Streetlight Manifesto - Keasbey Nights Lyrics

It was the summer of 95 (so what!)
In the backyard, shaving the old plies
Feeling so strong (strong!), something went wrong (wrong!)
Straight into my finger, what a stinger, it was so long
I still remember that day, like the day that I said that I swear
"I'll never hurt myself again", but it seems that I'm deemed to be wrong
To be wrong, to be wrong
Gotta keep holding on...they always played a slow song.

When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk
With a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest singing
"My, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die
By the end of the night." And said hey

I still remember when we were young and fragile then.
No one gave a shit about us because times were tougher then.
Feeling so good (good!) cruisin’ the hood (hood!)
straight into the real world where rich kids never understood.
But I don't care.
I can fade away to anywhere don't stop
because you might get dropped
and if you do who's going to pick you up
well I won’t, well I won't...
they always played a slow song.

When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk
With a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest singing
"My, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die
By the end of the night." And said hey

When they come for me, I'll be sitting at my desk
With a gun in my hand, wearing a bulletproof vest singing
"My, my, my, how the time does fly, when you know you're going to die
By the end of the night." [x3] and said hey. HEY, HEY, HEY

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Streetlight Manifesto Keasbey Nights Comments
  1. ganonsoul01

    catch 22 saw them in bedford pa jumped on stage an sang a little of this song love ska an slm an catchh 22 are the greatestest

  2. Adam Kubina

    Some random reddit post brought me here

  3. Ezekiel Krystaf

    Is it just me or do their bulletproof vest suck

  4. Chris Waller

    That snare drum is gonna make me cum

  5. danielscissorhands

    My Dad's sperm and my Mom's egg brought me here.

  6. Kyle Cole

    This song has followed me around for the last ten years, and it has a special place in my heart. I love it!

  7. Jeremy Knifley

    Great music called best ska ever playlist brought me here

  8. Gabby Jansma

    I wanna see this song done by Mustard Plug.

  9. Terry Wilkerson

    Bouncing Souls, Streetlight Manifesto, The Misfits, Mucky Pup. Damn, Jersey produced some of the best damn music in history. Jersey Represent!

  10. Kyle Heying

    *meanwhile everyone singing about the electric boogaloo*

  11. watchoutnwo

    I love both versions I'm just a street punk with an insatiable love for Ska

    Solahi Fuefos

    nazi punks fuck off

  12. GMEOK

    When the MOB was going trying to clip me that night I listened to this song, obviously they lost. This song works =]

  13. Punk Tastic

    wait... this isn't the original?

  14. Hema Wāwae Aku

    none of your business what brought me here ^( ●_●)v *aggressively skanking away from the comments section*

  15. David Barletta

    My giant cock brought me here.

    David Barletta

    By that I mean a PUBG chicken dinner. Nothing sexual, obviously.

  16. 1-UP Mushroom

    Hey fuckers, don’t comment how Catch did it better. Just go listen. Don’t comment how streetlight did it better, just listen.

  17. Gary Oak

    is this less than jake

  18. colin halton


  19. Mustache Cash Stash

    I don't particularly like ska, but I love this band. Don't ask me why.


    Alan Horner why?

  20. B.J. Roes

    If Quinten Tarantino was a musical sound

  21. 58 mph

    who was brought here by sonic dreams collection?

  22. The Gr8 m8 Don't h8

    This is easily the better version. Faster, and seems more energetic.

  23. Bobby Dog Bear

    I think it's funny when Tom forgets the lyrics to 9mm and 3 Piece Suit and goes right into Keasbey Nights.

  24. Dead Channel

    I t was the summer of 95
    (so what?)
    In the backyard
    Shaving the old plies
    Feeling so strong
    Something went wrong
    Straight into my finger
    What a stinger it was so long
    I still remember
    That day like the day that I said
    That I swear
    "i'll never hurt myself again"
    But it seems that I'm deemed to be wrong
    To be wrong
    To be wrong
    I've got to keep holding on...
    They always played a slow song.

    When they come for me
    I'll be sitting at my desk
    With a gun in my hand
    Wearing a bulletproof vest
    Singing my my my
    How the time does fly
    When you know you're going to die
    By the end of the night

    Say hey
    I still remember when
    We were young and fragile then
    No one gave a shit about us
    Because times were tougher then
    Feeling so good
    Cruising the hood
    Straight into the real world
    Rich kids never understood
    But I don't care
    I can fade away to anywhere
    Don't stop because you might get dropped
    And if you do
    Who's going to pick you up
    Well I won't...
    They always played a slow song

    When they come for me
    I'll be sitting at my desk
    With a gun in my hand
    Wearing a bulletproof vest
    Singing my my my
    How the time does fly
    When you know you're going to die
    By the end of the night
    Say hey

