Stratovarius - Liberty Lyrics

Sun is shining
Sky is so blue
I'm filled with hope
It's promising
The course my life is taking
Searching of my truth has brought me here
Facing things with confidence
That all will be OK
Past is gone
Life goes on
Memories remain
I break the chain of misery and pain

Marching to a different drum
Shines my liberty
It's growing stronger every day
I feel it in me
Leading me to a different world
Freedom shows the way
It's there for you and me to find
It's heaven on earth

I'm standing here today and understand
There is no reason to hide anymore
So many things to see so many things to gain
My life is not in vain

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Stratovarius Liberty Comments
  1. Your Friendly Neighbour Pikachu

    😆ahh good old day s
    life was little back then
    Now .. its still the same

  2. Anthony P

    I like it!🤘🏽✨

  3. Trap Continental

    Ajim ni git

  4. Aminudin Shamsuddin

    The best song and melody. Goodluck stratovarious band.

  5. Syahrul At-taufiq

    Indonesia hadir???

  6. Jan Taborsky

    Nádherná písnička .

  7. Jan Taborsky

    Nádherný dog ,poslouchám ho pořád.

  8. Iris Alemán

    Liberty que canción

  9. SalvoScycleTraveller

    "Guardians of our lives
    Protect security
    They turn the key and they step in
    Controlling you and me
    Guardians of our lives
    Take care eternally" - Am I mad? - puppets on a string!

  10. Elizeu Santos

    Stratovarius is the best band of the World.

    Lukáš Bršťák

    The best band is Avantasia with Tobias Sammet

    Elizeu Santos

    I like Avantasia as well, but Stratovarius is more precious, don't you think?

  11. Владимир Уманский

    Helloween - guardians!!!!

  12. Joao Headbanger

    Simplismente Linda! Lindissíma!

    Jorge Andres Eraso Ledesma


  13. 黃信樺

    reminds me Timo Tolkki's solo work,Key to the Universe~

  14. Shinku Kirito Ichika

    This shows among the reasons why I love Power Metal.

  15. Abner Oliveira

    Thanks for sharing, its amazing

  16. Giangiuca84 Rossi

    Stratovarius are the best power metal band in the world!

  17. Adiyuli Setiawan

    Lagu jos 🤘

  18. lukman ariwibowo

    mongkle mongkle

  19. David Alvid

    my favourite song ever when i was at junior high school. love it.

  20. Fugaz

    Guardians de Helloween

  21. The Tito TV Show

    Most underrated Stratovarius song ever!

  22. Shodan234

    I love the choir in the background at the end of this song.
    Starts at 3:28, then can hear it solely from 4:32.
    A beautiful added touch to end a song, which happens to be the "final" song on the album, thus a perfect way to end the whole album.

  23. Joseph Clark

    Give this a like if Liberty is also your favorite song off of Elements Pt. 2 \m/

  24. mamlasu

    This is imho the best metal ballad ever written, also Stratovarius' best song. I wonder why it has only 100k views, while Forever has over 7M. Forever is a great ballad, but Liberty is an epitome of Stratovarius' music. What do you think?


    well Forever is a rather sad song, and sadness always attracts people more, plus Forever is much simpler than Liberty, thus probably harder to write (I think it's harder to write a beautiful song with only a guitar and vocals, whereas if you're letting yourself insert any kind of instrument and solo and powerful riffs and choruses it's much easier)

  25. Hean espitia gomez

    My life is not in vain......

  26. man Waa


  27. malsawmzuala hmar

    this song takes my breath away...the beauty is that it really gives me an inspiration and feel +ve

  28. gbuhnoezqayusioehf

    beautiful as fuck

  29. Weird How

    so great

    Jorge Andres Eraso Ledesma


  30. nemesis

    loves me some guitar solos <3

  31. Genoc Da Boom

    what i sing at chorus:
    "guardians of our lives... protect security..
    they turn the key
    and they step in..
    controlling you and me.."


    +Genoc Da Boom I had to speed up the video but I guess it does sound a bit like Guardians.

  32. Hellyan Setyo Wibowo

    hmmmmm....... i like..

  33. Miloš Kostka

    great song

  34. Moises Z Z

    Leading me to a different world

  35. Key

    One of the greatest songs. I feel completely free.

    Geraldo júnior Silva

    Come to Jesus

  36. David Snake Doe

    generally I don't like Stratovarius' lyrics so much, but this song is really great.

    And the guitar player is magnificent.

    Mr Tolkki deserves a great respect for what he has done in the past.


    Even though Matias Kupiainen replaced Timo Tolkki, he is a great guitar player too.

  37. DucValefor

    The lyrics are all sappy and cheesy, but regarding the hard time Timo Tolkki went through when he wrote them, it's understandable.

    Andrea Gaez

    it´s like an Hymn

  38. Metal Maestro

    "metal is all negative, angry, satanic and depressing"


    of course, I meant it in a relative way.. plus haven't we all outgrown that "pop music is shit we're all misunderstood geniuses who listen to metal" phase? surely op did not


    every person who listens to metal knows stratovarius one way or another, that's what I meant by describing them as mainstream (just like nightwish)

    Joao Headbanger

    your ass!

  39. Metal Maestro

    Ir sounds like quite a Steve Vai influenced intro, maybe because he also has a song called Liberty

    Le Tigidou

    Yeah it's similar , but that guitar tone comes from elements pt1. Listen to the Fantasia solo.

