Stray From The Path - Anonymous Lyrics

Behind this mask, there is no religion
No politics, no dead presidents make my decisions

Behind this mask, we are equal
We are all anonymous

Behind this mask, we are you
We want the same things you want
We do what it takes to uncover the truth
We run the same risks you run
But we'll be dammed if we run them for nothing

We are anonymous, cover our faces to uncover ourselves
We are anonymous, we want the same things you want
We do what it takes to uncover the truth

The face of the faceless
The names of the nameless
The voiceless the selfless
Expect us expect us

We are anonymous, cover our faces to uncover ourselves

One day you'll read about us, but you wont know that its me
One day you'll see everything that we stand for
One day well go down swinging, cause I know its a fight worth fighting
One day you'll see everything that we stand for
One day you'll finally see that we don't sleep so safely
One day you'll see everything that we stand for
The face of the faceless, the names of the nameless,
The voiceless the selfless, accept us expect us

We are anonymous, cover our faces to uncover ourselves

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Stray From The Path Anonymous Comments
  1. WatchDominion . com

  2. Daniel C

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  3. Daniel C


  4. Colt the Bolt

    Can a instrumental version be made

  5. Josh Davis

    Not my type of music but love the song

  6. Ass4ssin gaming


    ano anon

    +Ass4ssin gaming together we stand devided we fall united by 0n3 devided by z3r0

  7. Rain Eyes


  8. Jackson McIntyre

    Everything about this song is fucking awesome. I brag all the time about seeing this band.

  9. Giovanny Vásquez Pretelt

    esta es una de las chimbas mas bacanas que he escuchado en toda mi vida.....!

  10. Noah Brierley

    This is song is so fucking sick. The lyrics are amazing. It makes me cry to see "Atilla-About that Life" in the suggestions. This song has such a powerful message and then they go and suggest a song that is about getting shitfacedd and fucking bitches. How do people listen to that fucking nonsense?

    Zach Loper

    I listen to both, proudly. Sorry that I like to party on some days, and be a political activist the other.


    Suck my fuck

    Metal Marauder

    @FishTaco81594 if you got somethin' to say, you can tag me in it.

  11. Jorge Pimentel

    that james guy talking crap about STRAY FROM THE PATH is probably a butt hurt member of attack attack.

  12. jacob lowe

    beast as fuck!

  13. ivan pasmiño

    un saludo desde chile son muy buenos y geniales me gusta su musica :)

  14. NotLogan HighestPrimate

    Before Nu Metal it was Grunge, which dominated the 1990's until Nu Metal became big around the late 1990's/early 2000's. None of the Nu Metal bands could compete with a band like Alice In Chains or Soundgarden in their prime in my opinion.

  15. Sam Fisher

    and do not embarrass yourself anymore than you already ave you little shit stray from the path is one of my favorite bands gtfo if you dont like it. shitsuckingfuckingassbitch, as this band would say.

  16. Sam Fisher

    that opening drum tho

  17. MisterGreenw00d

    Of course there is influence from RATM. Though saying the is Nu Metal just LOL. Expertise in stupid statement probably. :P Go listen to Damien and tell me if it's Nu Metal.

  18. Jon

    I looove sftp but the singer kinda soundsblike garret rapp :p that is a major compliment lol

  19. &ure


  20. Juan Harnezz

    you just wasted precious time and energy of your life that you will never get back, to be negative and came to a SFTP page full of fans to bash SFTP..i can't think of much more that screams "moronic idiot". you're not welcome here, obviously so way to bring embarrassment upon yourself lmao.fuckin' tool

  21. &ure

    Oooooooooo shiiiiit

  22. Ryzym/Osiris

    Who the fuck are you. Get the fuck out of here. "Expertise". Learn to spell "straight" at LEAST first.

  23. Nick Hudgins

    Dumbass left a comment on a youtube video and thinks he's a music expert. Go back to acting like you have friends while you make petty attempts at "trolling" people on youtube.

