Stray From The Path - First World Problem Child Lyrics

Every rich white kid's got something to say
Shut the fuck up

First world problem child
Yo, you lost your way
Born on easy street
Never step foot on MLK
Easy living in your position
With a white last name
Pre-conditioned to be the villain
Another suburban day

Every rich white kid's got something to say
Shut the fuck up
(First world problem child)

Fortunate and favored
You spit the same old flavor
You can use a taste of another race
What's it like to be your neighbor?
Knock knock, coming in hot
We don't need the key, we can break the lock
To your gated house, show the sheltered the real shit
Bring the motherfucking truth out

First world problem child
Step in their shoes, and walk a mile

I'm a surgeon with a switchblade
I'll cut you, see if you still bleed
You wouldn't know a problem
'Cause you got everything you need
I got iron in my arteries
You got a wall between yourself and reality

Show the sheltered the real shit
Bring the mother fucking truth out

Every rich white kid's got something to say
Shut the fuck up

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Stray From The Path First World Problem Child Comments
  1. Mads Jensen

    Sam's part with Drew still to this day gives me goosebumps

  2. 000kankuro

    vocalist: Every white rich kid got's something to say
    every white rich kid: SHUT THE FUCK UP!

  3. Glorious Mustard


  4. Alex Gabriel

    Sam is completly incredible i swear

  5. Joe Hollingsworth

    From the time that Sam growls, all the way to the end of the last breakdown it’s just goosebumps dude. So fucking good

  6. jballgoesdjent

    These guys are like an upgrade from rage against the machine.

  7. metalchick82 fo eva


  8. Aidan Amphlett

    1:57 holy fuck

  9. Gné Gné

    Screaming at 2:26. Thats what make me love hardcore so fucking much.

  10. Kalon Engel

    that high by Sam at 1:58 is so fkn good <3
    this was too legit!

  11. Garbageaf

    Holy shit, this is so much better than the studio version.

  12. Артем Бурлачко

    Сэм просто разъебал всё 💥🔥

  13. James Garbutt


  14. L S

    I love Sam's on stage energy, absolutely kills it everytime always gives it 200%. Even if he gave it 100% less than that, he'd still be giving 100%, a fantastic margin.

  15. i finna splooge

    2:06 you saw the lead singer of sftp turned his head in amazement at that killer fucking growl, what a mad lad!

  16. crypt

    This is mixing done right.

  17. HONKY

    Oh, watch a group of millennial soy-boys who still live with their parents, suck ass live.
    I'll pass on this corporate horseshit "music", thanks.

  18. Timothy Doheny II

    Why did we not get dual bleghs though

  19. abush

    Wanna be RATM

  20. kaetsteak

    Its really funny how they wear WHITE/BLACK clothes respectly.

  21. Kyle Garrity

    Tyler Wingate had a First World Problem a few weeks ago, he was stomped to death by a black guy in Detroit. Bands like this and MSM are SILENT!!!!!

  22. David Short

    You are nuts as a front man if you bring Sammy on stage with you. He's so fucking good!

  23. Dogmatic Hip Hop

    Lmao self entitled white band performs a song about being self entitled and white to a crowd of self entitled white people, cringe

  24. NPC #102117

    SJW trash

  25. brian black

    This guy looks like Justin Bieber and like cheap Fred Durst........Justin Durst

  26. Millin Albuquerque

    Sam entra quebra tudo, chega música muda. Você é foda irmão.

  27. r vega

    ive been practising spinning back kicks to this song

  28. Kyle Gowan

    Goosebumps...........holyshit! I wasn't even there and it felt incredible!

  29. Mushu Gone

    This band sucks, why is this coming up on my recommended? The lead singer is like 4 feet tall.

  30. Gareth Thomas

    So much Suck !

  31. kaetsteak


  32. Steve C

    The "singer"is 4'9.😂

  33. Andrew Cook

    Does the lead singer still live in his parents basement? You no talent Antifa sounding communist.


    Andrew Cook take a dirt nap, boomer.


    @theBOSpaladin101 Shut your cock hole Pedo lover

  34. Live2Shred

    Loser pieces of shit.

  35. Romulus Clay

  36. Dick Penison

    Your music is such shit that you should feel bad.

  37. Charlie Horse

    sjw pussies are worse than nazis

  38. kekistani terrorist

    what a bunch of soyboy pussies.

    have you left your mom's basement yet?

  39. derek d

    This is garbage. Whatever happened to good metal?

  40. Valley of Fire

    Wanna be Rage against, living at home with mum, cucks

  41. dynatwenty

    Theres Sam Carter ....(a long space of nothing) ....aaand there are all other vocalists !

  42. Jobbie Jew

    Holy Hell Sam. No pun intended 😂🤘

  43. ellie

    Hey I was at this gig 😍

  44. tasoscon

    Sam: **exists**
    Everybody: Sam killed it though!

  45. yayyayjr19

    Holy fuck imagine Sam in a beatdown band.

  46. Sterling LoBello


  47. Ryan O'Connor

    Sams part smacked harder than a king hit in the middle of sydney

  48. vDosc UV7

    WTF ??? , could these guys wanna be more unorginal if they tried, you al are like WOW this is so new and ground breaking , those vocals ... WOW !!!! - heres who these guys are blantantly ripping off..

  49. Trey Jones

    Fus, Sam at 2:10, Dah.

  50. r vega

    this is lit as fuckkk

  51. Drew

    2:25 - Did sam eat shit leaving the stage or something?