    When they come for me
    I'll be sitting at my desk
    With a gun in my hand
    Wearing a bulletproof vest
    Singing my my my
    How the time does fly
    When you know you're going to die
    By the end of the night

    When they come for me
    I'll be sitting at my desk
    With a gun in my hand
    Wearing a bulletproof vest
    Singing my my my
    How the time does fly
    When you know you're going to die
    By the end of the night

    When they come for me
    I'll be sitting at my desk
    With a gun in my hand
    Wearing a bulletproof vest
    Singing my my my
    How the time does fly
    When you know you're going to die
    By the end of the night
    Say hey

  25. helloonewman

    see you in denver :D

  26. Thirdai_

    This is also catch 22.

  27. Alex Schultz

    I feel like streetlight did it better. The lyrics, horns, and riffs all sound much cleaner and more pronounced.

    Dakota Clark

    Its all the same guy 😄

    Scif Dy

    Years later too, but you're also not wrong haha

  28. Ally

    I ran lights and sirens to a call and this song came on my pandora channel in my patrol car. I didn't even know it was on my bucket list until it happened... <3

  29. Semian McArthur

    I preferred the original.



  31. Feenix Bartlett

    I would so love to sing the chorus of this song to a teacher who gave me bad grades, God guide my soul

  32. Paulo Dybala

    eletrocutados me troxe akiiii kkkkkkkk

  33. BaconBot360

    sonic dreams collection brought me here.

  34. Finn Clougherty

    Shit this the song that's being displayed when you boot up Sonic Dreams Collection

  35. ChaingunCassidy

    Keasbey Nights Streetlight Manifesto version is better than the Catch 22 version.

    9mm and a three piece suit Catch 22 version is better than the Streetlight Manifesto version.

  36. Corey Taylor

    Banging my 19 year old hot neighbor chick when I was 15 brought me here
    Oh the 90s

    John Sovis


    Tobejes Kung

    You wish

    Wes Shoap

    well played sir, well played

    Superannuated Sounds


  37. Alex Banks

    Apparently Geoff Ramsey was a roadie for these guys.

    Richie Thole

    Alex Banks Where did you find this information?

    Alex Banks

    Wikipedia/small references in various videos that seem to support it. I guess it was actually Catch 22, but I think they are mostly the same people as Streetlight. I'm not sure, but I think he came right out and said their name in a podcast once too.

    Jeri Blank

    Alex Banks Streetlight Manifesto broke off from Catch 22. That's why they both released Keasby Nights. I was lucky enough to see both bands at one concert years ago. It was rad.

  38. isaac dutcher

    seeing them live is awesome

  39. jultanten Da silva

    My english teacher brought me here, almost 8 years ago ;-;


    jul tanten My Comp. teacher introduced me to this band, he was always my favourite teacher.

  40. Thegreatjewkowski

    Bart Ska-mpson brought me here

  41. ArcKing01

    Gotta wonder what was in that recording booth at the end.


    Noble Nemesis

    They probably spent all day in the studio and stank it up. Lol!

    Feenix Bartlett

    ahh... the smell of blood, sweat, tears, and fist fucking in the face that comes with making a good punk song. Goood times man.

  42. Joseph Gall

    your mom brought me here

  43. Jana Livingston

    say hey!

  44. alex saunders

    Yes we all know catch 22 made it first yes we know catch 22 and streetlight manifesto and toh Kay- streetlight lullibies are the sameas idk what to call toh Kay with just his voice and guitair. other than toh Kay. we all know toh Kay was in all of it.

    Saben Butts

    sum of it

    Valerio Kim

    I reported this comment for abuse. My brain can't handle omg

  45. Maude Métivier

    Catch 22 for the win

    Lil Boni

    The only reason streetlight covered this is because once Thomas left they continued to leach off of his work and didn't do anything except perform this album, so before Victory records could re release this album to make Catch 22 money Thomas covered it with his new band. So unless you consider winning stealing money and artwork then they are not " For the Win".

    Maude Métivier

    I just think the first version of this song was better..


    Honey, you've stepped into the Streetlight cult. We're touchy about Catch 22, so keep to yourself and you'll survive

  46. Jake stewy

    I prefer this one to the original version because this one is faster.

    Pete G

    Jake stewy right on

    Holden Fegan

    I prefer the entire album to the original, its just better overall, more seasoned musicians, better studio quality, listen to SM's 1234 1234, at then end the computer-generated voices are an interview of Tom and he says he wanted to get it right because it always bugged him the first time

  47. m. kall

    i was born at 95 :D

    m. kall

    no one gives a shit for you weeb.

    Ulquiorra Cifer

    @m. kall SO WHAT!

