Stray Cats - Blue Jean Bop Lyrics

Blue Jean baby
With your big blue eyes
Don't want you looking at other guys
Got to make you give me one more chance
I can't keep still so baby let's dance
Well blue jean bop is the bop for me
Well it's the bop that done in dungarees
You dip your hip you free your knees
Spin on your heel baby one, two, three

Blue jean bop
Blue jean bop, baby blue jean bop
Blue jean bop, baby blue jean bop
Baby won't you bop with me

Well blue jean baby when I bop with you
Well my heart starts hoppin' like a kangaroo
My feet do things they never done before
Well blue jean baby give me more more more

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Stray Cats Blue Jean Bop Comments
  1. Mika Maenpaa

  2. rene29200


  3. Tony Friel

    Thank you for sharing an excent version of this tune Jane.
    It goes without saying that everyone should check out the original (oops I said it)!

  4. Angelo Ansaldi

    il vero Rock dei vecchi tempi che furono....

  5. jean-marie Basset

    Setzer fait du Cliff Gallup

  6. max power

    Thanks for sharing.

  7. José Luis Bolaños Basulto

    Go Cat Go!!!

  8. Nathan Kordus

    thanks for posting this!!

  9. friedaromeijn

    Looked for this one for a long time. Thanks!