Stratovarius - Fantasy Lyrics

Reach a star, travel so far or find out who you really are
Climb a hill, learn a skill, all of your dreams you can fulfill
Take a dream, make it real, don't let yourself give in to fear
Come with me you can make it anywhere

Sing along, to this song, and let it show that you're strong
Don't pretend, help a friend, they are with you until the end
You will see, you can be whatever you would like to be
Come with me you can make it anywhere

Fantasy, I want to meet you there
You will see, fantasy can become reality
Come with me, this is my fantasy
I believe, fantasy can become reality
Can you be my fantasy

Take your time, it's not a crime cause life it's always in its prime
Show you care, if you dare, because true friendship's really rare
Take a dream make it real, don't let yourself give in to fear
Come with me you can make it anywhere

Fantasy, I want to meet you there
You will see, fantasy can become reality
Come with me, this is my fantasy
I believe, fantasy can become reality
Can you be my fantasy

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Stratovarius Fantasy Comments
  1. Miguel Alejandria

    worst album and this song is the worst -.- i did not want to hear the whole album, it is just boring... and i like stratovarius

  2. VIC ps

    loco este tema culiao es muy perfecto

  3. Gold and Tails

    Not to be confused with Fantasia

  4. leukocytka it

    Jest moc! Fuck!

  5. Italo passos

    Estou aqui por Stranger Things 💗

    Leandro Barcellos

    Stranger things?

    Yesid Rodríguez Herrera

    Stranger things?

  6. Kimmo-Petteri Laine


  7. Mónika Kovács

    my family is Timo fan, Dani ,Mónika ,Vivi, Nimród,

  8. Mónika Kovács

    dis like go too hell!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Mónika Kovács

    and Timo the best singer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Luki San Antonio

    With this song I think I'll pass math at school

  10. fat dolan

    i found it in bunny map

  11. Edith Sanchez


  12. R3d Ro0k 37

    I’m pissed they didn’t add nemesis to their Spotify.

    Torstein Peterson

    Check again :)

  13. jestę anonimę

    This song gives me so much hope and happiness, it's amazing!

  14. Oliver Mendes

    This song could be the theme to an 80s cartoon.

    Kairu Otaku

    Or an 80s anime!

  15. nightwishpower

    the chorus is pure fantasy

  16. Sause HH

    Outstanding goood!!!!!!!

  17. Dan Day

    AlphaDestiny team stand up. Lets do 66 dips to this.

  18. RamsesQC Dsmart

    Thx, Alex!

  19. Nick of astora

    Dragon ball AF

    Kevin Macaulay

    @Gabriel Dias I don't '-'

    Gabriel Dias

    @Kevin Macaulay maybe it's our version of the song then, it sounds a lot like this in the brazilian version

    Kevin Macaulay

    @Gabriel Dias Não sei que versão você tá falando não.

    Gabriel Dias

    @Kevin Macaulay carai tu é br

    Gabriel Dias

    @Kevin Macaulay mas ah, a primeira opening me lembra mt isso

  20. Konstantine81

    This song just makes me happy

    Kairu Otaku

    Stratovarius' music always makes me happy.

  21. Diego Silveira

    perfeição 👏👏👏

  22. Xavier Rodes Tami

    This is amazing!!! Stratovarius is so talented :')

  23. Xavier Cxdfc

    A song about joining someones fantasy

    That is 4:20 mins long

    Love this piece regardless

    Tarquin Ogilvie

    Xavier Camp Are you implying that's short or long?

    Xavier Cxdfc

    Tarquin Ogilvie Neither
    I was making a reference to the 420 memes. When people usually partake in hallucinogenic drugs.

    Hallucinations... a song about joining a fantasy world...

    Tarquin Ogilvie

    Xavier Camp I should be executed for not getting that reference 😂

  24. Silveryus Rex

    llorar con esta cancion es sencillamente facil ;D simplemente el nombre, Fantasy

    Bastian Lindemann

    que sabias palabras

  25. ivan blok


    rrre loco el chavon para subir este video no

  26. Joe Average

    Possibly the best of the album. It's good to see this band so re-invigorated and still going strong after 25 years!

    Milan Kolarski

    Album is awesome but I can't agree that it's possibly their best one.


    @Milan Kolarski nemesis? I think its the worst album by them :DD it just doesnt sound good.

    Milan Kolarski

    @joo Yes, but I think it is ok.

  27. Erabu kun

    Best song of the album in my opinion :)

    Its kinda wierd to comeback after a year and write a comment ... whatever :P

  28. xXMetalxLoveXx

    i completely agree. before they did anything with him, i knew his genre of influence was old school rock and his style brought drastic change. stratovarius is amazing but now with the new drummer its ehhh...

  29. Freedomquest08

    I think a lot of the difference is the new drummer. Not to pick on him but I'm not impressed with his lack of playing into the music. I haven't heard the whole album yet, but for the most part so far the drum beat is exactly the same through every song- it's almost annoying. IMO Stratovarious is much more dynamic & we expect more from them than bands like AC/DC or Great White where every song has the same beat. This drummer doesn't seem to me like a good fit for them. Still a good band though.

    [Redacted] Nagy

    This is the most complex and varied drum performance on any Stratovarius album since Dreamspace. There's more going on in one of Rolf's song than an entire album of Jorg's playing, lol

  30. xXMetalxLoveXx

    well, like i dont think its more melodic, but its alot less neo classical and the solos really show that. I know they could have done alot better but the album just seems very average for stratovarius. Its okay your english is fine by the way.

  31. Arno Goessens

    Well i think it's more melodic than some of the albums they made before.
    And i would also be interested,ggonza, in what you think of it.
    (sorry for the bad English)

  32. xXMetalxLoveXx

    I Know you don't really reply to many comments but i really need to know what you think of this album. Ive been a stratovarius fan for a very long time like you but this album really disappointed me in terms of quality. Idk if its just me but the solos seem not good, the riffs sound metalcore-ish....idk it just really disappointed me coming from stratovarius, whats your view?