Strawberry Alarm Clock - Changes Lyrics

Yeah, yeah

Changes you asked for
Changes you'll get
And while you're askin'
At least try not to forget

The moments we longed for
Weren't ours to love for
In the middle of the heat time
You've come for the last time
With me, yeah

Changes are comin' and
I look for some and
I get what I want and
Mmm, but not from you

I'll find some deservin'
Oh, beautiful servant
To love and to live with
To share and to give with
To me, oh

Changes you asked for
Strange that you should beg for
Time with me, girl, is runnin' out on you
And it's happening mighty fast

If I had known you
I would have grown to love you
In the center of a hot time
Your love's workin' out in a bad time
For me...

Someday you'll find a teacher
Who will take you and preach you love

Ha, get over there...

Soon you'll find a teacher
Who'll sit right down and teach you
He'll teach you some good things, baby
Then you can come back to me

And I'll be here, baby
Just come on back and you'll see
You know that I got
That I got a pain in my heart for you
But what?

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Strawberry Alarm Clock Changes Comments
  1. ThiefofBaghdad

    Gold Cloaks

  2. lotemo

    Love this! I bought this on reel to reel expecting psychedelic pop like Incense & Peppermints. Instead the albums a weird mix of a few stray pop songs mixed with songs that have a harder, progressive rock sound and this one bluesy track. Probably not what their fans expected so it bombed. Still an interesting album

  3. Matheus Coelho

    Coisa linda da porra... <3