Streets, The - Breakbeat Barz Lyrics

students, revolt
words of abuse such as sentimental ,enough for no man to go down and go mental.
set me off a tangent tangerine dream of a scene where people get into teams and angrily scream
you feel it in the evening
unlike a united man city,the kite flies for mans pity but hang pretty little britain,the cool britannia is in us, but never hang a flag, its ever so bash a paki in it.
you feel it in the evening,
starting college cant be bothered far from in it,my classes full up and im feeling like a part,im hard up and looking past the top of the class and its hard to promise something that isnt in your heart
young student im a man of corruption a source cannot erupt in or cannabis shoved in my view cannot see from a different perspective but how can i see if my vision is affected
you feel it in the evening
other hand im getting ready to drop out of college using the knowledge i could have got if i went out but then i do,going in my city like i was on the moon or i was on the moon my coursework should have been in last week fuck that im gonna pass not be a bum sitting on a bench in the park welcome to the life of a student
you feel it in the evening,
capitalisms been bashed up a little, brittle,washed up on latte and pissed up on skittles, abstract art sharp darts, the abs of a man pushing stacks in the park, if its too late man listen ,i have two great ambitions
seek truth every day iv been chewing some state visit,theres more power to some, in the warm shower of summer.
you feel it in the evening

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Streets, The Breakbeat Barz Comments
  1. PickeringSamuel

    fizzys flow is fuckin sick

  2. aman00777

    fuck off reload man u lot are shit

  3. ReloadFM Jyzerr

    ur workin on supportin da scene sill. can u watch