  40. Vincent Gill

    A majestic song
    Thanks and best wishes

  41. Rena Aprilia

    my childhood memory :)

  42. Kyzox Pictures

    That's my favourite song. I love it because it reminds me old good times.

  43. Ramón Guerrero

    This song reminds Guadians (Helloween)

  44. champFichtnerBourne

    I'm going to be happy! No matter what!

  45. Sarah Lintakoon

    The world needs more music like this.

  46. しんふぉ


  47. betonman9

    well said bro!

  48. EmiFer

    tolkki said stratovarius ended with elements pt I, but I must say the second part is fuckin good!!

  49. quidnick

    Very positive and uplifting, not to mention badass. Music in general needs more of this.

  50. FenrirITA

    Religion is based on irrationality, so basically our friend right there is partly right

  51. VideoGameMetal01

    No because Dragonfarts sucks

  52. Leticia Figueiredo

    this song is amazing

  53. Orestis Pafiliaris

    that solo is totally powerful!!!

  54. Nítdom Yuuao

    @gunsdf Si :D

  55. gunsdf

    @GTARayton12 "vapaus", valedor?

  56. Fredrick Alton

    I wonder if dragonforces song "wings of liberty" will fill the world with strength like this song

  57. TheCarouselDoll

    AHHHHHHH!!!! This song makes me cry it's so heart-shatteringly beautiful. :'( :')
    I don't know if I'm really happy or really sad.

  58. MrHejke

    Bullshit. A world without irrationality will be free. Religion is not a problem.

  59. Adriano Quadros

    a world free from religion... then we'll have liberty

  60. Nítdom Yuuao

    Prefiero la versión finlandesa :D

  61. Thene

    Hiljaa, hiljaaa...

    Oh wait.


    Only we finnish assholes know this thing ;)


    This should be the Anthem of the free Humanity...

  63. TheDeliriumOpera

    @123jaspionxina23 Nope... there's only one word: Liberty :)

  64. Gaston Jacubowicz

    i always have problems to buy a CD of Stratovarius because every CD has very good songs so i cant decide :(

  65. akhmad salahudin

    hebaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat banget... seperti pagi hari musim semi yang hangat...

  66. LemmyCwalk

    FUCKING EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. Happy Chef Productions

    Listening to this on 9/11

  68. Ernesto Minghella

    Awesome. Melody, sound, vocals, all epic.

  69. radio671

    @MuhammadAtef17 Which means only 50,000 people are smart enough to listen to this masterpiece and screw the other.. as long as this song exist I'm happy

  70. akhmad salahudin

    totally awesome

  71. Eduardo Charles White


  72. Jay Lee

    After hearing the first 2 seconds, I'm like, 'K, this is epic, gonna fav' lol

  73. Jakub Valovič

    Hm, really pity, that the lyrics were not true for Timo

  74. Elessar Yávëtil

    @pielafo people nick named strattovarius as Japanese metal ? they are retarded as hell stratovarious has nothing to do with japan apart from having alot of fans from there its a finish band lol

  75. Umberto Tessitore

    It seem Guardians by Helloween - Walls of Jericho

  76. naxars

    What a beautiful song, it's like this give and fill me of strenght and courage.

    Definitely Stratovarius, One of the Best in whole world =D

  77. mamlasu

    One of the most beautiful masterpieces ever made.

  78. Paúl Llamosas

    This is a perferct song for: Soldiers, civilians, we are victorius........

  79. AnEndlessPain

    I love the voice ^^ Kotipelto rules!

  80. Luiz Pineda

    Esta banda e muito boa

  81. GFGriever

    Sheer perfection. A tear just dropped...

  82. Varma Krapula

    Finnish version of this song is way better and funnier. =D

  83. Sasso Causa

    It reminds me Dragonball! ò.ò This song is so perfect!!

  84. betonman9

    i have absolute no words to describe how epic this is

  85. MarioVSCulex

    same melody as vapaus...are they trying to make you think THIS would be the translation of vapaus? lol

  86. Ratabulous

    I'm not a big fan of the singer's vocal style or of some of their hokier lyrics, but damn, Stratovarius was one kick-ass band! This song never fails to raise the spirit.

  87. Aleksandar Gospić

    Amazing song, just epic! Could repeat it 20 times per listening, one of those songs that you never get fed up with

  88. timfortune9

    After spending the last few hours listening to practically nothing but Stratovarius I have come to the conclusion that...THEY ARE THE BEST DAMN BAND IN THE WORLD. I have yet to hear song by them that is not epic and legandary.

  89. ReMike


  90. arthemispower

    @deathbladez13 me too.

  91. Mithedhel

    One of the best strato songs, and I will have the honor to play it with TOLKKI ;)

  92. RoyalSurvivor

    yes you do my a half finn so i can be half proud!!

  93. RoyalSurvivor

    Sun is shining
    Sky is so blue
    I'm filled with hope
    It's promising.....and so is this song my friends!!!!

  94. Sid Silver

    si, la più bella degli strato, tanti ricordi...

  95. Giada BlackDiamond


  96. betonman9

    you cant get any better than this.....pure epic. Hail from Poland!

  97. Dokk

    in the world, dont exist any word that can say anything about that song... im sure that all you think the same... is just Perfect....

  98. Tara H

    I love this sort of stuff...freedom, defiance, rebellion

  99. Mech619

    Man, can some one give this song to me? I can't find it anywhere!