Stratovarius - Halcyon Days Lyrics

What I feel inside my mind
Is driving me insane 
It's so hard to explain
What lies behind it all, what goes around
So I'm twisting here within loneliness

And all the pain inside now
Don't matter anyhow

There's something in the air
Something isn't there
Something that I had just yesterday
Every time I try
Reaching for the sky
Something's coming up and blocks my way
And I know that-I just need
To walk away from this 
There's something in the air
Something isn't there
The storm rages on
I'm waiting for my halcyon days

I will try to avoid it all
But they try to pull me back
If I try will I fall off this track

I don't care cos I'm free 
I'm still twisting here within loneliness

And all the pain inside now...
There's something in the air...

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Stratovarius Halcyon Days Comments
  1. Obsidiana Night

    Este video es magnánimo el hambientte misterioso como quisiera correr y volar lejos y caer de una montaña será hermoso pero una vez lo intenté y me i presiono la vista y no lo hice era tan velo encontré escremento de oso y decidí bajar vi que los vecinos llegaron y ya les dije que solo fui a caminar

  2. Oscar Cartes

    Perfección musical



  4. CesärLink

    la chica se parece a bella de Crepusculo, al principio crei que era ella xD

  5. Joanna Bonilla

    I love this one!!

  6. Halo117

    amo esta canción

  7. Sam Wright

    Don’t mind me, just filling the 1000th comment. As you were...

  8. Andres Paredes

    all discography in one song

  9. Will Borba

    Best band ever!

  10. Célio Azevedo

    Very good!

  11. OceanborN7

    The whole song is ONE BIG EARGASM.

  12. Manolo Resendiz

    330 dislike. I cant believe IT. !¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

  13. Samantha Greenwood


  14. Raphael MT

    Incredible song. Nemesis is one of their best albums, i would go as far to say that it's in same level as Visions and Infinite.

  15. Matheus Assunção

    Funny when the different one is the best song in the album, a great album... not an easy did!

  16. Arturo Grijalva

    Wow... what a crappy video... shame because the song is really good.

    On the other hand. Is it just me or this song is wayyyy different from the studio version?? A little bit more flat and bland maybe?

  17. Hagico VN

    Nemesis is an good album

  18. Vinicius Elias da Silva

    Dá pra tocar numa festa de música eletrônica na boa.

  19. Батраз Тамаев

    Putin is a murderer

  20. entrando dalla finestra ci sto

    so EPIC song!!!!

  21. Alex Tavadi

    რა კარგები ხართ თქვე ჩემისებოოოო <3 <3

  22. Kenyrant

    I need those stratovarius shirts.

  23. Samita


  24. Samita

    Number one ........

  25. Samita

    Musically beatiful but fanaticism no correct......but timo kotipelto music number finland ...... thanks kotipelto for our Voice......sorry my inglesh kkkk

  26. Samita

    Timo musically beatiful forever 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  27. Samita

    muito o bom gostei....bem eletrônica música......toop😍😍😍🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  28. Xavier Gonzalez

    Who is she?

  29. Javier Toro Ardiles

    Amazing as always!!!

  30. Music lover

    Sumptuous album in my collection, thanks for vid

  31. Franco Quispe

    es sin duda el mejor tema del album...

  32. Capronic2 Dethroned

    She got me turned on

  33. Gerald Isaac

    Grande stratovarius

  34. Sergio Recabarren

    prefiero Gamma Ray!!!

  35. Rasmus Ericsson

    Kotipelto still have it

  36. Pablo Albite

    Check Out The Lyric Video for My Band Called Cenizas Del Alma Hope You Enjoy It !

  37. theresa kinney

    The best song from this album but the worst video ever :\

  38. Nothing Is Sacred

    I totally get why some people dont like the techno influence, and i agree there could be a little less, but i think it adds a lot of good to the song, especially the one before the chorus :)

  39. Vic iron

    Casi 2018 y sigo amando ésta canción

  40. Aleś ‡ von Dallwitz ‡

    i'ts metal? hahahha

  41. 9397 Racing

    Once again a very strong metal song ruined with a depressive an uncreative video XD

  42. Chris Tine

    I love this one because they try something different.They Ikonic in the Power Metal World,many people got inspired by they music.The Dubstep Break Elements are very fitting

  43. beautiful melodicmetal


  44. Love Mizuno

    Esta excelente, solo que hay muchos cortes en el video como que mucho lo editaron que no se entiende nada lo del video por lo demás esta uva! 😊

  45. natxein GL

    LOL, and ReLOL XD, What is this shit?, Sorry i was looking 4 Stratovarius, close the door quietly, I´m leaving XD,this never happened XD

  46. Otto von Titten

    Amazing song, I perfectly recognize myself in it.