  52. Dan Sawicki

    lmfao wtf is this supposed to be? Core RATM?


  53. zombiemartin1

    Lol the While She Sleeps logo in the back. I guess they were supporting WSS that night.

  54. Kate McGregor

    Ooft such a heavy track

  55. jacob doberstein

    It’s great that this song (live) is on Spotify!! 😍😍

  56. Burko

    This song in Rock City Nottingham was incredible <3

  57. MrsRockTea

    The energy of this video and song gives me everytime goosebumps.

  58. Roel Gar

    Isn't every member in this band white lol

  59. French Redneck

    Sam Carter is Massive on this track !!

  60. Andrew Jordison

    Holly ... Sam totally killed it :D

  61. Damian Kinowski

    I've been there! Never really expected an actuall video from that, so great! These guys along with other bands absolutly rocked the roundhouse

  62. owningall

    holy FUCK Sam killed that. Those lows.

  63. gilbert

    Ngl i hate politics in songs. Not because im a "conservative neo-nazi" but i come to music as an escape from that bs and then to hear it from either side just totally turns me off, but I'll make an exception with the song. These guys sound great and i fucking love Sams iron longs

    Curtis Howard

    Totally agree.

  64. B A I L E R

    It's imposible not to join that double air punch at 1:56 every time you watch this video!

  65. The Hypest

    would rate this more if it was just 'every rich kid has something to say' - plenty of dumb rich black kids out there too with just as much crap falling out of their mouths

  66. Christian Johansen

    Whoever mixed this is a fucking boss! Holy fuck this energy is something!

  67. Matthew Anstey

    Nice 👍🏻

  68. Steve mtb

    02:10 jeeezus 🤟

  69. Brenden Ortiz The Elite Group

    First world problem child??? That's all these idiots can come up with??? HAHAHAHA these guys need to go play at a antifa rally or at Cal State Berkeley😂😂😂 group of dumbasses right here😂😂😂 fuck this band. Can't believe people listen to this trash. Generic ass music and vocals to finish it all off.

  70. Modzy

    is it me are these guys really bloody good live. sam carter is epic

  71. Dave B

    Should they be wearing"name brand" clothing? I don't understand their stance.

  72. Cuervo de Tres Ojos

    can somebody tell more more bands with those childish screams(like in demian) (no offense, I like it) im looking for a song but I cant remember the name of the band :( I just remember the tone and rithm. something I can say in a comment but, im the kind of guy who listen full albums looking for a 4 seconds part so...

  73. jacob doberstein

    That 2:10 is beast but I’m more impressed by the high one at 1:59 🤤

    Jake does music

    same that note in there is just insane

  74. 流以栖 luisgrimes

    OH SHIT 💥💥💥💥

  75. Geoff Lyon

    I'm confused, so if you come from a wealthy family and you're white you are a problem? This band has strayed from the path.

    Dennis Darwisy

    Geoff Lyon the point went over your head bud. learn to listen.

  76. Il Sommo Imperatore

    0:25 oh shit they’re filming me, let’s headbang

  77. Will

    Sam needs a hardcore side project


    Basically what The Here & Now was

  78. Connor Brennan

    I keep watching this video yet every time at 2:10 I get goosebumps

  79. Arie

    For dear god, Stop cupping the mic... But still cool though

  80. Rhianna Marie

    Sam was the only thing good here.

  81. Panther Blut

    Sam killed it. He`s always on point. Unique Voice and such a hottie,too XD

  82. Riley Brewster

    I’ve watched this about 100 times and it still isn’t old such a sick video🔥

  83. lifexlovexlivin

    both vocalists did so great here, and the band....what a show

  84. Joshua Payne

    When Sam say's "ROH" I felt that shit

  85. Andrew Baker

  86. It's A Me, Dat Random Dick Butt

    Gerard Way is taht you??????

  87. tomoo345

    Hell yeah!

  88. Neil Fletcher


  89. Caleb Zavala

    Digging that Kevin Owens show tshirt

  90. soulful2767

    FLAMES respect from Australia

  91. Jacob Pottala

    I support your right to free speech and your stupid as fuck politics. Thanks for sharing.

  92. Jacob Pottala

    used to like this band until I realized how politically ignorant they are, and how their entire lyrical catalogue is virtue signaling and pandering to uninformed college kids. Listen kids, you dont get to label people you dont like or disagree with as a Nazi so you can punch them in the face. The is literally what Hitler's stormtroopers did before he was official chancellor of Germany back in the late 20's. They would bullrush town hall meetings that were having civil discussions and democratically trying to repair Germany and its economy, and would silence people just like Black Lives Matter and Antifa do. That is real facism. This band promotes real facism and forces the listener to hear points from a a racially identitarian perspective. That is exactly the message of the national socialist party, aka Nazi Party.

  93. Air Columbia

    You can‘t go wrong with a Stray show! A blast every fucking time!!!!

  94. Brenden Ortiz The Elite Group

    This band has always sucked in my opinion. That's just my opinion though. Screamer is still just as annoying and on top of it all the band is a bunch of liberals lmaooooo.

    Jan Holik

    It's hardcore band. Of course they are liberals...

  95. Jonathan Wittenmyer

    Just here for the screaming noises 🥶

  96. spenser dark

    Snow flake core

  97. Grizzly Poota

    Garbage. You won’t hear this nonsense in two years. Pure garbage.