Stray From The Path - Eavesdropper Lyrics

Mic check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I can't say shit without being hacked
Mic Check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I know they hit record and play it back

Town houses, bugged out
Drop the bomb, smoke them out
Eavesdropper, free thought stopper
In my home, in my phone, in a helicopter
Looking down in the towns with a searchlight
There's a shadow with no sun tonight, alright?
C4 to the door, say hello to your big brother
Now put your hands up mother fucker

Mic check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I can't say shit without being hacked
Mic Check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I know they hit record and play it back

There's a storm about to roll in
Boarded up I'm Edward Snowden
Morse coding
Messages behind the men in black
Bite my lip before I catch a bullet in the back of my head
Narcs sleeping in my bed?
Keeping tabs on everything I said
Hand me over to the feds
Drag me to the chemical sheds
And let my last words be
Free speech is dead

From GCHQ to the NSA
When the tables are turned
Laws are nothing but hearsay
They are subject to the whims of stubborn rulers
Taking a drill to a hard drive ain't gonna fool us
It's all uncovered, their shadows are lifted
Through the meta data, and content their sifting
Ask my boy Orwell what the hell do we do
His fiction pervades the future, for me and you.

C4 to the door say hello to your big brother
Now put your hands up you fuck

C4 to the door say hello to your big brother
Now put your hands up you fuck

Mic check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I can't say shit without being hacked
Mic Check, is this thing tapped?
'Cause I know they hit record and play it back

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Stray From The Path Eavesdropper Comments
  1. karma patrol


  2. Ded R3pt4r

    Part of my first concert when they toured with Knocked loose,Expire,Stick To Your Guns

  3. cyleaverett

    I like the music that was the band name possibly tooken from Bam Margera's band evesdroppers

  4. Yuri Di Costanzo


  5. innercircleindustries


  6. Justan Barnick

    dude, why has it taken a year for me to hear this song? im super pissed at myself! haha SFTP killin as always.

  7. The Stig

    not on itunes!!!
    this reminds me of early 2000 shit!!!

  8. walk3r

    This track just keeps getting better and better. Also very relevant to what is going down in the UK right now. You guys are fucking sick. I can't wait for the new record :D

  9. Toby durrough

    what the fuck is wrong with you People. reddit brought me hear.

  10. CidAngst

    Everyone says these guys are the second coming of Rage, but I think this music is more important today than ever, to get the message out. Rage abandoned us once Bush was elected.

  11. Samfia Drangus

    Fuck having Rou on this was such a good idea. I love that guy. I love this.

  12. PJ Dewitt

    Has that Rage against the machine feel to it, I'm digging this band 💪🏼

  13. moko9hoko

    Reminds me of RATM and early deftones. Pure sickness!

  14. JSelvester

    i like dis sht bruva

  15. Graham Coulter

    'C4 to the door say hello to your big brother, now put your hands up you fuck' this

  16. Phillip hanna

    This new Limp Bizkit album rules!

  17. DonPetVaiVen

    C4 to the door. Say hello to your Big Brother! One of the best new tracks imo! You guys never miss a beat

  18. Christopher Brown

    Best track on the album right here

  19. thunder cunt

    kinda want to get drunk and do weird shit hahah fuck yeah #stray

  20. Matheus Kunzler

    ow YEAH, by far for me this is the best record of 2015, realy solid jamz. cheers from brazil.

  21. alice margereta

    i needed this for the shit day i'v had

  22. Amanda Hirst

    got a sticker at warped and decided to check the band out... DEFINITELY NOT DISAPPOINTED. Fucking sick. Looking forward to buy the album

  23. shibby


  24. Wyatt Preston

    Damn this destroys Anonymous. Funkyfunky.

  25. Alec B

    the features on this album are so beautifully distinct. bless up SFTP

  26. Cryptoncore

    Honestly I'm new here, my friend Mark told me to look you up because he saw you live and holy crap you guys are INSANE, keep it up guys loving it! You guys deserve millions of views.

  27. Sam Flitcroft

    Rou makes this track twenty times better fucking amazing

  28. elguitarTom

    Reminds a bit of Rage against the machines. Only more metal oriented

  29. Alan Ewart

    Love this song and I finally managed to listen to the new album in full today. It is epic. Nice one guys

  30. ‏‏‎

    Fucking powerful!

  31. Eric 7-Strings

    One of the best song of the music history

  32. R007

    First time I have gone out and purchased an album in quite sometime. Was so stoked to hear the NSA and GCHQ called out in this song. Wish more bands pushed a similar message.

  33. HRburnsred

    Jesus fuck

  34. David Ward

    Best track on a killer album!

