Streets, The - Minding My Own Lyrics

minding my own

im just minding my own, as you do, im just minding my own as you do, i got a mind of my own, so im just minding my own, just minding my own as you do.

look i got a peace of mind, cos i know i can walk on the streets at night, now i had a dark past, but now i got a bright future, some dont want me to see the light,
it seems alike, why, cos they got their mind on mine,now i dont mind, but my clocks ticking, i got my mind on time,im not spitting for the lime or light ,im spitting cos i decide to write the rhymes i write
i ride the track,
im underground, mind the gap, im a gold mine, and im so grime, but you, you got bars and flow, minus fans, minus drag, look i dont mind you , fly your flag, they say two minds are better than one, but who minds im better than one.

im just minding my own, as you do, im just minding my own as you do, i got a mind of my own, so im just minding my own, just minding my own as you do.

from starry eyes to far up starry skies, satellites high above make day and night quite alike, for the eagle eyed theres many legal highs, since the old legal guys made the old highs illegal,
straight as the seagull flies, paint your pallet blue and grey, but rain has the habit of doing away with any delay,in the stars we lie, twinly eyes, link the scene with smiles

im just minding my own, as you do, im just minding my own as you do, i got a mind of my own, so im just minding my own, just minding my own as you do.

now i understand what you try to say to me, take my shaking hand and try and take the lead, im in a million places scattered all around my brain, a thousand little sensations all sayign the same, i see voices in my head is what aristottle said, or maybe it was plato,
it dont matter there all dead, to the grey matter in my head.

im just minding my own, as you do, im just minding my own as you do, i got a mind of my own, so im just minding my own, just minding my own as you do.
im just minding my own, as you do, im just minding my own as you do, i got a mind of my own, so im just minding my own, just minding my own as you do.

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Streets, The Minding My Own Comments
  1. Mary Diaz

    It’s ooh my hair stupid

  2. Michael’s World

    Y’ know your going somewhere when a riot goes in the crowd. If i were ritchie i’d beat the heck out of some people.

  3. Savannah Mendez

    I'm the Bob of the family.

  4. Jeysel Sanchez

    Cien vio la película yo si y tú? 💝💝

  5. Nayops 19

    Well, well, now, now baby
    Let's just go all night long
    Well, on, on, on, on, darlin
    I just want you-to-go-on more
    There won't be no tuttie fruiti
    No lolly pop, cmon baby just
    Rock, rock, rock
    Well, now, now, now, now, honey
    We gonna rock all night
    Well babe, babe, babe, babe, baby
    We're just gonna go fine
    Well on, on, on, on, darlin'
    Ooh, my head!
    Well, Bonie Moronie, Peggy Sue yeah!
    They ain't gonna be around no more
    Well, on now dit-a-little darlin
    We just gonna party some more
    Daylight, I love you darlin
    Ooh my head! (now let's go)
    Well now, now, now, now, baby
    Keep me rockin on an on
    Well I just reelin' till it's over
    Oh, just all night long
    Well, now
    Ooh my head!
    Alright, WAIL...
    Rock it out...
    Come on...
    My head is tired🎤🎶

  6. ROB GTZ

    There's always that Mexican Uncle.

  7. Anthony Phillips

    Richie stopped performing when he saw Bob getting jumped and went to go handle business. Gangsta!

  8. Slow Mo

    I see they replaced Rudy pretty quick.

  9. Spell I CUP

    Richie and Bobs mom is probably the coolest mom ever haha

    Christopher Donjuan

    Spell I CUP yessir💀

  10. Amanda Robles

    Im so happy that the La Bamba is now on Netflix 🤪

  11. Billy Gonzalez

    Whipped that mufucka 🤣🤣🤣

  12. jay swingler fan

    i love this movie

  13. Klancy Moreno

    He looks like jojo from Horton hears a hoo( idk if that's spelled correctly)...

  14. call of duty call of duty

    iam surprised LA CHOTA (police) did not come

  15. Frijolero Man79


  16. Mike Stevenson

    Sax player is undeterred.

  17. Songs on Vinyl

    I wish Ritchie didn’t die

  18. Thecowboy

    3:42 😂😂😂😂

  19. Dan AW

    3:42 yo contra mis deudas
    -Soy el de café

  20. Robert Johnson

    Never noticed Rosie off to the side all jealous when Ritchie blows Donna a kiss after the first song. Lol. Ya fucked up Rosie. Going with Bob. All gross and preggo at the concert

  21. Diego Salinas

    3:32 lol 🤣🤣

  22. MP R

    2:43 "Yeeeeah, aight...." lmfao

    Steven Winterhill


  23. Man Of steel -_-

    The real Ritchie Valens sings it better tbh lol


    2:56 me at a party

  25. Kaiser King

    Sorry but cheech and chong done framed better

  26. Gardenia Pelayo

    Don’t drink or that happens

  27. fawkthescene666

    That sax player is so much better than Rudy Castro that fukin loser. And Bob is just punk as fuck - these people just don't understand the magic of rock n roll like he does!

