Stray From The Path - Bring It Back To The Streets Lyrics

When there was a sickness, there was a cure
Right outside on the streets at the record store
There once were heroes that we looked up to
We never thought that we would do the things that they'd do

Their presence is long gone
Disconnected from the world that we grew up on
Nothing will ever make as much of an impact
When you hear these words will they make you react

When there was a sickness, there was a cure
Right outside on the streets at the record store
There once were heroes that we looked up to
We never thought that we would do the things that they'd do

'Cause if this world is all about digital lives
I can say that I'm ready to die
One time, when you need to be saved
With a kick and a push you can get away
One time, when you need to be saved
You can go and get lost in a mixtape

'Cause if this world is all about digital lives
I can say that I'm ready to die

Since we can't live in yesterday
Say goodbye to the past as the world turns grey
Since we can't live in yesterday
We can look to the future but it's all the same
This generation has gone up in flames
Because with all hope gone there is no cause for a change
We know it's inside us all and the world has made it harder
To latch onto the sound of being set free

Disconnected from the world that we grew up on
Bring it back to the streets

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Stray From The Path Bring It Back To The Streets Comments
  1. June Cooke

    “You wouldn’t steal a tv, you wouldn’t steal a dvd,”

    Alex Benesh

    lmao! YES

  2. Christopher Murphy

    who is the guest vocalist?


    RATM? .....the intro sounds more like Chochise from Audioslave.

    Christopher Murphy

    they are heavily inspired by rage. there's no way around it. and I love it

  4. Jessica Braga

    this si nothing like ratm stfu

  5. B D

    Physical copies are kinda dead. Unless it is an LP, cause people love that shit, but cd's are not cool. The only reason I buy a cd is for my car, cause it does not have bluethooth or an aux port, so if I want to listen to my music in the car a cd is the only option

  6. sprBEAST211


  7. Casey Norlander

    I almost forgot this band used to be amazing

  8. Goodbyetothegallows

    is it just me or do they sound like code orange?

  9. MrCannonfoder

    holy shit all these guys songs are the same!! seriously hahaa wtf


    all songs sounds great to me, go listen some mainstream music.

  10. Ron Parker

    When they film him in natural light it makes you wonder how he can't seem to burn off all those Hit pockets mom tossed down the stairs...

  11. Tonks Toys for Adult Collectors.

    Fuck this band is shit.

    Seamus Ritz

    KillerTonk fuck, your fat orange president is shit... Haha we know you're only here to hate because you're butt hurt

  12. May R. McCheese

    Sam Kinison lives through the screechings of this "singer."

  13. Mel Ba

    Every song sounds the same, separated from one another only by their varying degrees of shittyness...Seriously, I would opt to unhear this screeching if I could.

  14. innercircleindustries

    This album so far is very bad, there is no other way to describe how crappy this band really is! watching flies fuck is more enjoyable than listening to this crap!


    innercircleindustries more butthurt. Cry to your lord you trumpet

  15. Varg Viriathus

    Fuck these commie punks

    Seamus Ritz

    🖕not even communists though? 🖕

  16. Cody Schubert

    Hands down the last good record by this band. They're such try hards now. :(

  17. Trey 666

    The fuck is this doing on BOO The Discovery album?lol

  18. I Am Scratcher

    that fat bass tone at 2:30 tho 😍😍

  19. Player is AFK

    very unoriginal

  20. Aaron Green

    never hear this band. I don't like this kinda bro core/ old school hardcover but holy fuck 2:33 to the end I had goosebumps. new song I'll definitely never forget

  21. rumble131

    When stray were good

    william roy agoncillo

    rumble131 open ur mind

  22. Pobody Is Nerfect

    Hi everyone, we're a new band looking for feedback, our biggest influences are While She Sleeps, Stray from the Path, Parkway Drive, August Burns Red, Hundredth, As I Lay Dying and many more, (yes we're looking for people to check us out and tell us what they think, there's no denial in that). If you like checking out new bands, listen to our video and leave your feedback if you want, cheers!

  23. Matheus Silva

    I wonder if anyone illegally downloaded this 😂😂😂

  24. devin white

    disconnected from the world that we grew up on

  25. 666soccermom666

    Reason number 1 I pirate music: in case i run into a garbage band like this, i feel good knowing i didn't contribute to their shitty cause, if its a good album i pirate, I just go ahead and buy it on vinyl simple as that


    They're freaking awesome! What r u talking about?? Lol

    Titanfall fanboy

    good for you?

    Christopher Murphy

    relax it's a soccer mom

  26. Terra Dazley

    disconnected from the goddamn world we grew up on

  27. Terra Dazley

    disconnected from the goddamn world we grew up on

  28. Terra Dazley

    that one time when you need to be saved you could go and get lost in a mixtape

  29. Will Norbury

    2:33 Altrincham represent!

  30. Mike Dunne

    I buy music on Itunes I never download anything illegal or use to anyway. I only buy CD's if I actually care about that band enough to buy them.

