Strawberry Alarm Clock - The Birdman Of Alkatrash Lyrics

Everytime the bird man comes
He flies overneath the bridge
He swoops down low
And picks me up
And carries me over the ridge
But somehow
I discovered his game
And he no longer seems to fly
That way

"Clever fellow, isn't he?"
"Yes, very clever"

But for now
I find it hard
To reason
With myself
And just in case
I can't conceive
Of anybody else
I tried and tried to make it clear that what I want is not real at all

"What kind of joint is this?"

The time has come
For me to see
Just how much
It means to me
To tell someone
Of what went on
Now that the bird man's gone

Even though you'll find it strange
All along the bird man really was me

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Strawberry Alarm Clock The Birdman Of Alkatrash Comments
  1. Tony Kaluzny

    love this song,, it was on the other side of insence and peppermints

  2. Ray Howard

    Yes it's awful, but in a good way! Such well crafted instrumentals. At age 14, I spun this single a lot, on both sides.

  3. Frisbieinstein

    According to this was the A side. I think I don't believe that.

  4. BigBishop1

    sounds like the seeds

  5. Brewzerr

    The song that invented the fantastic word “overneath”.

  6. Vintage Style

    This song reminds me of the seeds

  7. Trev Mac

    nice,thanks for posting this flip side

  8. Chuck Wagon

    Terrible song.

  9. Griffin Taylor

    Whoa, great reveal: 1:41.

  10. bigroy38

    Never flipped the 45 over.I still regret it.


    there names psch but they are a bubblegum pop band

  12. belisario guerra

    Original: Strawberry Alarm Clock ( U.S. ) - The birdman of Alkatrash ( Mark Weitz ) ( 19/5/1967 ). Cover: Los Doltons ( Perú ) - El hombre pájaro de Alcatrash ( the birdman of Alcatrash ) ( 1969 ).

  13. Peter Emmert

    This side has durability - it was even on the MCA reissue of the "Incense and Peppermints" 45 single!

  14. odeerg

    It's funny how everyone seems to hate this, I always have loved it since I got the Incense and Peppermints 45 20+ years ago and I played this and it blew my mind and I don't think I have even played the other side in 15 years but I always play this.

    Terry Decker

    I like it too!

  15. frizzlefrap

    "overneath the bridge" ..... ??????????? (somebody had some realllll good stuff when they wrote, and recorded, this piece of garbage)

  16. frizzlefrap

    this song is really graspin' at straws ........ sounds just like "incense and peppermints"

  17. Hdofu Fox

    @franco ianiro you're daughter liked this video 15 times? wow she really likes strawberry alarm clock!

  18. Michael Boyce

    The Non-Lp flip of the 1968 "Incense & Peppermints" 45 RPM Uni Single!

  19. S.A. Hogan

    You have to wonder what the boys were smoking if they EVER considered making this the A Side over "Incense and Peppermints." The best thing about it? It's only 2:11. Also, why they didn't return to Munford--who was a helluva singer for 16 and knocks the stuffin' out of this guy--is beyond me. Sorry, but this band won't win any prizes for Brightest Bunch of 60s Dudes.

  20. HugoMasekela

    My dog hates this one... he thinks there's a duck at the door!!

    mary h

    HugoMasekela hahahahaha


    ah ah ah I can imagine the scene... ah ! How you say in english the sound of the duck ? In french we say "coin-coin"

  21. Jas Bassi

    its amazing and my favourite song! LOL!!!! I'm weird!


    btw it's Strawberry Alarm Clock - The Birdman Of Alkatraz NOT Alcatrash


    used to play the ass off of this single

  24. jsilence418

    When this song came out I thought it was great, jesus it's terrible ! lol so many memories

  25. rredhawk

    Sounds too much like Pushin' Too Hard by The Seeds.

  26. raceyboy

    Even though you'll find it strange, all along the birdman really was me.


    @ raceyboy is that Marlowe or Shakespeare ?

  27. socalesler


  28. Akemy Aoyama

    I used to laugh at the "cuack cuack", lolz, it's bloody funny mate!

  29. dirtbag1713

    how is this crap? i think you are taking this song a bit too seriously. it's a friggen cartoon. looney tunes, man

  30. Helen Kelly

    This was the original A side and "Incense and Peppermints" was the B side. The group didn't like "Incense and Peppermints" and recorded it at the urging of their producer.

  31. socalesler

    He flies down over the bridge!!! I remember palying this like crazy, even with a cracked single!!! Between this and the flip side of let it all hang out....what a sophomore year..and I lived in the bay area too.

  32. elvis4all

    I went to San Francisco in 1971 when I was 9 and I saw Alcatraz. So when I saw this at a Sunday school flea market a year later, I bought it for 10 cents (Alcatrash). I didn't care about Incense and Peppermints! I must've remembered this because I just thought of it, searched youtube, and, 40 years later, sang along. Why is this stuff still in my head?

    Terry Decker

    Interesting, and you sure got your 10 cents worth!

  33. htsand

    why does everyone here dislike the song... when they are IN here LISTENING to it. i dont understand that. its awesome!!!!

  34. parlet

    Love this song!!!

  35. frizzlefrap

    this song is an insult to the caveman beating on a log

  36. frizzlefrap

    @tremsfan .... don't even compare that song, with this one. "pushin' too hard" was a song ... this is pure crap!

  37. frizzlefrap

    they sure brainstormed to develop this song .... did this win a grammy for the worst song ever made? ..... if it didn't, it should have.

  38. redstarboy93

    @airplaneguy53 Thank you for sending me the begining of the lyrics !

  39. PrimalPhantom100

    MAN!!! Please, you gotta tell me where you got these pictures

  40. redstarboy93

    super ! Someone know the lyrics ?

  41. tremsfan

    reminds me a bit of "Pushing Too Hard' by the Seeds

  42. ther51

    Ahhh love it thanks..