Strawberry Alarm Clock - California Day Lyrics

Well, it's a California day, yeah, baby
And it's a good-lookin' mornin' outside
So don't be so down-hearted
We'll make it here okay
We'll make love in the sunshine
On a California day, yeah, baby

Well, it's daylight across the valley now, girl
Yes, it's comin' through the roof and shinin' in your hair
Girl, I know you're disappointed
But don't keep it all inside
Just open up your window, girl
The day will make you high, yeah, baby

Well, we can move on down the highway and start a new life, yeah
We could be out of state by nightfall, that's for sure
But the day would come, I know it
We couldn't stay away
We'd head back down ol' 99 on a California day

Day would come, I know it
We couldn't stay away
We'd head back down ol' 99 on a California day (California day)
(California day) It's a California day
(California day) Sun keeps shinin' my way
(California day) Hey, hey
(California day)

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Strawberry Alarm Clock California Day Comments
  1. jason royale

    don't be so downhearted. take lsd and groove on a sunny cali. day. try that today as you stumble over the homeless

  2. De Busch61

    Love it!

  3. Neil Kushner

    groovy, hip and also cool , thanks for the song, dudes

  4. Trev Mac

    thanks for posting -rare and forgotten

  5. arte abstracto

    Who is singing?

  6. Trip Fontaine

    Nice to hear this again, it floated around the old P2Ps (soulseek,audiogalaxy, etc) in the early 2000's but I'd since lost the file. Something to be said for physical mediums, as I sure wouldn't/haven't lost any of my SAC vinyls. :p I highly recommend checking out the album the SAC put out in 2012 if anyone hasn't yet, its VERY good imho. "Wake up where you are" picks right up where they left off (part covers and new material), very true to their distinctive sound.Particularly great is "Drifting Away" :)

  7. pelopo1993

    jooooooooooderooooooooossss california dasy

  8. Brian Rapp

    1966 Brian rapp Wounderland school longhaired blonde laurel cyn surf kid was in the opeaning scean of my bitchin usc dads movie the wild angels with my hero Peter Fonda smoking a joint canyonlocalfilmscom Lisa stanly rapp rules kearth 101

  9. Harvey M

    This song is fantastic. I've never heard it before. I'm curious why the SAC didn't include it on any of their albums?


    I'm pretty sure they made this in 1970 after all their albums had already been released. Definitely would've been great on an album though :)

  10. Matt Dearing

    This is awesome! Never heard it before.

  11. PrimalPhantom100

    @bndrpz It wasn't released on an album, it was release on a single, but you can also get it on the Good Morning Starshine (Japan Bonus Tracks) CD.


    wich album ?

  13. PrimalPhantom100

    @MrJonesstones Haha yeah they're my all-time favourite band.

  14. PrimalPhantom100

    @MrJonesstones It's because the only way to get this song is either the single or off the "Good Morning Starshine (Japan Bonus Tracks)" version, which costs I think about $60 off ebay. And this song took me AGES to get, but I found someone who had the G.M.S. Japan CD, so they sent me it, and now I have all the Strawberry Alarm Clock songs, well apart from the new album.

  15. PrimalPhantom100

    @MrJonesstones Very true my friend.

  16. PrimalPhantom100

    @pinkus44 Yeah this is their rarest song probably. It took me about a year to finally get it. And it turns out it's one of their best.

  17. pinkus44

    i've never heard this. i really like! thanks for the post

  18. UltimatePsych

    I thought i heard them all

  19. Alex Reilly

    I love that picture of the band at 0:41!

  20. PrimalPhantom100

    @carew388 No problem man, it was EXTREMELY hard to get but it was worth it, amazing song!!!

  21. carew388

    @sunchilde68 i had this 45 years ago i think this is there very best song thanks for letting us hear it again.

  22. pgh45rpms

    One of SAC's best that unfortunately didn't crack Billboard's Hot 100. Very elusive 45 for sure, most I've seen are double-sided promos -- not stock copies.

  23. PrimalPhantom100

    @sunchilde68 Haha no problem man, and yeah Birdman's an awesome song!!! The funny thing is, it was originally supposed to be on the A-Side of Incense and Peppermints single, and Incense was on the B-Side but then they changed them around.

  24. sunchilde68

    @bigfootisreal100 those little hidden treasures, i love when theyre exposed.. have you ever heard " birdman of alcatraz" , i think thats it.. it was a 45 lp i picked up a couple yrs ago.. i never heard of it b4.. until i got it ..SAC rock or roll. i bet theyd roll 1 then rock... that a good gig. hahahaa. thanx 4 the info.. and the music .. we`ll keep in touch. peace!

  25. PrimalPhantom100

    @sunchilde68 Yeah they just released it as a single in 1970, after their last album Good Morning Starshine. And this song was so hard to find man, i found a guy who had the Japanese Bonus Tracks of Good Morning Starshine, and this song is on it, and he sent it to me.

  26. sunchilde68

    i dont think i reconize this..i like it...and do i hear mellotron? wheres this from... not the album i see 2 the right with three written next 2 it?

  27. girlsturnedripe

    Thanks for posting this. It's a good transfer, and I love Ed's backwards guitar going out.

  28. BirdieDoll77

    good song i remember this group from 60s.