Strawberry Alarm Clock - Write Your Name In Gold Lyrics

You have been the one I could confide in
When troubles seem to find its path to me
My sadness seem to lie somewhere within me
'Til you come on and push it out of me

I can write your name in gold
And place you high above
The people that say we cannot be in love

But then I ask myself this question
Should I feel about you in this way?
My future relies on my decision
And my decision can be no other way

May I write your name in gold
And love you more and more?
As days go by, we can have them no more

Girl, I'm so afraid
Love cannot be made from a wish that is made
I will write your name in gold

Got a picture in my heart that's hangin' on my mind
And you can take it down
If you wanna run around

No excuse can change the way that I feel for you
Got a feelin' in my soul
When I write your name in gold

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Strawberry Alarm Clock Write Your Name In Gold Comments
  1. Starraider

    Great group!

  2. tom543222456

    Probably there best song, what makes this band so great, they could play heavy psychedelic and mellow tunes and did great at both, over looked band big time.

  3. The Aztec Calendar Channel

    I never heard this song before the time I saw Mark Wietz and the band play it live in North Hollywood in last days of 2007 probably Dec 28th. I had no idea what was going on until the coda: it was an awakening!

  4. raceyboy

    I wish I had this album. Dude has a good voice.

  5. Jesse James

    That's Magically Fantastic!


    love love love love love