  28. DylanDinosaur

    What guitar does Richie have in this? It looks so tiny

  29. Gael Navarro

    Richie fire with his songs then you see ben and Richie ses oh shit 😅

  30. shadow doge

    3:30 me durung Dodgeball wondering around until 3:32

  31. waaazup D

    Ol Bob always starting trouble lol

  32. Victoria Garcia

    Every Mexican family has a “Bob” in their family. It can be your father, uncle or brother. Lol

  33. Esther Xolio

    Ritchie I like your singing 👍

  34. Levinite 1

    Bob didn't have to ask: hold my beer.

  35. Adriana oh

    It’s crazy to think I wasn’t born yet 🤣😂

  36. Gael Navarro

    good singer

  37. KaneRobot


  38. Marleny Navarro

    And riche

  39. Marleny Navarro

    WOW riche not that bad :O

  40. NightmareOn ElmStreet

    Esè wey ! Lol ! Puro Ricochét

  41. Jaime Banda

    @ 3:24 his poor mom, "Stop it"!!! 😄😄😄 she truly wanted him to make it big...

  42. Jorge Santana

    Im the Bob in my family -_-

  43. Brian Wilson


  44. Ivan Hernandez

    The drums🥁👍

  45. Tony Diablo

    Actually, if it hadn't been for Bob, they would of never left the fruit pickling ranch...

  46. Francisco Huerta

    Is this RICHIE VALENS? Hmmm? I'm asking you😡😡 jeez HEY!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. knife reaper

    0 fucks given from the saxophone player

  48. knife reaper

    Bob getting jumped Ritchie gets off stage fights

  49. Enrique Betancourt

    Did Bob really said There You Go Ritchie after Ritchie punch that one guy!!!!

  50. Lissy Deon

    2:52 bob looks sexi as f

  51. Johnny Daggerz

    Anyone else that Bob and crew are part of Galloping Goose MC?

  52. Primus Odyssey

    You dont need no guns, just punches...:D

  53. kameron taylor

    "Why Bob how could you do this to Ritchie".

  54. Angel Dorantes

    What happened to Donna during the fight?? 🤔🤔🤔

  55. R G

    What a talented young man Ritchie was, he would have been a superstar!

  56. Mayhem's Panic Room

    Fucking crowd killers

  57. Cruz Aleman

    I’m bob 😁😅🍻

  58. UmbreonErick

    2:44 "yeah alriiiiight" 😂

  59. Oliver X

    That's so me and my lil bro😟

  60. cereal4u

    When that dude gets hit with a chair..HAHAHHAA

  61. Valentino Ramirez

    “Look at my Richie , shining like a star.” “ Look at Bob.”

    Tammy Kennett

    She was proud of Ritchie for sure could be what the problem always been if clearly one brother is favored it's felt

  62. ray sanchez

    bob use to throwing down, and dont mess with Mexican women

  63. ray sanchez

    bob nailed it , he was feeling pretty dam good, yeah righttttttttttt

  64. ray sanchez

    django u crazy but correct

  65. ray sanchez

    well said arami 187

  66. Shane Hubbard

    Wasn't Bob minding his own affair

  67. Joe Luis

    Love how the chicks at the end started pulling hair 😂

  68. proANTAGONIST !

    If you'll notice in the background some greasers jump some Mexicans nice little detail to show that yeah in those times racism was at an all time high sadly

  69. Dylan Sandoval

    Look at my ritchie ! Shining like a star !

    Look at Bob ! 😂😂

  70. ErikChurchill

    3:04 that punch was faker than wrestling

  71. Edwin Bitsoe

    Leave It To BOB(ESAI MORALES)To create CHAOS to an Dance Party.........!!!!!!!!!!

  72. JoeyGutz

    That one guy that hit Mexican Ed with a chair and then realized he was about to get punched, the face he makes was like oh shit here it come...PAOW

  73. Mark Melendez

    Never Fails in the Mexican ways of a calibration

  74. Misa Mendez

    la tenes adentro elvis presli

  75. raffa ojeda

    Great covers by los lobos, one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

  76. Yadhira Ramos

    Woo hoo 1:12

  77. Yadhira Ramos

    Best mexican movie an r.i.p RITCHIE VALENS

  78. vic luevano

    The look one big Ed's faces at 3:43 like little man you're dead now

  79. Ikaika Panoke

    Did you find Bob ( No) Did u look (Noo) lol

  80. Elmeromero

    I like how Richie jumps in on the fight for his bro

  81. Elmeromero

    Hahaha fkn Bob's a mess 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

  82. Christopher Bostic

    Richie was rockin till Bob had to fuck up the show 😎

  83. Flipper Moyers

    Makes me wanna go dancing...
    Makes me wish I lived in that era...

    Flipper Moyers

    And since I'm wishing (and supposing I only get one wish come true)... forget what I just said above, I wish I win the lottery jackpot!!!

  84. Shirelle Hill

    The fight scene was so funny!!!

  85. Peter Petruzzi

    2:52 damn Bob is really feelin the music/

  86. Zaiden Capone

    Who feels like bob on a friday ?

  87. Morres Ortiz

    Im the BOB in my family.

  88. veronica perez

    At 2:49 Ritchie's like "Aw Shit here's bob"

  89. tony82395

    Í am watchig this in 2018 Who else is watching this also

  90. JS79

    “Oohhh shoots....Did u see who just got here? “ Once u hear that sentence, party is over... lol

  91. Diana Chin

    I love how the sax player kept playing while there's a fight going on! Lol!!

  92. Kerry General

    I love Bob.

  93. Kerry General