Strapping Young Lad - Zen Lyrics

Oh, did you think that I was kidding?
Oh, did you think that I was?
Oh, too late, too late
Aw, too late motherfucker!

Must remember to keep both feet on the ground
Everything in my life is turning round

Then... we're the only ones
We're gods, not demons

Zen... on the way I'm feeling
Zen... on the way we're feeling

On we go... we're waiting now...

Are you looking at me?!
Why do you keep looking at me?!
Am I not merciful?

Yes! we're the only ones
We're gods and demons

Zen... on the way I'm feeling
Zen... on the way we're feeling
Zen... on the way I'm feeling
Zen... on the way we're feeling

Connect now and emerge

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Strapping Young Lad Zen Comments
  1. Thomas Bishop

    If the Apocalypse had a soundtrack... this would be the main theme.


  2. Daniel H.

    One of the best metal bands of all time! ❤

  3. Ghost Ninja

    The Bridge troll era of Devon

  4. JamesHetfieldIsGod

    2019 anyone??

  5. Pedro Homsi

    Where everything has begun.

  6. Music Pills Horizons In Music

    What a great age

  7. nortin65537

    Really sh*tty image quality. Year 2006 is not an excuse.

  8. みくそりであん


  9. Satira Whispers

    This band deserves way better video quality. Century can stop being butthurt at Dev


    This is from 2006, before good image quality was invented :P


    @Everything. Nope. Pink Floyd - Pulse from 1994 have much better image quality than this.


    @nortin65537 It was a joke

  10. jar

    You’re music video gets in a great movie 10 yrs ago and it’s only got 300,000 views. That sucks.

  11. Osvaldo Tatarinsky

    I would like this band a lot if they included guitar solos. And it's really a shame cos Devin can shred.


    Far Beyond Metal, Wrong Side (of the head) have guitar solos. There are probably more but I can't remember right now.

  12. Justice Mayweather

    How is this video such low quality... I wanna watch this old school syl shit in 480p at least

    Fruitless Worship

    +Pete Lehner i always see shit like this, he's not critiquing strapping young lad, he's critiquing the quality of the video stream that was uploaded to youtube. there is no doubt that there is a better quality version of this, century media just decided to upload it in 240p for some unknown reason

    saber wolfe

    because it was uploaded in 2006 FFS! You can get quality versions of all SYL videos from the Chaos Years DVD. Buy it, DL it, whatever. There are solutions.

    William Montes

    uploaded in 2006, so the best quality stream available would have been 240p

    Fruitless Worship

    +William Montes Sometimes it's hard to remember that youtube basically started in 2006

    Mike Mo
    there ya go

  13. redhead

    Oh did you think that I was kidding????

  14. Jason Voorheese

    AOH, NAOH!

    *starts spinning

  15. Linus Hyper

    Fuck is this shit?

    Nino Falletta

    +Dr Ivo Robotnik SYL Zen....That's what!


    +Dr Ivo Robotnik good music

    saber wolfe

    +Dr Ivo Robotnik strapping young lad rocks my hairy anus

    Pete Lehner

    +saber wolfe the fuck. you dont shave your ass you nasty dingle berry son of a bitch

    papa squat

    +Pete Lehner that's a bit that plays after the city record ends

  16. peter muzika

    ..on the way I´m feeling...on the way I´m feeling...

  17. AbsurdReality

    those drums though...


    They call him "The Atomic Clock" for a reason

  18. MetalSkinz

    Strapping is one of the best metal bands of all time! This album and this song prove it! There will never be a sound this colossal and beautiful again. One of my top 5 metal albums of all time easily!

    saber wolfe

    +J MetalSkinz Alien is fukn bonkers. so is City. SYL \m/

    Darren Madden

    J MetalSkinz you nailed it with that comment bro... there will never be another syl NEVER!!!!!


    Darren Madden Fuck yeah dude!\m/ Still haven't changed that stance in 2017! There's so much great music out there but not many that hit me in the feels like SYL does.

    Kelly Kelso

    I miss the live shows so fuckin fun!

    Jerry Drouin Jr.

