Streets, The - Backseat Barz Lyrics

backseat barz

nein, danke

walk into the sea with clothes on, see what im fucking smoking is so long, talking all the jokes with the poking, once wanted to inspire debate,descent and war to enlighten outrage and provoke and clog up the blogosphere,
but like the artists impression of the guilty verdict, i wear the watch of a pilot and fly, in the black range rover hanging back til its over int he back watching boardwalk empire,
its a fact not phoney that the tracks not pony,im attacked with desire and go higher, throw everything in on a unknowing whim,before showing our cards to the stars,
like the walking wounded they walk all moody,more kiss dudes who are awkward or boring, its not a bad vibe when your glad to be alive.
for every different opinion is out there gently listening or bent on shouting,very much doubting or concering sternly, the eternal whirring like the world we turn on,boxes of photos in the loft that look off
coughing the detritus before stopping for a monent at a picture of a loved one, sit and think memories that fill me gently,nearly.
i have no position to bargain, so i dont listen to arguing, i do what i do, value all my allies, just in an ally by a bars a bargain, nearly

walk into the sea with clothes on, see what im fucking smoking is so long, talking all the jokes with the poking,

in a white room with a nice plume,night fumes, im quite new to this, light a candle, fight the angle, bought a new car and then pranged it,
used to play a dudes heart, havent got a clue heart,

bob hoskins pushed past ya, upset he lost the oscar, for mona lisa lonely geezer, when youre hot they want ya, like your a cock they block ya, knocked down, ginger hustle,whisk the game your at the door
yeah they gotta knock ya, i am not a doctor, but i know what sick is, frozen lyrics, oh so vivid, like a vocal image, we go in with 12 ends yeah we overdid it, a wedge in so raw i should go to clinic
so go get checked axel foley upset, too bad lifes drags his polio legs, but i never block heads,i can only respect, the mark round above us has suffered when go to success, allowed half of my cerebral
force the kind of people, more be nice than evil, for the rights of people more be guys deceitful, talk with lies to cheat you, crush double act, walk a mile and leave you,
to heed my warning talking of perceived threat, let them kill joy like kilroy ,that would be dead, i dont smoke at all, its known to all im not a weed head, it does nothing for me- that what she said,
crude innudendo, i might laugh, on my mood it depends though, i write bars,while you dudes play nintendo or xbox, guess what the answer is, yes what,
shadows of chess boxer,pianos eclipsed watch them played out i stay louder,and do my press ups, say iv got a filthy mouth,so f what, until i clean up my act as well as my desktop.
just let me get this dress that is on my chest off, cos my head a mess like jolie and lescot, some police are pricks only on lets stop, some g’s to bitch only on lets what,
i prefer the latter, but i return to ladders, got them cos of problems, iv been hurt by adders, snakes in the grass, wont refer to rappers, names in my bars, im alert to matters, getting out of hand
like slippery soap, trying to keep a grip, no prison shit jokes, cos arts a reflection, can mirror these books,lyrically im visibly killing it though, with skinner in tow, mean feat feeling the flow, im an east london artist and im still in the stow (waltham waltham)

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Streets, The Backseat Barz Comments
  1. MetalicB0x

    its not a bad-vibe, when you're glad to be alive. in a white room, with a nice plume

    ^^^ story of my morning mike, every morning i don't have an essay to write that is. cheers!

  2. Sam

    You have to hear Loudmouth's verse on this (on the album version) he does well!

  3. Ian Biron

    god this beat is so fucking hard.......makes me want to punch something.

  4. LazyDay88

    @Alkhir69 Is it. Cyberspace and Reds MixTape

  5. J-Dug

    Why is it not on the album!! :(

  6. MetalicB0x


    disagree, feel like everythings borrowed was more of a personal piece he put together for himself and decided to share, just a little strong on the artsy side.

  7. ieatsushieveryday

    @l0sinc 7D or 5D...shaky ass shallow depth of field with what looks like 50mm lens or such. With these camera you really need a steady cam otherwise the beautiful shallow depth of field is ruined with wonky ass image.

  8. J-Dug

    This song is fucking badass, wow.

  9. Anton Seim

    I'm loving this new streak of video and audio. Thank you.

  10. StarDottExtra

    this tune is sick

  11. vanrok

    i <3 The Streets

  12. Morley TV

    see what i'm smokin it's Sooo Long :P

  13. sirwilliam8

    this is a straight original pirate material banger. keep it comin

  14. SuusOfficial

    what a beat

  15. Joe Malone

    keep up the new vids. love em

  16. TheSkiBlog

    fuckin amazing. skinner at his best.

  17. tumbleweed16

    this is awesome

  18. J-Dug

    Holy shit, that's great!

  19. vendeezy

    well up for some oldskool streets that was the best

  20. Pippa Thorpe

    I love the vid, I love the song :)

  21. theMAXX81

    hahah the end is quite funny

  22. daymobrown

    Finally a true successor to the DiMeo's.

  23. Rewind Fishwalk

    skinner is god !!!!!

  24. james pacey

    back 2 his best ,... or even better???

  25. MrKosmic

    Interesting production ;)

  26. Jase514

    Thumbs up!!!!