  24. White Iverson

    I don't think anybody is going to take you seriously lol

  25. jérémie

    i waited this album as a child waits christmas

  26. R3VISION

    Not as much as your mom.

  27. TheCalling15

    This fucking sucks lol

  28. pigdestr0yer1973

    Got this reccomended on amazon. And it sure fukking SUCK

  29. Mario King

    man this song gets me jacked. lets overthrow a government! ahahahaha!...

  30. spark9of9creation

    I think they listened to you

  31. spark9of9creation

    I think they listened to you

  32. Ricky Avila

    My favorite song on the record!

  33. Jacob Wetherall

    Some of them do already. Bipolar sumerian :P

  34. Boobsrule

    Realest band on Sumerian. Make your own history was fucking brilliant. Black Anchor, FTW. This band makes you think, not spoon fed bullshit. Just my opinion tho... Hate on me all you want. I can over it, everyone is hated by someone. Get bent. Stray till Death.

  35. William Bocker

    one of their best songs ever. dat intro. it seems like danny always manages to find a groove even playing hardcore drum beats.

  36. Alex A

    Stray from the path please respond to my comment :))

  37. William Clark

    You're fucking joking right?

  38. george washington

    check...the description?

  39. Chris Fagan

    13 people want to go nowhere in life.

  40. George Corney

    I think they read it haha, nice one!

  41. metalkid442

    fucking love the message you guys have, you have no idea how happy i was to read the lyrics. its just another factor on top of another great song of yours.
    peace guys, keep it going!

  42. thebaconflapsable

    Why? Nothing wrong with them. They have successful bands and some hella good sounding ones.

  43. sem loyola

    esta genial

  44. BeanJuice

    The drums at the start are sick as fuck

  45. BigNickel

    Awesome song! 2:54

  46. boydofw

    oh my God there's actually lyrics now. fuck yea

  47. Rob Jackson

    How on earth can you spell Sumerian wrong, it's right there infront of you...

  48. Frost Steve

    Haha.. Fuck off November 5th 2013

  49. Helloder1627352

    Fuck your religion

  50. ScoutForStout

    I listen to mostly Christian Metalcore, Hardcore etc. but Strays one of my exceptions! Gotta catch yall live! Phenomenal album! Its about time we all come together and against the Globalists agenda! The power is in the people! They want us at war with eachother to distract and conquer, when we should fighting against their corruption! My constitutional rights/liberties, my power, and my soul are not for sale... I will not sell out to an Authoritarian system! Wage War!

  51. BackinBlack

    DISOBEY November 5th 2013

  52. niplaH

    If you add Like Moths To Flames and letlive together, this would be it! Not a bad thing though :)

  53. Jacob Warren

    So fucking good. The lyrics are so real and not generic

  54. FigureOut Krew


  55. he_is_legend24

    Dat snare!

  56. Destany Jack

    First time I've ever listened to you guys. I really like ya'll. Slight eargasm.;p

  57. PAT Wake

    Sttay keeps getting better and better ever album can't wait to see these guys live again :)

  58. john huerta

    WARPED TOUR 2014!!!!!!!!!

  59. Benjamin Zimmerman

    FUCK YES! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO stoked to see these guys in concert with STYG and Hundredth !!!!!!!! The Kingston hardcore scene is returning !!!

  60. not an alien

    interesting mash-up! I can defiantly hear it too but more lmtf :D

  61. Jayvon Green

    I can dig it.

  62. Glenn Maloy

    sick ass fuck

  63. niplaH

    Sounds like a mixture of letlive and Like Moths To Flames xD

  64. Joshua Payne

    The face of the faceless, the name of the nameless, the voiceless, the selfless, accept us, expect us. WE ARE ANONYMOUS

  65. Sacrisis

    so at this point im jsut confirmed that ratm never left they just transformed into this band..

  66. Amber Momsen

    Damn i love it

  67. rkschmidta7x

    "bleugh!" x)

  68. alex Alex


  69. ReDemoN

    this music is amazing

  70. Antwuan Day




    Sexy <3