttering seagulls
I'm not trapped in a box, so I am glancing at rocks
I'm dancing off docks
Since this stance began
That's where I am

[Chorus x2]

So done.

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Streets, The The Escapist Comments
  1. Bounce swfc

    Grown up listening to the streets

  2. David Elrod

    Makes me cry when I'm happy. Makes me cry when I'm sad. This song brings all the emotions from the bottom of the well.

  3. Toms onfire

    what an absolute underrated fuuukin tune

  4. BlackDynomight

    I love this song

  5. Batman

    Streets sounded so good back in the day. Listening to this now after finding it because it was that deep track that made me think back then and it's utter dogshit. Sound production to the lyrics and whatever streets even is is just crap. Hasn't stood the test of time for me at all. And I'm not happy to say that I loved them back in the day

  6. Connor Oliver

    Omg I just realised it says I'll not fear no fear cuz I'm not really here I'm no whare near here.this song means so much even years later

    Sharp Cal

    What did you think it said?

  7. Katy is a wreck.

    Come to Kentucky, please.

  8. Brad Parker

    How does this not have 20 mil views possibly one of the greatest songs every made!?!?!!!!!

    Jannik K

    the world is strange

  9. Eva M

    Such an underrated artist ❤️

  10. macca JFT96YNWA

    Most underrated artist of any generation. Sound of my very high childhood 😂 the streets and cypress i loved thw 90s/noughties now a world full of snowflakes and shit music is where we are.

  11. Martin Lemaire

    At the end of the song, it looks like Mike is on the "Dune du Pilat", the highest dune in Europe.
    Beautiful music and beautiful scenery.

  12. danny Thorpe

    always an easy listen with your stuff.

  13. Nails Kelly

    My new girlfriend asked me which Street I grew up on. I told her Mike Skinner. She didn't get it.

    Cla Cla

    She's not the right one then!

  14. Pharmalade Cream

    Never appreciated this band enough <3

  15. Craig Bradshaw

    FYI, this is my funeral song...fact

  16. Fims Presents Rc

    Still epic.....

  17. Ktown_Produkt

    I'm alive.... why? I HEAR THE STREETS.........

  18. J R

    Saw these guys live in Auckland, loved it. This song brought a tear to my eye.

  19. Dieter Von Tresen

    23 people have a bad taste...

  20. Cogzy B

    i cant believe i have never heard this one, always finding more and more hidden gems from the streets, i thought i heard them all wow. gives me hope and happiness :)

  21. Dream Way

    The craftmanship of Mike Skinner. Brum’s finest.

  22. Simon Booth

    Keep on moving up...we're not going round in circles...we're on a helix heading skywards constantly. Conscience is created.

  23. Amyx Komari

    Sitting here sobbing at 5AM listening to this as I once did 11 years ago

  24. robin griffin

    Surprised to see oradour sur glen in the video! Fair. Unbelievably sad place to visit

  25. thomuk2006

    The most underrated song of all time

  26. dj antoni

    Love from Rhodes island

  27. Peter Rutledge

    Since this dance began....that’s where I am

  28. Francis Gallegos

    Love his voice, love his lyrics.

  29. Chris Iverach

    Please come back.

    bread n gravy

    Chris Iverach hope ur okay bro. We’ll get there, one day.

    Chris Iverach

    @bread n gravy I'm okay cheers mate, was just reminissing listening to the streets.

  30. Jeremy Haskins

    I drive a truck all over america for a living and this song just nails what it feels like to live on the road. Great song

  31. Burak

    Şehinşah - Bir tek sen :)

  32. Jing Guo

    Still my fav song of the Streets 2 decades later.

  33. Elvis Eckardt

    Fu***** Legend Mike Skinner

  34. New Age

    The secret to life

  35. Sam Page

    Underrated - the lyrics to this helped me at some very hard times

  36. Pedros Pedroski

    I think he's off for rave in Portugal by foot

  37. Moon Head

    The Karl pilkington of the rap game. An absolute genius

  38. daragh cleary

    Magic....💫💎 geeza!!

