Stray From The Path - Mad Girl Lyrics

You know I've got so much to say
But I'm infected, and you're the new disease of today
You try and seize the day but your infected,
You're the new disease of today
What do you know about relationships?
It's been awhile and I just cant handle this.
Faking smiles, breaking promises,
Somethings wrong and I just cant balance it.
I try and feel the same but in my dreams your all that I see.
You keep her safe but you keep her from me
This is not what I want, this is not what I need.
You know that I know that we're infected
She's still mine she belongs to me
This is not what I want, this is not what I need.
You know that I know that we're infected.
I drink too much just to fall asleep,
Cause in my dreams you're all I see.
No matter what you did or who fucked
I'd go through hell for you no matter.
I'd go through hell for you no matter what,
This is not what I want this is not what I need,
No matter what you did or who you fucked,
This is not what I want this is not what I need,
I'd go through hell for you no matter what,
This is not what I want this is not what I need.
No matter what you did or who you fucked
I'd go through hell for you no matter what.
This isn't over this isn't over
There's something left in me
This isn't over this isn't over
And I hope you feel the same
I'll show you no love

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Stray From The Path Mad Girl Comments
  1. DjentAddict -

    Why is this in the discovery album playlist?

  2. Victoria Starkey

    Wow this band is complete trash.

    Andy Venual

    Victoria Starkey then why were you here?

  3. sprBEAST211


    Andy Venual

    sprBEAST211 then why were you here?

  4. zach white

    Legend of zelda i see

  5. John Dough

    I heard they started out as a rage against the machine cover band called
    "Cringe Against the Milktoast"
    But then the lead singer Sally Jessica Moosnukkel started writing her own songs.

    Seriously though.... This band sucks very very badly.


    ooof. that was pathetic. lmao

    Andy Venual

    John Dough then why were you here?

  6. Tony Gonzales

    What do you think he's singing about?

    Ben Goh

    It's about his daughter. He did a track-by-track explaining the meaning of each song on Rising Sun. I believe it was via Alternative Press.

  7. MrCannonfoder

    Please make a song about bad wifi

  8. Big Bow 777

    the vocals are disgusting. I am repulsed by what I'm hearing. Fuck, Iove it

  9. Mar Vista

    If you are a fan of this song please check us out

    Kevin Ryan

    +Mar Vista Yessssss! I found you guys randomly on here! Sweet!

  10. steven g

    Just saw them yesterday here in Chicago.. It was fucking awesome!

  11. ricknoberts11

    saw them tour with the chariot a few years back and loved em. I forgot their name and thought they were another band, and when i looked them up i didnt like what i heard (some other band). saw these guys on the lineup for camden warped tour and was like, "oh shit, thats that fucking band!". one of the best bands at warped this year, and bought two of their cd's (rising sun/anonymous) and havent stopped listening since. 

  12. Steven Darling

    Wow this director sucks

  13. zero

    My new favorite band

  14. Becca Bryant

    hope they have fun at Warped! :)

  15. der letzte tighte arier

    @***** No, he's right, you're a fucking faggot.

  16. Gal Gazit

    TCM sucks. 95% of the bands on Rise Records are pussy bands.
    Sumerian is where the good shit is, especially SFTP!!!

    Bryan Lenihan

    Gal Gazit Rise is so good

  17. Reed Cothren

    i think you mean the esp's with the les paul body style idk what their exact model name is but countless bands use them, idt anyone actually uses les pauls

  18. Cadi Dolan

    asking alexandria,stick to your guns,animals as leaders,i the breather..they alll keep up with SFTP

  19. Brian Rice

    The energy is unreal. Cant even listen to this in my car or people will fuckin die.


    yo vocalist -idk your name- im new to your guys music, but yo are you a fan of cage ? the emcee from new york in a group called the weathermen. with aesop rock and el-p and them cats? your content reminds me of him, in a good way tho. check him out if not. peace

  21. Ryder Curtis

    They're an amazing band, but have you ever even heard of Rage Against The Machine?