  47. AlexTw2

    Honestly, every other Stratovarious album I have listened to sounds like generic power metal with nothing new to add, but Nemesis is different. This album rocks

  48. Belz Meph

    They're not still sound the same, sound like a new stratovarius I like it

  49. pstizzz

    I appreciate creativity and experimentations, but please don't ever do anything like this again :S

  50. rayan cedric

    Acabaram com minha banda favorita. pqp Volta Tolkki!!!!!

  51. Amy Novacaine

    Lo más lindo del vídeo son los muñecos de Stratovarius xD

    The cutiest thing about the video are the little Strato dolls xD

  52. David Garcia

    only enjoy this

  53. Luciano Rodriguez

    One of the best video clip of stratovarius. One of the worst song of stratovarius. Why not fantasy or Dragons?

  54. VamshIKrishna K

    0:10 isnt she kristen stewart..?

  55. Ernesto Galindo

    Stratovarius NOT metal moment...

  56. Geraldine Sotelo


  57. Classic Rock Station

    boring, boring, without a minimal inspiration, a silly pop rock band.

  58. Yekaterina Poddubnaya

    Haven't listened to it for about a year. Wow damn. I actually somewhat forgot how much I loved this song. Guess that makes it certain that's no self-deception! Can't believe it's been four years since Nemesis, too.

  59. Jan Rise

    In my opinion Nemesis is a good album. This song, however, is a bit popish.

  60. jaroslav kopecky

    So Good

  61. crazyfaceperson

    0:19 Lol

  62. diego weiller

    fuck youtube cause we cant put the sound volume higher ;-;

  63. Juan Bonilla

    Any one have the bass notes for this song i cant seem to find them anywhere :/

  64. Ed Rubens

    esse refrão arrepia

  65. Iridium

    Ppl, what's the name of the girl on this video? for research purposes :V

    Anastasios A. Papanastasiou

    Augustina J. Lithuanian model

  66. Rafael Rojas

    At 200 a.m. Alone in Japan. You are helping me a lot . Thank you very much from a Colombian guy.

  67. Kherstein

    Che, alguien sabe el nombre de la mina del vídeo?


    Yo tambien necesito saberlo. Es para una investigación en la universidad :V

    lacortina felic

    Jaja te gusta

  68. Huntdrome

    como se llama el efecto de sonido con el bajo del min 3:28 ?

  69. Samuel Hietalahti

    Why this song sound so much better in quality wise compared to album one? D: I think bass was over powered in album and you couldn't hear the lyrics. However, no matter how you tune sounds, it doesn't matter in song this awsome!

  70. Håkan Elmberg

    Good song and music. But isn't the singer really look like long hair Fox Mulder. So i wonder where is Scully. Have a good day to you all.

  71. Kriss HATER


    The Bug Lord

    Power metal is better than the law. Power metal is above the law.

  72. EpicMetal 69

    oh yeah

  73. funkjaw

    Probably gonna get a lot of hate but I think Nemesis is one of their best albums in their entire discography.


    It was a bold move for them and it worked big imo

    Mauro Valentini

    Keine hate you re right Nemesis is a great album

    Riccardo Aromando

    Are you drunk? Ahahah


    @cuasatar Nemesis is VERY experimental. Elysium is their best record hands down for me by a country mile!!!!

  74. Androw Zeroun

    stratovarius forever

  75. flybus0809

    who is the girl?

  76. Moolers

    Great song, but I must say 2:47 to 3:00 is a little... questionable.


    Moolers Why? it's awesome

    Matheus Assunção

    On drugs? Fits perfectly.

  77. Peter Brelaz

    foram nos confins do espaço..e junto com uma civilização avançada criaram esta obra de arte......stratovarius insubstituível !!!

  78. Low Roar

    This reminds me of Kamelot. Cool!

  79. Bestialce2007

    The song is good... but the video kinda sucks

  80. Lucas Franke

    that reminds me of a level from the last crash game.

  81. Cristofer Kenshito

    Gran Video Hermozaaaa chicaaa

  82. joaquin navarro

    backstreet boys?? que mierda strato te me fuiste a la xuxa

  83. Stala Pacheco

    buena musica de stratovarius tipo electronica

  84. cristian cortes

    Eso que es, han cambiado por completo su esencia que porquería ya se convirtieron en una banda comercial.

  85. Hermes Portilla

    esta mierda no es stratovarius