Stray From The Path - Rising Sun Lyrics

We are the light that guides you home
The light is always darkest before the dawn

This is the rising sun
It hangs from up above
Blinding the children from the darknesses they've come to love
This is the rising sun
Forget the things you loved
Find the reason and the will to rise above

This is who we are
Screaming out
This is the year of the rising sun

We are the light that guides you home

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Stray From The Path Rising Sun Comments
  1. jesse

    noise gate x10000000000

  2. TheSeveredTongues

    no matter how long i live or what happens in my life, this will never ever fail to get me pumped the fuck up.

  3. Brittany Nicole

    "we are the light that guides you home"
    Yes we get it

    Desi Thug

    finally you get something

  4. Zack Fabbian

    lol thats my birthday.. lol i must go then

  5. bandmerchxstreetwear

    it's like if DEP and Rage Against the Machine had a super sexy child :)

  6. Tuukitzi

    Killer band! got to meet and see them last week! nice dudes.

  7. georgedrumz93

    Hell yes. Back to the Island.

  8. LaxCommander

    seeing them december 9th :)

  9. James McShane

    This intro is fucking unreal like, love it.

  10. getupnbomb


  11. cidka

    i cant stop listening to this song

  12. Jeremy Taisch


  13. TinyBlackHeart

    All Stars Tour was so.fucking.good.♥

  14. Awildsnorlax

    The use of "BLEAH" is fucking genius >:D

  15. CapnSparky17

    yes you're right, but this song title is a metaphor for good authentic hardcore music dawning over all the posers in the scene. so it's really just a coincidence with the japanese thing

  16. Noah Brierley

    that would be one of the stupidest tattoos ever but I 100% think you should do it lol

  17. Hagen McCombs

    Unless you're listening to it with high quality speakers like reference monitors. In that case, you will hear WAY more nuances than with headphones.

  18. Zach Shaub

    Yep, Japan is known as the land of the rising sun.

  19. Le Coup de Grâce

    I'm half Japanese, isn't Japan the rising sun or some shot?

  20. Melina Daniels

    This is the year of the rising sun!

  21. twelfthghost

    "blahhhh" tatted on my chest

  22. xBrohemothx

    oh sumerian, as much as i would love to give you guys money ill just download this album and buy merch from them instead

  23. Flobs/RDC

    oh man ur so funy dude i shud giev u sum awadr or sumthign

  24. j money meaning

    Unsane too

  25. CapnSparky17

    This song is SO much better with headphones. So many nuances.

  26. Thierry Tremblay

    calf for me brotha!

  27. Ian Key

    Tell me you didn't play this song back like 5 times after the first play!?!

  28. Kendall Thompson

    God this band is fucking awesome.

  29. Jody Lester

    The Light that guides you home. Will be tattooed on my chest along with the light house.

  30. BrodownRVA

    Went to the show for Structures, came out with a Stray from the Path CD. These guys are fucking GREAT.

  31. daniel pino

    this song is really like..17 min long haha

  32. doc

    the description says Artist: born of osiris wtf?

  33. Jody Lester

    I said influenced not the same thing

  34. vikingwizardeyes2121

    @VultureVicera FUCK YEAH.

  35. vikingwizardeyes2121

    @PureAndPlastic Could be? Haha I dunno.

  36. vikingwizardeyes2121

    Listening to this on Youtube doesn't do this song full justice. Play it in your car at max volume and drive it like you stole it.

  37. Dario Arriola

    Seeing them in two days. I can't express my excitement. I already know its gonna rock my fucking brains out of existence.

  38. richard richards

    @pushcomedy i agree but they also kind of remind me of the beastie boys

  39. Marshall Bliss

    id like to see these guys live.... like a lot

  40. Rebound443

    No youtube, this is not Born of Osiris.


    I just saw them in concert yesterday! Sick!!!!!!! :D

  42. xhardxcorexfoox

    @xhardxcorexfoox scene*

  43. xhardxcorexfoox

    @HardstyIeLife nah man ive been in the seen for a very long time.. i was referring to the fact that sumerian messed up the artist on the bottom left and put born of osiris.

  44. Joseph Stockmal

    CHEA CHEA!!! hell ya same old stray from the path

  45. xhardxcorexfoox

    "Artist: Born of Osiris"

    lol they fucked up

  46. Spagoob

    why does it say next to artist Born of Osiris? -__-

  47. Josh Paton

    the shorter songs are the best off this album

  48. entheon92

    @pushcomedy wut. have you heard calculating infinity? or even their last album, this is super simple shit (it's good not knockin it) but dillinger is way more technical as far as playing goes and dillinger does crazy tempo changes every other riff pretty much.

  49. Steven Lopez

    @1:30 is the famous BLEH. <3

  50. JFfanforever

    this is fucking awesome

  51. Jody Lester

    Very influenced by Dillinger. I like it.

  52. McDonald’s McDouble Cheeseburger

    sick ass song.

  53. anonymzs