    Cam Par

    he said he buys music on itunes, not that he pirates them you mouth breather

    Mike Dunne

    @Cam Par Thank you.

    Cam Par

    lol some people i tells ya

    Mike Dunne

    @Cam Par Yea, they can be real stupid.

  31. skateratkid

    put aside the similarities to r.a.t.m they are current and speaking of problems worldwide ! they need to be heard !

  32. epicshot2000

    why the fuck is this on a BoO playlist?

    slip slip

    +epicshot2000 Well they didn't want the playlist to suck complete ass.

    Booker C

    +Kreitinhop ayy lmao


    If you think BOO sucks u deserve to die


    JakeMe0ff they've been ass since Jason left

  33. Yeet Smith

    music videos like these just make me want to pirate the album a second time


    @AJ Smith ohhh you rebel you


    @AJ Smith So hardcore, fucking idiot with no money

  34. Intentspunk19

    Great song, saw them live and really love the energy! I must disagree with the message a little bit of this song. Physical purchase is not good for the environment. Where do the CDs or records go after you're done with them? Just a waste of resource that only hurts things. I think the best transport is digital. Focus on shows, being an awesome hardcore band that's always been the focus anyways with punk/hardcore is connecting at shows. I agree artists should be paid for their work and sell direct from the artists themselves. Just a thought. Cheers. Thanks for the music.

    Friezus Christ

    @Intentspunk19 I'm all for pirating music. But I still buy physical copies, just to collect them. There's just something better about owning a physical LP, CD or cassette tape by cherished bands. But I must agree, it really is a waste nowadays. I mean, you get the albums either by uploading the CD, 'stealing', or purchasing the digital copies. Then the hard copies just sit there. Non of my vinyls have ever been played just the CD's. I wanna keep my vinyl collection in mint condition. Well besides used ones that I'll get from my dad. :)

    Zach Dean

    I'm just taking a shot in the dark but I feel imo that the more albums they seek may increase the amount of marketing the record company's give them

  35. devin white

    i already got all of sftp's cds off pirate bay.


    @devin white Buy the albums as swipe! Thats literally what this whole song is about!

  36. Tony Cappel


  37. tony jr

    rage againt the machine copaste

    David Reynolds

    +tony jr fuck off

  38. Cody Schubert

    Best album this band did. So good.

  39. vapeislove vapeislife

    cant wait to see them with counterparts c:

  40. Jason Stagmer

    Stray From The Path stood out at Warped Tour this year.  They brought the pain!  New fan here!

    Gary Albrecht

    They were at Warped this year? I heard nothing about them! I would have gone for The Black Dahlia Murder and Stray From the Path... and that's it.

  41. Kypp Weatherill

    when that one thing you wanted is the reason your falling remember nothing worth having comes easy 

    Kypp Weatherill

    shine through

  42. Loïs Arnaldi

    I fucking love this band !

  43. KnockoutStrain

    I gotta admit.... this song iz the mothafuckin shit

  44. ehoc42

    the real point of the song is that buying records has more of a special and sentimental value and that its a pity that people these days miss out on that. They're not trying to say "if you download our music you're a dick" because the lyrics weren't written by lars ulrich 

  45. warumbel

    Angry and aggressive, but in the best way possible. These guys got some real fire in them. 

  46. Audrey Jarvie

    Lets play a game called "how many times will sftp be compared to ratm before i hit someone"

    Playsanity Gaming

    +Audrey Jarvie Who cares? RAGE is one of the most influential bands to ever play mainstream. Their music was masterful and still is nearly perfect to this day. I just hope they get back together to make some tracks about how shitty the world keeps getting.

    Dig Deep

    +Audrey Jarvie 43

    Angelo Sander

    lol, what the actual f. Saw them last night live and im a big RATM fan, so, yes, haha, but ist genius.


    @Playsanity Gaming It's nothing against RATM. It's just that every band these days that does angry yelling is immediately called out as RATM, it just gets so old. RATM is amazing, but they don't need to be name dropped in every single video.


    hahaha, excellent comment...

  47. R. Oomen

    On record they sound like shit, altough their live shows are fucking epic! 

  48. jeanfra305

    Fucking Rad. I feel like hitting someone.

  49. conna bray

    you fucking tore it up in manchester last night!

  50. Isaiah Wootton

    i get most of my music from the pirate bay cx

    Rory Batham

    hahahhahahahaha you're poor

    Rory Batham

    "low life punk" says the guy that chooses not to buy the music that people work extremely hard to produce. If I'm a "low life" by buying music, then so be it. I don't know why I called you poor, that's an insult to poor people

    Rory Batham

    I have to disagree, but you make a good point about the mixtape sharing. It is different though, it's on a smaller scale and was a way to show friends new music. But whatever man. I believe you should pay for music, maybe that's just a personal belief

    Daan van Gog

    @Rory Batham I just buy band merch when I see them live instead of CDs. 