  39. Sam Scott

    Absolutely incredible. I take it as having fear, nerves, apprehension, anxiety (whatever negative feeling) but allowing yourself to let go a bit and try to not let it hold you back by focusing on what brings you a bit of peace. Everyone can relate to this, some more than others but pretty universal in it's message.
    The bloke is a genius with his song writing.

  40. alan starn

    11 people will never Escape

  41. Finbar White

    Like see mike work with richard ashcroft and david gray

  42. David Bomken

    I have a feeling Mr Skinner is the kind of artist who gets the credit he deserves after his death

    Sanap Adsense

    so true

  43. Fred P

    When The Streets are no more blinded by the lights... Pure golden wisdom!

  44. Hut

    When you’re too torched to find your way home...

  45. Fortnite 25kmemesyeet

    for ever legend

  46. Sergio Mota

    Esta cancion me late mucho soy mexicano hasta el tope y esta rola me hace sentir bien

  47. Jimmy May

    About the tenth video I’ve commented on in a row - but how beautiful is this.

  48. That Guy Again

    So sick to see everyone's perspective on what this song means to them

  49. jallsanga ASMR

    You can tell Mike Skinner is a thinking man. I guess most people reading this are thinking people too. Existence itself is just an amazingly beautiful mystery, really. A mystery that we should be open to as much as possible.

  50. Sam Robinson

    I may have taken too much. But this song gives me warmth. Bless all

  51. Dave Dave

    listening now in my late 20’s i finally realise how woke skinner really is

  52. Philippe Truze

    1'59" : Oradour-sur Glane

  53. Ma Sen

    RIP Brian Bosboom we all love you <3

  54. Martin Short

    Fucking lovely little tune.

  55. Mise Anseo

    luv dis, my mantra, LUV da Streets :)

  56. Sław Rado

    Create more!

  57. obelisklarvan

    This track is something special. Such a soulful heartfelt story about overcoming insecurities and anxieties, and taking steps forward to a brighter future. Something not a lot of men talk about, but Mike Skinner lays bare for us here. Really is inspiring to me.

    Josef Taheri

    did you hear 'on the edge of a cliff'?


    @Josef Taheri I did mate, and it's beautiful.

  58. nigelcarren

    S**T... I moved to france in 2008, and this song/video kinda sums up perfectly how it feels being an Englishman over here (ten years), and still feels like walking alone. I thinks its time to come home, reconnect and get me some Fish & Chips. Thank you Mike... You just made me pull my finger out. keep up the great work brother. 🏆🚀


    Same here! Except I moved to France in 1996 ( was in the UK from 2010 to 2017) but I guess what you're describing is feeling homesick. I
    should know I've felt homesick ( I'm British) bcoz I never wanted to move to France in the first place. I wanted to stay in London or Manchester in England. Or another country such as Australia, Sweden...


    [email protected] nice to read you mate. I am up here in Brittany at the moment, any time you want to let of steam feel free to email me directly if you don't want to tell the world.. I hope you are doing ok this wet weekend. Perhaps you are doing what I am doing and staring at a cupboard full of spices trying to ascertain whether the effort/payoff is worth making a full-on Chicken Shashlik with Mushroom Pilau... because I CERTAINLY can't find a takeaway here!!! (this is normally when my laughter turns to tears) 😂

  59. emilyrl

    The beauty of this music is never lost on me no matter how much I hear it. I can't even count how many times I've listened to this desperately crying because I have been so low... It's brilliant and sometimes just sometimes it's made me feel a little better.

    "The truth I've told was silence sometimes
    But whose soul does not hide any crimes?
    Wrapped in walls, encircled by work
    The walls fall - this story occurs
    No barrier, no boundary, all hours I please
    The freedom to stay or stray
    Be fiend or friend, cause no harm but charm - the peaceful end"

    Sergio Mota

    Estoy de acuerdo saludos

  60. Paul SH

    The people’s poet ...a pure genius way ahead of the time, gets u right to the core of your soul

    daragh cleary

    Paul SH never a truer word...

