Stray From The Path - Death Beds Lyrics

I know a place
Where the wounded go
For cold souls unaware
With no self control
I know a place
Where the broken and wounded go

You just sit back and listen
And just do what you're told
Never knowing how things
Could have been as you grow old
This is your time and it's wearing thin
Don't let this happen again and again

You can catch me in a storm
Of thoughts and prayers
Sleep away your American nightmare

I won't lie with you in your grave
Sleep away your American nightmare
Sleep, it. Sleep it away
Your American nightmare

You just sit back and listen
And just do what you're told
Never knowing how things
Could have been as you grow old
This is your time and its wearing thin
Don't let this happen again and again

I may be wounded
I don't need to be saved
And though I'm wounded
I don't need to be saved

I won't lie, I won't lie
With you in your grave

So put your fist in the air
To the sound of the new beat

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Stray From The Path Death Beds Comments
  1. lifexlovexlivin

    You can always recognize Vigil's voice so easily when he's featured on tracks. Love it

  2. Grzegorz Dyksowski

    1:04 kicks my nuts so hard everytime

  3. froststurm

    Your answer associated with your profile picture is absolutely perfect.

  4. Taylor Browning

    More like Garrett Rapp sounds like Drew.

  5. Flood The Past

    Their vocalist sounds and Garrett Rapp sound extremely similiar.

  6. LaxCommander


  7. mask8412

    hello band ill be overly listening too

  8. I.C. WEINER

    Film the drummer live holy shit.

  9. O K

    The new beat at the end makes my ass jiggle.

  10. Dallas Grimm

    well 40 people are going to there death beds ill see to the arrangements

  11. m174828

    I love this band more then everything

  12. will francis


  13. Josh Stanton

    Check out Counterparts if you haven't. They'll do it

  14. Declan Hallam

    0:16 "Where's my sausage roll"

  15. Lino

    Structures, old Converge and The Dillinger Escape Plan are bands that you should definitely check out.

  16. Javla dod

    eyehategod is fucking awesome haha

  17. Keaton Reilly

    Whats bands are this style other than norma jean, the chariot, every time i die

  18. almostextreme101


  19. Doomistic

    first hardcore band in a long fucking while to give me tingles

  20. Cory Jones

    i feel like going to the breakdown at 1:00 should have a BLEAAH in it

  21. O K

    did that same thing lol. found them on facebook.

  22. UKIrStokesLARK

    Fuck, and I thought the British metal scene was un-rivaled! So many good bands coming out of the US at the minute. We have competition! Absolutley amazing band!

  23. Jason Murillo

    after i bought Make Your Own History i thought this band could not outdo themselves. tonight i've been happily proven wrong

  24. Connell Glick

    O.O first couple seconds I was like "HOLY HELL FUCKING AWEOMSE!!"

  25. Jerf Hermertin

    This whole fucking album is just fucking amazing. FUCK! Oh... and this band owes me new underwear.

  26. CartersOtherChannle

    The sound of his voice is just this Giant middle finger to society

  27. Lil Plupp

    THIS is REAL Hardcore.

  28. heinyhxc

    Artist: Born of Osiris

  29. cortizone121

    Born is different than this..........
    Not quite comparable. As far as technicality I suppose I have to agree though.

  30. zaodriver

    They are screamed. It seems correct to me.

  31. crowian

    Fuck you Jacamo.

  32. chad allendorf

    they arent even the same genre so what the music is trying to accomplish is completely different and in there world they are way better than boo

  33. Doomistic

    i'm sorry bro but boo are much better than this. yeah these are decent as fuck but comparing them to boo? actually, you can't they're both completely different. ignore this.

  34. Abraham Gomez

    born is miles ahead of this..............

  35. Max Power

    lyrics in all caps is totally fitting

  36. TsarDragon

    Mad bro?

  37. Adamzbeplayingbass

    Fuck off.

  38. David Mcmenemy

    Is there nowhere I can buy a physical copy of the CD? ¬_¬ I don't want to download it.

  39. Joe

    It is Vigil

  40. TsarDragon

    This is shit compared to BoO

  41. Ryab_TTV


  42. Bliingboii

    Why does it say "Artist: Born of Osiris"? This is far better than Born of Osiris.

  43. Matt g


  44. CPEEZI

    The lyrics being in all caps is absolutely perfect.

  45. KidYouGotSpunk

    Why does it say the artist is BOO?

  46. KidYouGotSpunk

    So good

  47. KidYouGotSpunk

    Check out I, The Destroyer from Nashua,NH

  48. razorredg

    Stray From Path definetly belongs to one of my favorite bands

  49. biaggio uricoli

    @wafflz777 why do you say that?