    Some Icelandic Dude

    stop talking to yourself you otaku fuck

    m. kall

    +Some Icelandic Dude dont make the same mistake as me, dont give it attention and it will go away..

    Ulquiorra Cifer

    @Some Icelandic Dude lol bruh all of you need to chill

  48. trooly_

    catch 22 did it better

    The Gr8 m8 Don't h8

    But they are the original

    Julius Degener

    can we jut stop comparin them at everything? I agree that this song was better at catch 22 ... but ffs just stop XD


    Julius Degener Yeah, I don't get it either. Streetlight Manifesto and Catch 22 sound pretty much the same.

    Mustache Cash Stash

    Streetlight is just catch 22 minus the losers.

    Gary Oak

    would love to compare a good mastering of the original vs this

  49. Matthew Kosvic

    i like catch 22's version... but then again i never heard of streetlight manifesto before today.

    zephiro l

    +Matthew Kosvic lol pretty much the same band bro.

    Matthew Kosvic

    Yeah they all sound the same lol

    zephiro l

    @Matthew Kosvic yeah I think SM/catch 22 are fighting ACDC for having the most songs that are the same chords but different songs lol love their songs though, always lots of meaning and really good melodies.


    +Matthew Kosvic "There was only one catch and that was Catch-22, which specified that a concern for one's own safety in the face of dangers that were real and immediate was the process of a rational mind. Orr was crazy and could be grounded. All he had to do was ask; and as soon as he did, he would no longer be crazy and would have to fly more missions. Orr would be crazy to fly more missions and sane if he didn't, but if he was sane, he had to fly them. If he flew them, he was crazy and didn't have to; but if he didn't want to, he was sane and had to. Yossarian was moved very deeply by the absolute simplicity of this clause of Catch-22 and let out a respectful whistle.
    "That's some catch, that Catch-22," he observed.
    "It's the best there is," Doc Daneeka agreed."
    They also have the same lead singer.

  50. anthony panetta

    my sister brought me here

  51. Sam Quilter

    My soulless need for consumerism brought me here.


    Capitalism is tits mate

  52. Sleazus Christ

    As long as people are doing the "Brought me here" thing. Catch 22 brought me here.

    James Shaffer

    Evan11of10 cliff notes?

    Joshua Cooper

    Catch-22 brought Streetlight here also. What a coincidence.


    Ime here for the gang bang.


    Sleazus Christ Same

  53. TheRamseybros

    I think of Eddsworld when ever I hear this song. :C

    yee haw

    TheRamseybros me too dont worry

    1-UP Mushroom

    Well, “This Song Goes Out To...” a song on the same album was in Eddsworld (Faster than a speeding bullet), and both are kinda similar... they are both fast n short haha

  54. Ryan M

    My camp counselor Lou brought me here

    Edit: 3/20/19 still a great song, thanks Lou


    Lou's the VIP

  55. StressedYeti

    Sonic brought me here


    The lyrics to the song are hidden in an "unreleased" Sonic the Hedgehog game.

    Paradox Box

    +StressedYeti I can't find anything regarding a connection with the lyrics and Sonic. What was this unreleased title called? Mind giving me a link to where you found this correlation?


    It's called Sonic Dreams Collection. It was a popular parody fan-game made by ArcaneKidz. Some lyrics of this song were included in the start-up screen of the game.

    Paradox Box

    +NeoVesuvian Wasn't it like a compilation of games? Are the lyrics features on one of the four games?


    Yeah sort of, but it was a collection, and no, the lyrics appear sometimes on the start up screen for the collection.

  56. GnomesAmok

    I know Kalnoky had his reasons for recording this album again, but in the cold light of day years later, it just seems ridiculous. The original is a classic and I'll never have need of another.


    The record company was going to re-release the original album so he decided that if it's going to re-release he wants to re-record the whole thing as they didn't really like the way Keasbey sounded originally anyways.

  57. Bludude4

    its a great album if anyone hasnt heard it 
    its free mp3 download offa the risc site i think? cant quite remember

  58. M714

    Sooooooo good!!

  59. Evan Lerman

    i liked the original Catch 22 version better. on all the songs. the whole album seems forced, honestly.

    Anon Auch

    just now is the first time i've ever heard the streetlight recordings; up until now I've only known the 22 stuff. as far as production goes, both haves pros and cons, and i like both, but I don't like the way the vocals are done on the streetlight recordings vs the catch 22.  

    Piko Island

    @Evan Lerman u cray

    the mystical muslim

    @Evan Lerman Forced to be better than before, you mean, right?


    It probably feels forced because it kinda was, Victory was trying to re-release the original album from Catch22 with nothing unchanged and Tomas didn't like that because he felt that because your offering people something thats already our there and Catch fans the same album and claming its "New" or "Remastered" even tho it wasn't so they ended up compramising that Streetlight will just cover the whole album so its atleast it can offer something somewhat new.

