Stratovarius - Ride Like The Wind Lyrics

A house made of cards and no time to run
Unfolding the path before me
Together with you and not making sense

And slid from my grasp, that moment in time
When everything stood to reason
The clarity gone, I wait for my fate

Black clouds gathering
Wind, carry the word of my fate

Ride, ride like the wind

It's fanning my flame, too bright to be real
It's burning my eyes to ashes
I'm one with the steel, too bright to be real

Black clouds gathering
Wind, carry the word of my fate

Ride, ride like the wind

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Stratovarius Ride Like The Wind Comments
  1. Dustin Samsung

    tollki is the heart of stratovarius bring him back pleassee

    Sean Quertinmont

    Dustin Samsung I agree stratovaruis hasn't quite been the same


    in my cd original dont stay that song :C

    Xibernetix 1399

    Pinino Lecor Because this is a Song from the CD of Element Part 1&2. On his CD are Tracks, their never came out. Sorry for my bad englisch im from Germany :p

  3. Maria José Urbina

    aaahh.. Me orgasmeo!!!

  4. Maria José Urbina

    FUCK AMAZING YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lml

  5. Negative Ives

    the reason its a bonus track at least according to me, is that this is a track that was originally supposed to be in super street fighter 4 but they couldnt put it in at the last second as it was too awesome and overloaded the playstation/xbox

  6. Nítdom Yuuao

    Master Johansson!!! Is a masterpiece.

  7. Corrosive1

    most psychedelic keyboard solo ever

  8. Pierrot De lannéeQuatreVingt

    My little girl 9 mounth old dance (move move ^^) on that with the smile !

  9. Μάνθος Φουστάνος

    @justchokinatu its Father Time

  10. Corrosive1

    @Romupaasi yea, found it out lately by Tolkki himself when told him I like this song very much. Embarrassing

  11. ThePeterman

    @jackwilsontube Wait untill you've seen the album Elysium. Is already out.

  12. Shadow Fox

    earing with the ear force px21.. oh my gawd... is epic!

  13. snupoxxx

    Che palle! eh eh

  14. Roberto Salazar


  15. Corrosive1

    I totally forgot about this song ! Sounds fucking incredible ! Tolkki , i kneel before you

  16. DotaMaster Dotita

    no la escucho aun pero me imagino q deve ser excitante la musica

  17. Aarón Yáñez

    que buen tema en serio!

    habia escuchado esta version bonus


    Larga! Largaa vidaa a STRATOOOVARIUUUS! ! ! :D

  18. Lucas Nt

    you should listen the album before posting a comment.

  19. Esteban Sáez

    que buen tema !!!

  20. jackwilsontube

    i listened the new album Polaris and , MY OPINION, . i just can say : I miss Stratovarius

  21. stratobiter

    stratovarius is the best

  22. i don't have a better username


  23. yamiimax

    yes all bonus are mostly great^^ one of the best one on this album

  24. Garou Diaz


    viva stratovarius

  25. MJa

    This is awesome song for Guitar Hero!

  26. i don't have a better username


  27. eli hek

    #311 ^^

    RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIDDDEEEEEE - Ride like the wiiiiiinnnnnddd! (love this song!!!)