  22. Ro Han

    This would be way better in stereo...

  23. Nabid Majeed

    these guys are original as hell

  24. Sean Kerr

    Chain reaction!


    recognized it immediately!

  25. djay caht

    seeing them at all stars!!!

  26. thescottallen

    the better bands use les pauls lol.

  27. theBOSpaladin101

    Most modern metal bands use Ibanez guitars, not Les Pauls.

  28. TheDallywally13

    saw these guys last night
    so good

  29. James Felder

    Band has had this sound a lot longer than them.

  30. ladam97

    except these guys are better

  31. Tabare Rosas

    Sumerians best band.

  32. s discart

    this is one of the best bands in the world

  33. Rivera Band

    Madison is the name of his daughter. the girl he had his daughter with wont let Drew see her, and doesn't want him in their lives, and he's determined to see her. so it's about madison's mother.

  34. halfaskates

    thats where i saw them!

  35. Christian Carter

    I saw them in Reno and the security guard throw a guy against the wall so they stopped and fought the guards it was intense!\

  36. Liam

    This song is insane live.

  37. lifexlovexlivin

    i've seen quite a few that do, mostly hardcore, not metal tho.

  38. Brant Clark

    most modern heavy bands do not use les pauls .

  39. Quinn

    Still fucking gives me goosebumps

  40. Sheldon Patrak

    Such a good band! One of the best bands i have ever had the pleasure of playing with!

  41. LuigiTheGuitarMan

    That's some nice Guitar Pro going on there...

  42. StrayDogStrut

    I fucking love Stray. <3

  43. Jimbo Kern

    fat people and children. the typical audience of US shows. lol

  44. goodbye2love

    saw them yesterday in vienna for the first time. they were awesome!

  45. Mikael Paczkowski

    just saw them in finland. craziest fucking show ever.

  46. Dennis Güttler

    Sick show last sunday in Münster!

  47. Francesca Blake

    They are in Italy on 9th february!! I'll be thereeeeeeee

  48. Manuel Ramirez

    AMAZING band most of the members went to my high school :p.

  49. Jan

    amazing shit

  50. generaxion

    No matter what you did, but pleaseeeeeee.... Do a fucking tour on SOUTHAMERICA!

  51. Max Allmer

    oh my fucking god. i just fell in love

  52. Daniel Ferguson

    is it that cd with like sonic the hedge hog in it?

  53. Brutetank

    Those are some really clear vocals. :O Fucking love this band!

  54. tjcturtle1

    Chain <3

  55. moko9hoko

    @Luke Cassidy its about how his ex girlfriend who wont let him see his daughter madison

  56. llcswift

    Stray is a prime example of finding out a band sounds live like they do on recordings. You sly cunts.

  57. Caleb Allgood

    I will always support Stray as long as drew keeps speaking the truth, not many bands do that. Bring it Back

  58. Luke Cassidy

    He has a tattoo of a girl named Madison on the left side of his neck. i'm not sure but i'm guessing mad girl might be a pet name for his girl madison that probably fucked him over a lot during their relationship. i love this song so much cause i have a girl just like that and wrote songs about her when i was vocalist in my band One Year Later. So much heart in every song, most passionate band out right now. SFTP!

  59. F r1ckus

    The breakdown in this song is fucking sick.

  60. scoffel13

    i love stray from the path! can anyone tell me other bands too check out ?

  61. Adam Mayhue

    This band and Stick To Your Guns. I'm in heaven. Wore my All-Stars Tour shirt to school today. Saw both of them at that tour :3

  62. Ruben Voetelink

    Rage Against The Machine is next to the video and that's where it should be/ Zack De La Rocha has so many elements in his voice that Drew has. The rage and that pure frustration. It's such a relief when I listen to this shit at the end of a hard day.