  50. Eric Anderson

    @Metalcore4life4043 seeing that your name is "metalcore4life" it makes sense you would make a comment like that

  51. Will Everett

    @Metalcore4life4043 Its all a matter of opinion bro. His vocals make the band for me!!

  52. Will Everett

    I cant get enough of these fuckers!! Only a month til they're in the UK!!! Got a boner already

  53. effedupcamel

    @Metalcore4life4043 New vocalist? Are you fucking mad?

  54. biaggio uricoli

    they need a new vocalist. plain and simple. vigil should use this band as a side project


    @tankerdef99 "Sleep it"

  56. Jacob Russell

    fucking skrillex on the sidebar.

  57. doc

    the description says
    Artist: born of osiris, is that just with me?

  58. tankerdef99

    are they saying sing it or scream it lol

  59. Stephen Bricker

    @aprtiger False. I, The Breather, Stick To Your Guns, and Periphery are also good.

  60. RedXIII

    Just found this band a few minutes ago, listened to 5 or 6 songs, and I'm hooked. I haven't even found one song that has dissapointed me. So good.

  61. Travis Thornton

    1:36 werd.

  62. Mike Hendrycks

    sumerian records, rise and underground operations is the future of music. oh yea and i buy my cds. so should you if your a true music enthusiast!

  63. MathaelTheDestroyer

    Seeing these guys in February. Stoked.

  64. Nicholas .DiPietro

    @noobzorzs same im going ahha terror is sick and of course stray :)

  65. Greg Benasutti

    This is so fucking sick, I can't wait to see you guys in February!

  66. trogdortheenchidna

    @DespisedD0mi91 eh, its gotten kinda boring seeing him on guest vocals now. he's EVERYWHERE

  67. Regan Cuthbert

    @SpatenHTK fuck you

  68. devyn navarrette

    Seeing them live tonight

  69. trogdortheenchidna

    why two songs with Vigil?

  70. Leto Bain

    pretty sure this isn't Born of Osiris, Sumerian...
    ...HOW DARE YOU! ;)

  71. MargieSmiles

    there coming to el paso tx :D
    cant fuken wait :D

  72. shugularity

    0:53 that guitar.....

  73. justinlush



    They flipped their van on their way to our Utah show..........They still played the show. FUCKING BEAST!

  75. Skylar Barney

    Hey I know a place where the wounded go, they continue their damn tour... Stay Safe Stray from the Path, You are some tough dudes!

  76. Jason Talleos

    @8Metaphysicist8 it is to make it simple

  77. Antonio Balderas

    @Strayfromthepath CANT WAIT XD

  78. Tyler Burke

    @8Metaphysicist8 You sir, are correct. Those lower vocals come from the one and only Jonathan Vigil. :D

  79. Fire and Wind

    Who's doing those lower vocals? Those guest vocals? Sounds like The Ghost Inside or something. I dunno.

  80. Adamzbeplayingbass

    @moket123 Yeah Sorry i typed it too fast

  81. moket123

    @Adamzbeplayingbass You mean George Noble

  82. Adamzbeplayingbass

    When i first heard this song, i thought the featuring artist was George Goebbels (Ex Your Demise)

  83. Sergiu Sebastian

    First song I heard from you guys and I really like it!You are truly admirable for responding to your fans.Good music AND nice guys,I'll def listen to more stuff from you.

  84. LordXennu

    havent given them a try since I played with them... but HOLY FUCK BALLz

  85. Joshua J Day

    This song does not suck!

  86. John O.

    @DebbieDoesMalice I wish I could like your comment more than once.

  87. John O.

    I remember the night they released this song. It had about 306 views, and now it has 55,125. Keep it up Stray From the Path, the hardcore scene needs more bands like you.

  88. MrLovesickMelodies

    i love you.

  89. Steven Lane

    It's pretty awesome that you respond to and communicate with your fans, especially amongst the ever-fierce youtube community. We got hooked on "Make Your Own History" after seeing you guys live, and the new album is nothing short of stellar. Great music with great messages. Keep up the great work; we look forward to seeing you guys again soon.

  90. MissKateHa

    so good!

  91. Garrett fitzsimmons

    Played with this band a couple of years ago, one of the funnest shows ever.

  92. Antonio Balderas

    Seen these guys in Denver great show

  93. VATech1986

    Fucking awesome band

  94. Tom Hanks

    This song gives me the "this song is insanely fucking awesome chills" whenever I listen to it. I Love it.

  95. Cameron MacTavish

    @jevinshollywood lol best comment

  96. jordan sheerin

    27 people are on their death beds.

  97. Jevins Jackson

    this album fucks faces

  98. delinquent3241

    you guys are insanely dirty! i get so hyped when i listen to your tunes.

  99. delinquent3241

    @hallelujahkingisdead listen to the other album....its insane!

  100. hallelujahkingisdead

    How am I just hearing bout this band?