  60. Aaron Terrell

    I really enjoy a well baked potato. Even crinkle cut potatoes deep fried but this potato soup thing is completely unneeded. Coo coo ca choo


    ROFL. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot?

    Henry Bullwinkle

    have you tried virgins blood?


    of course, I cut myself everynight

    Aaron Terrell

    You should cut cheese, not yourself. I believe in you!

    Henry Bullwinkle

    @strangelands noplans cut the heart of your enemies and wear them as a shrine amoung yourself. 


    When they come for me I'll be sitting at my desk with a gun in my hand wearing a bulletproof vest singing my my my how the time does fly! when you know you're gonna die by the end of the night saying, "HEY".

    Merry Chrysmas

    Yes I'm pretty sure we all heard the same song.


    @Queen Chrysalis
    oh well i'm just making sure :3

  62. Ryan Douglas

    I don't know, I think I like the original Catch-22 recording

  63. Evan Fortunato

    Which version is the original? This one or the catch 22 version? I'm sorry this may be a dumb question, I don't know much about the band


    @phadedlife "if you hate me so much then stop singing my songs" 

    Botar Akutabi

    That line is referring to the guy, Kevin I think, who replaced him as the singer after he left.

    KT Awesomeocracy

    @Mike Imbesi And dead people

    Holden Fegan

    @phadedlife listen to 1234 1234 by Streetlight, he explains his reasoning at the end of the song during a LONG instrumental. Not a dick, just wanted to get the songs right with better studio quality, more seasoned musicians. The Catch 22 are all chill with each other, the songs belong to him as well as the music, he would hum the tunes and tell the winds to play it.

    1-UP Mushroom

    phadedlife in an interview, he was told he was forced into doing this, from producers or whatever
    He ain’t a dick, go back to Catch 22 and don’t be an asswipe

  64. Aulye

    Those subs dooeee

  65. Lord Lovecraft

    Man there's fuckin' snakes in here.

  66. MOyLes CaHus

    So Good.
    Its just so happy.

  67. อี้ ชาเเนว

    good!! gob

  68. coffeeishappiness

    "Man it fucking stinks in here!"


    @***** Listen to the last tidbit of the song. :)

  69. Wuzi Mu

    the best one


    This version is WAY better in my opinion. The faster pace and instrumentals complement the lyrics.

  71. npra54

    I actually prefer the Catch 22 version of this album as well...

  72. Huxley Gaming


  73. Professor_Wombat


  74. Cory Valentine

    Definitely not better than this version

  75. Eric Saccoman

    Why are so many people pissed about the fact that streetlight manifesto revised their own music

    Cyco Foo

    Eric Saccoman for a bit I was confused by why they had the same album when first listening to them until I found out Kalnoky was the lead singer for Catch 22 and started Streetlight Manifesto as well. I feel others are confused in the same vain I was.

    Classic Pinball

    I kinda like this recording better but the drums for the most part sound like tin cans

  76. TheLozo23

    What do you mean? In both versions of the song "keasbey nights" they end after they're done cheering. You must be talking about 1234 1234 because this is the whole song.

  77. Gregor MacGregor

    Thanks. That just makes me feel all sorts of happy inside.

  78. TheLozo23

    That's 1234 1234 and it doesn't say full album. Does it?

  79. Nick Diforte

    Eh they have some good song with great messages but Idk I think I'll stick to bad religion and anti flag and all that

  80. Doc .Sheeny

    Catch 22 version

  81. Jeremy Delaet

    Not a single bad song from this band at all!!

  82. Daniel Andrews

    44 people are Catch 22 fans

  83. MH5tube

    except that this version was uploaded 5 years ago

  84. TheLozo23

    What do you mean by, "the rest of the song"?

  85. TheLozo23

    false. None of these people: Tomas Kalnoky
    Jim Conti
    Chris Thatcher
    Mike Brown
    Pete McCullough
    Matt Stewart
    Nadav Nirenberg
    were ever in suicide machines...

  86. Gordon Freeman



    Also this was posted 5 years ago


    been listening to this for two years as the none live version......

  89. Michael Cole

    42 people are dying...

  90. np02058

    you could have just went out and got the album or used spotify or whatever.

  91. Caleb Tarman

    I love mustard plug for two reasons: because they play great music, and because they brought me here.

  92. roumi123

    where the FUCK is the rest of the song?

  93. manthepeter

    Excited sound. Wonderful.

  94. Iron Scrub

    a good amount of people from suicide machines are in streetlight manifesto.

  95. Iron Scrub

    Streetlight Manifesto is playing like an hour from where I live in another month or so and tickets are like $17