Strawberry Alarm Clock - Starting Out The Day Lyrics

Starting out the day such a beautiful way
I don't have a worry and that's okay
Finger-poppin' happy with a girl like you
My eyes light up just to look at you

Starting out the day with a smile on my face
I stand up, look around, it's groovy every place
Leg-slappin' lucky, girl, I'm glad we met
Starting out the day with a love I get

When you put your sweet arms around me
Girl, you never fail to astound me
Think about the ways that you need me
Security, knowing you'll never leave me
Just a part of living like a master
And my heart's beating faster and faster for you

Starting out the day and the next day too
I want to start them all with a-just us two
The year never ended if we do drift away
We close our eyes and drift right back to start another day

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Strawberry Alarm Clock Starting Out The Day Comments
  1. Christian Rohrs

    Gnarls Barkley sampled this song for “Run”

  2. arte abstracto

    Thank you


    +L Orrego Disfruta!

  3. Hdofu Fox

    what to set your strawberry alarm clock to go off playing

  4. ravisol

    thanks sebring1960!! I'm happy you like it!It's a n energetic song , too!

  5. sebring1960

    Very coool! Reminds me of the Banana Splits, thanks......

  6. ravisol

    @ToughSerb147 Yeah! it's an energetic sound! hehe

  7. ravisol

    @jepsipepsi17 thankss!!

  8. ravisol

    @1nine79ine Nine! I'm blushing! Lol...but happy to read your comment!
    Thank you very much! I adore this group! Have a nice week friend,!