  35. Electroventure

    just curious, does Sumerian not like Spotify? Stray and Veil's new albums mostly cannot be streamed via Spotify and YES I buy music but still! most of the time when I jam I am on my laptop and throw Spotify on so I don't sit around for five minutes trying to decide what I should listen to

  36. Tim Medic

    Does Drew listen to immortal technique the flow in this reminds me of him.

  37. Pale

    This song makes me be able to go through work. One of the best songs on the whole album to just fucking rock out to.

  38. MongolianFish

    Fucking awesome need to catch you guys live!

  39. Lynds Mika

    I can't pick a favorite on this album but goddamn I love this song a lot

  40. Mat Jones

    make a note children this is real fucking Punk music

  41. The Last Sheikah

    Damn, you guys are so fucking hard! Keep being badass!

  42. Jack Masson

    What a fucking tune

  43. Aaron Outterside

    Absolutely killer. Groovy as fuck.

  44. FalseTongues


  45. FireDudePlays

    without listening to the song yet, im calling that this is about the nsa and spying on us citizens

  46. Teus 554377

    This is my first time listening to this band and i really like it..kinda nu metalish..idk but its really good

  47. Jordan Raynault-Rioux

    The is seriously one of the best album of the year, never ever said that before. You guys rock !!!

  48. Kevin Mendoza

    Just started listening to these guys and I've got to say I'm blown away by their passion and stands on current issues. They've made me a big fan for sure. 😁

  49. Sam Quach

    Holy Fuck. This is the realist shit, Stray are killing it. Top of the game!

  50. Aaron Newell

    I feel like I was just spit in the face by Samuel L jackson. I love it

  51. degge

    part before rou sounds very reminiscent of manipulator. nice!

  52. Rick Flesh XI

    That's the band i love the most! Stray from the fucking Path!! Getting better with every Album!

  53. Callum Thompson

    Should tour with Enter Shikari, that would be one to remember

  54. Ironmaiden4life0

    This track is LIT!

  55. Jesse Sickinger

    Sounds like rage against the machine went djent

  56. randyrandyyrandyyy


  57. Aleksander Vedom

    what's the key of the song? what tuning the guitars are in? would appreciate the answer

  58. BackjumperOFFICIAL

    In a (musical) world where everybody goes finding that fake "perfection", I'm so glad someone is taking it back to the roots: love how this new stray stuff's sounding, raw and uncompromised.

  59. El Patron

    I can't wait for to come Friday (8/14). I'll be picking this up along with the new BFMV, and Soulfly albums.

  60. Erin Alexander

    Love the Enter Shikari guest vocalist!!

  61. andrew E

    Love you guys for responding to your fans 👌🏽👍🏼

  62. kjærlighet

    Loving this song :D Rou <3

  63. Ben My Last Name

    this is hot shit
    but like good shit not bad shit
    oh look I went and embarrassed myself again

  64. Murga Troid

    Love the groove.

  65. Dat Myrono

    Boys boys boys, you are doing it right as fuck

  66. Joshua Gray

    RATM had a song called Mic Check!

    There you guys go again ripping Rage again!

    I'm pretty sure they said the word Fuck in a song too!
    You guys need to stop!

  67. WAYRA

    So fucking excited for your record guys!
    Northlane, Counterparts, Thy Art Is Murder, August Burns Red, Make Them Suffer,Deez Nuts, and now you guys? This year is def one of the best I've ever seen

    Stray From The Path

    @Lino Chesnel Its awesome to be apart of it. What a year!

  68. Caleb Morgan

    I go back to school 10 days after this album drops. Thank you for dropping these sick tracks right on time. Also do you know if hard copies will be available at Best Buy?

    Stray From The Path

    @Caleb Morgan I think FYE is your place to go. Follow our Facebook and you will find out day of

    Caleb Morgan

    Okay I will do that thanks guys the music is rad

  69. FalsePhate

    Man, I knew Rou was gonna kill it! Stray and Shikari, two of the best bands out there.

    Stray From The Path

    @FalsePhate Honored to have him. Hes the man

  70. Sow Ay

    I can't wait for the album next week !!!! Hope to meet you again on tour !
    You guys were so nice with Northlane & Acrhitects last year!

  71. Mikey Shakes

    Saw you at the Gramercy in April. Seeing you in Connecticut in a few weeks. Then being graced with your presence back at the Gramercy in October. So fucking pumped

    Stray From The Path

    @Mikey Gonzalez Mikey, thats the shit. Thank you so much!

  72. Miguel Rodriguez

    your shit just get better and better @Stray From The Path Hope to see you in Colombia!!!