  63. lifexlovexlivin

    love how the guitarist uses a stratocaster (and the bassist a fender as well). most heavy bands use modern guitars made for metal or les pauls, not strats. just had to state that considering strats are mostly used in blues, reggae, and earlier sounds, where as les paul and more modern guitars are favored for rock & some heavy music.

  64. Boobsrule

    This band deserves so much more.

  65. Lois Shearing

    It's oddly romantic, isn't it? lol

  66. Matty C

    It's great to see bands with a strong political and social message.

  67. Patrick Brennan

    one of the best bands to come out of Long Island. Stray is badass as fuck.

  68. New Challenger

    I didnt know justin bieber had a good taste in music 2:01

  69. Ben Castaneda

    This song is fuckin boss.

  70. Noah Brierley

    he uses 2 boss dd3 digital delay pedals at the same time

  71. Adam Kelly

    Does anyone know the pedal that Tom uses to get that shuttering sound?

  72. Toybox Philosopher

    Man, Drew looks like he's been well fed.

  73. ehelsa

    Gahhhhhhhhh today, ohhhhhh yeah!!!

  74. Cody Hilliard

    What is that at 57 seconds? It sounds cool

  75. GigaHymenCrusher

    i Met the bassist yersterday in a bar! he is fucking chill seriously.

  76. Boobsrule

    Listen to Stray from the path. Watch Workaholics. John Cena can fuck off.

  77. Matt MacLean

    Gotta Love Chain Reaction!!

  78. dreezytingz

    I drink too much just to fall asleep, 'cause in my dreams you're all I see. No matter what you did, or who you fucked. I'd go through Hell for you no matter what... This song gives me chills all over my body.

  79. M Hecht

    That doesn't make any sense that nobody showed up. :C

  80. MisterGreenw00d

    Judging a band by only one song, great job buddy. SFTP is mostly talking about problems from modern society in most of their lyrics, from what I know from them it's the only song talking about a girl. And with the emotions the are putting in their songs this isn't just "another" song about breaking up with a bitch.

  81. SUPR3M3CLI3NT3L3

    Shit comment, I don't want to read a little whiny bitch post on how much they dislike a video. Obviously you're here by your own free will, no one forced you to watch this. If you're in a communist country and they force-fed you Stray from the Path videos, then just disregard this message.

  82. halfaskates

    Saw them live tonight. Guitarist did something wrong. Security tried to take him out. Not one fucking person let that shit happen!

  83. Kayla Villanueva

    oh hey, my home venue, chain reaction <3

  84. 22jermz

    Go on AP's website and look up the lyrical descriptions of this album you dumb fuck.

  85. Reed Cothren

    stray from the path, everytime i die, gideon, with stray from the path headlineing MIND EXPLOSION!!!

  86. Brandan Zielinski

    @colortheskyabishai Believe me my friend that is not what this song is about. Google the meaning, you'll have chills like never before.

  87. timothy johansson

    wow, most intense beginning of a song evra

  88. arthur parker.

    They're boring. Breakdowns and chorus'. The first album was good but that's pretty much it

  89. colortheskyabishai

    and this song gives me fucking chills.

  90. colortheskyabishai

    I love how no one's talking about what this song is about -- America's ideal of relationships and how shitty and messed up it is.

  91. Zach Shaub

    "NO Stage Diving"
    People fucking stage dive. Yes.

  92. ItsNotActuallyFunny

    Why the fuck are you guys talking about Asking Alexandria on a Stray From the Path video, holllly shit.

  93. BlindMkd

    Any plans on coming to Europe ?

  94. BlindMkd

    Any plans on coming to Europe ?

  95. Lino

    "No stage dives". As if anyone in a SFTP show could not stage dive.

  96. Alex Ziembiec

    Great video dudes. Come to Albany again sometime!

  97. Mark Leukhardt

    I don't think AA have any heart. No passion, they just play & their playing is mediocre. I also dislike the production on the albums. I don't hate them though.

  98. Christian Heyl

    faith in humanity restored :,)

  99. kolomolo

    oh my god. im in love.