  61. Örnest Örnsen

    Escapism is my religion



  63. Jamie Griffiths

    It's so nice to see nothing but good and positive comments on here about the song and about Mike, I really hope he looks at these sometime and sees that he really is amazing and should never stop making music to feed the soul, I'm so glad he's never sold out and gone pop money isn't worth selling your artistic soul. Mike you're a Legend ✌

  64. Dario

    Great to hear the streets got me threw bad times but also had great times... Thanks for it all mike

  65. quantrell

    Mike is the most underrated artist ever.

    Pure lyrical genius. Never stop creating.

    Mise Anseo

    well said :)


    Mike is THE poet of this century

  66. hetty. blotter

    One of my favorite songs of all time.

  67. houk tanh danhi

    the shorts and t shirt don't suit old mikey, bring back the hoodies n trackie and nike air max

    Samuel Bridgeley

    Hes grown up


    adelfe mou toexeis paei psila se euxaristw gia auto na eisai panta kala na spasis to podi sou

  69. Marko Laureus

    2009 - I was 15.. whole summer in a hospital.. alone, in fear... going blind.. not knowing what is going on... listening to The Streets saved me. This was my favourite song.

    mark kerry

    so blinded by the lights wasn't your favorite?

    Dennis T

    @mark kerry lol... you're wrong bro😅

    os deity

    Much love brother, keep going


    God bless you, stay strong

    Stevan Tatalović

    2019 - I am 32, whole summer in the bed. alone. Achilles tendon broke twice. not knowing what to do. listening to The Streets saved me. This was my favorite song. looking at this video was absolute nightmare and I was thinking I won't be able to walk like this never again. my tendon heal. and I finished another book of poetry.

  70. harry fraud

    Great tune

  71. Manuel a.k.a PanteRap

    Muy buena música Mike!!! Saludos desde México!!!

  72. Atanas Tanevski

    Love these songs, i can listen to you guys all day long. Emotional and quality songs

  73. bazaray89

    the definition of "going for a stomp"

  74. DEEJAY In The UK

    Mike ur fuckin ace !

  75. Katie Stait

    💕 This 🎶 💕 💕

  76. LivinnUppsuh

    Its sad this guy does not get the credit he deserves.. long live mike skinner/the streets

    Erin Meow

    I so deeply respect this man. I was lucky a friend introduced me to his music at the get go; because I've been able to enjoy how my interpretation of his words changes as I've changed... he's of an age with me but now I look back and realise just how many layers of depth he always had. just wow.

  77. Shazza Jones

    Drove thru Wales with this full blast last excellent :)


    I feel like a young kid again love your talent glad to see it coming back dry your eyes mate spent almost every day of my summer with my portable CD player listening to it over and over again just pure amazing talent do anything to go back to them days

  79. ­ eightbO

    Glad its back mike.

    Bristol soon, cheers.

  80. YeagerBeats

    Beautiful production work, beautiful song

  81. Germán Sierra

    Most wonderful song ever. Everyone in this planet need to hear this beautifulness.

  82. Robert Artus

    Idk why only a small group of the Internet listen to these songs there gold



    Katie Stait

    👌 Comment 💕 🥇 Streets forever 💕


    Do you think that most listeners don't like the almost constant monotone rambling talking style pitch of his voice people can't understand or properly relate to ? Love Mike Skinner blesss<3

    Travis Garcia

    I was a pre teen trying to find this shit in California. As much as I hate the politics of Youtube, at least I am able to finally listen to one of my favorite artists!

    Olu Obama

    I love you all

  83. CorescopePlays

    this is gold


    It sure is my friend.

  84. A 87

    Beautiful track

  85. Jackson Currell

    Love it. 👊