  73. J95

    Honestly guys I think this is going to be a legendary hardcore album that will go down in time. I'm all in with you dudes. Can't wait for the full album! And dope work on DIEPIG too! Loved that call out ;)

  74. Jordan Murray

    So stoked for this!!

  75. The Predecessors

    Stray has yet outdone their previous album. 100% amazing.

    Stray From The Path

    @ThePredecessors Thank you!

  76. Lu Walker

    SOLID - Rou Reynolds

    Gorgeous track lads


    I like the new stuff but, the sound quality is lacking.

    Stray From The Path

    @IA MERROR Thank you. But I think if you actually get the CD or Vinyl, you will be proven incorrect. It sounds insane


    I hope so guys, either way, I'm fucking stoked! You guys are one of few bands out there that actually sings about something real and I fucking love you all for it. Rage Against the Machine would be proud! \m/

  78. Eric Bouvier

    Okay, is it just me or is this like Rage Against The Machine on steroids in the best way possible?

  79. Jawsh :3

    I feel like this should be the staple hardcore band for everyone.

    Stray From The Path

    @Josh McFadden Thank you Josh!

    Jawsh :3

    @Stray From The Path Of course. I'm stoked for the new album. I've looped Badge and a Bullet 2 probably too much.

  80. Paul.Morgan

    This...... FUCKING THISSS!!  

    Beyond dope. Every song off this album is just getting better and better. When shit breaks lose this is gonna be blasting in my ear on the streets.

  81. Muammar Fadzuli

    Gladddddd i preordered thiss!!!!!! i really want them to come to Singapore:D

  82. Derrick Davis

    Every song I've listened to thus far from the album is amazing, and I love the incorporation of Rou from another of my favorite bands into this song. Stoked for the new album!

  83. tylerxphillips20

    Not that they were really "gone" ... But stray is definitely back

  84. Joshua Feliciano

    Love this song.. gonna see you guys with comeback kid in NY during fall time. Can't wait!

    Stray From The Path

    @Joshua Feliciano Fucking sick. Can't wait for that show.

  85. MxHC Music Promotions

    Jesus fucking christ I've never been so excited for an album to come out!

    Stray From The Path

    @MxHC Music Promotions Fuck yes same!!!!

  86. rhamin555

    why didnt i find you guys sooner? your just crazy, all i can say... in a good way tho haha <3 keep it real!

    Stray From The Path

    @rhamin555 you found us now...thats all that matters

  87. Matti Anttila

    I remember the first time when i saw Stray From The Path in Finland, and i fell in love immediately. That music was sick ! And now i'm headbanging with this because this song is BADASS ! Greetings from Finland !

    Stray From The Path

    @Matti Anttila Finland is one of our favorite places to play. Hope to see you soon!

  88. Justin Brown

    If you guys play this is in Anaheim, CA next month, I'm losing it. \m/

    Stray From The Path

    @Justin Brown We are playing October 3rd at Chain Reaction!

  89. ricknoberts11

    This album is going to be the best one yet, I love everything about this song. Can't wait for the Philly show.

    Stray From The Path

    @ricknoberts11 Setting it off in Philly!!

  90. Jodan Bolin

    I LOVE stray, and putting Rou on this track makes it that much better. Fuck this is lit

    Stray From The Path

    @Jodan Bolin Thats my dog Rou!

  91. Aleksander Vedom

    YES!!! SOLID!!!

  92. VikingRekkr

    Fuckin hell this is great reminds me of mid-late 90s post hardcore bands like training for utopia among others FUCK YES!

  93. Carson Troeh

    thanks stray, now i can masturbate again, it's been so long.

  94. LGo0926

    Man Stray is going harder than ever! Killing the riffs while dropping knowledge in the lyrics!

  95. Tyler Wilson

    is it at all possible for stray to release a bad song off this album. every song so far is amazing

    Stray From The Path

    @Tyler Wilson Thank you Tyler!

  96. nick pumo

    This song is sick, and the message is so important. Im glad to see this band recognizes whats going on in the world instead of burying their heads in the sand like most do

  97. Silverhaze_OG

    Hey Stray, came to 3 Mindsweep tour dates (Baltimore, NYC and Philly) and you guys absolutely fucking killed it. Enter Shikari is my favorite band you guys are just a beautiful team, please tour more with those lads around the US again, time for a revolution :D Overjoyed seeing Rou's name and that british accent fly in on a fucking STFP song! See you guys on your next NJ or Philly date, hope to meet finally!

  98. Josh Matotek

    Rou was perfect in this song. My dream finally came true...