    Mr. BingBong

    @Rory Batham I do pretty much both. I first download the songs and if  I think the band is amazing then I'll buy CD's 

  51. Taylor Darr

    The first minute sounds almost like The Jonbenet

  52. s discart


  53. UnderseaGreenMonkey

    Love this but honestly its such a random topic to do a hardcore song about

  54. Seth McAllister

    I'm tempted to download this song just to be ironic

    Ethan Washington

    I did haha pmsl. long live pirate bay <3

  55. Santi Garcia sanchez

    we seem too!!!!!!! Santi Garcia in facebook

  56. Nathan Marsh

    Puke your guts out man. I stand by what I said, and what I said is what I got out of the song.

  57. rb 28

    you might as well torrent now while we still can. our kids are going to be so jealous

  58. JCthrowdownhour

    Cory RAPES this track <3


    glad i found this band. needed a reason to stay a fan of this type of music...

  60. Clezzykrunk

    Exactly. If I'm downloading an album like that, it's because I want to listen to it. And I'll listen to that shit like a motherfucker and love every minute of it.

  61. Jwdrummingyo

    I totally understand what you are saying. But in the case of people only half paying attention then they truly don't care about the music.

  62. Mattia Bastianelli Gambini

    0:56 FABRIZIO DE ANDRE album. enough said.

  63. Xan Bunny

    i make it my soul mission that when music is being released i will only listen to the official video songs and nothing else until i actually get the album in my hand.

    i will always buy physical copies it's far more exciting.

  64. DmetalPro

    well fuck this guy.

  65. Samuel GG

    This band is awesome.

  66. Chris2me2

    Thats why I only buy physical copies instead of download. Wheres the fun in downloading?

  67. Omar Arriola

    Crack for mah ears! :D

  68. s discart

    what the fuck are you saying man

  69. WakeEntry

    Adding to that, you actually are supporting the band when you buy an album. They might not be making money off of it, but they're producing numbers. And those numbers are what labels, venues, promoters, etc look at.

  70. Rohan Brooks

    dont you ever, ever, ever say this again omg no

  71. Jackson Stevison

    Younger Papa Roach, maybe. I'm not a huge fan, but it's alright. Keep it up!

  72. Liam Davies

    Anyone else get a Genuflect vibe from these guys?

  73. Felipe Lopez

    Don't get the message

  74. CactusFantasmo

    Drums are sick!

  75. Sean Linkoln

    I didn't say anything though :(

  76. Andreas Karlsen

    Gaaahd damn, people are stupid. The reason bands don't make shit off of CD sales is because the labels have pay for the recording, distribution and production. The bands then have to pay the labels back to cover the expenses. Only when the labels have been paid, the bands make money from CDs. With fewer and fewer people buying records, bands struggle to even pay the labels. So fuck all of you.

  77. CountSorceroth TheUnderlord

    exactly. and bands don't ever get money off you buying their music, most of that money goes towards the industry.

  78. xFullysikx9

    If we bought all our music I think we would be broke haha, buy your favorite bands stuff go see the rest of them live.

  79. Donnie Avramis

    1:02 - 1:07 sounds just like a part in a song from Brand New

  80. Joey Schwoob

    Andrew from comeback kid

  81. Ian Gilchrist

    Who guest vocals in this, and what band is/was he in?

  82. Joshua England

    I know that's what brings me to the shows. And usually that's what drives me to buy the merch and promote them. Hell, sometimes I end up buying a hardcopy anyways. All because I illegally downloaded their music. For fucks sake, I probably spend more on bands that I am a fan of than most of these self righteous pricks complaining about pirating. Just saying.

  83. HAOLE

    Vocally say that to guy who wrote this song. Business is business. Every element is considered.

  84. HAOLE

    Whoa! Is that my guy from CBK?

  85. Josh Matotek

    Yeah but first week sales determine what tours the band will be on until they release their next album. I'm not saying you need to buy all of your music. Just think about that next time your favorite band doesn't come to your city.

  86. Jamie Beattie

    Drew York is a fucking beast! He's part in Northlane- Masquerade was just beautiful...

  87. MetalMonster94

    this song sounds even better when pirated

  88. Dingus Boy

    this band is fucking good seeing them next month!

  89. 3rni3PL

    I think this song is badass

  90. 3rni3PL

    Shit is tight. Keep it up.

  91. 09samwise

    Totally agree. Because when you pay for something your kinda obligated to listen to it.

  92. Jordan Ling

    the singer likes to point at things

  93. wormwood

    Music should be universally free. If you want to support the band then buy a fucking tee-shirt or go to a show.

  94. AussieGuy


  95. JacobsTrinity

    Thats a good point but remember, sales on all of their products gets them to their next show. CD's and Downloadable music off the web is one of their main way to gain profit/revenue. Thats the money they get for recording/traveling.

  96. Zombies8MyNeighbors7

    i think pirating music should be to preview a band, to listen and if you like it then buy and support the music. without pirating i dont think alot of the bands would get as much credit. I love this band, i saw them on tour with underoath and yea i pirated that album but i did go and buy both of them and will be seeing them on All-Stars and buying their merch. pirating music is a real double edged sword in the music community