    Reunion tour is a must

  19. metaleer1979x

    The song that makes cranky babies happy! I will never forget when a movie
    (I forgot the name of it) had a scene where a baby was pacified by this song hehe.


    Shoot 'em up.


    I crapped my pants when I saw that

    Allister Graham

    Rob lol me too

    Joshua Berthelot

    Hahaha oh yea i forgot about that movie haha

  20. KaMui1987

    that refrain!

  21. Hessel M

    I hvae to admit that i hate his Voice,but Music is actually not that bad.


    He's probably the greatest singer ever, but each to their own I guess

    Mason Prisco

    He has an amazing range and awesome clean vocals, NONE of it sounds whiny like todays bullshit.

    Rick Howrey

    Obviously you were dropped on your head as a baby. SMFH

    Panzer Soldat 115

    Devins Voice is the best part

  22. Arctic Avenger

    Devin looks like a Human-Predator hybrid

  23. booger4203

    240p? really ...........................

    Adam Smith

    i know, heartbreaking

    DJ Jaylex

    It's from 2006. Youtube was hardly a thing back then. Dont know what quality you could even upload videos in.

  24. MrScum76

    If that's not pure fuckin' real metal, then I'm no longer a metalhead. Fuckoff. I prefer Devin.

    Depresso Espresso

    MrScum76 Devincore ladies and gentlemen.

  25. cooliovasquez


  26. Matt Lemoine

    41 lame-ass politicians watched this.


    aaaaah, so relaxing

  28. FayeFergy

    And on top of all the goofiness and TomNerdery, Devin's stuff with Strapping Young Lad absolutely kills more or less anything else out there. Sumblimely silly, if you will ;)

  29. FayeFergy

    Never a truer word spoken!

  30. FayeFergy

    I came...

  31. Dhieen

    In all of the Devin Townsend stuff, i prefer SYL by far

  32. Help

    The good ole days with gene hoglan

  33. edibleautopsy213

    You're absolutely right dude! Great lyrics sure, but silly as fuck! Look at Devin for Christ sake; his skullet, his singing style for SYL... it's all a huge metal parody. None of it is serious, maybe a little bit, but mostly not serious at all. Some people look way into things and think that everything has to have a hundred different meanings. Fuck off and let the metal speak for itself \m/

  34. metalmiketh

    Like if you saw "Shoot 'Em Up" and instantly recognised the song!

  35. ganondorfchampin

    In other words, no, I have not.

  36. ganondorfchampin

    I read an interview with Chuck, and he said his lyrics were just horror gore stuff, not stuff to be taken seriously, at least for his old stuff.

  37. SacredBurn0ut

    You haven't read much of Death's lyrics have you?

  38. ganondorfchampin

    Slayer, Death, and Cannibal Corpse. If you take the lyrics of any of those bands seriously you have a problem.

  39. John Kurtz

    I'm sorry but that's not entirely true. I know this comment it 6 months old. But come on. Listen to most metal bands and the lyrics are so goofy and/or stupid that you can't take what they say seriously. I'll give you a good example. Most people consider manowar to be true metal, and they have the most stupid and goofy lyrics ever!!! Metal is both serious and goofy. If you take everything so seriously it makes it boring. Most metal heads will tell you that.

  40. Che Guevara Wein-Pax

    ur a fuckin goofy ass kid...learn what talent is then come back and try to hate, devin townsend has more talent than everyone on this page combined...FACT

  41. meshugeah

    damn i was thinking it is a diesel engine running nearby

  42. orspearo666

    i think the same 40 people are disliking all of devin townsends stuff.

  43. Parnyba

    Damn. How many times am I gonna favorite this before I remembered I already favorited it.

  44. Mike Nagy

    Holy fuck

  45. Was-lee

    Due hard researsch it found the censored word was motherfucker.
    By the way through your face mantrum-band com

  46. Sekiath

    If you think that's what it takes to be a "real metalhead", you should probably develop a sense of humor.

  47. Sekiath

    Quit trying so hard, bud.

  48. FierceDeity33

    wow... just wow :D
    you just made my day ;) i'll stop reacting to you now. have a nice weekend.

  49. FierceDeity33

    i'm definitely not your kind of metalhead. i'm tolerant and not elitist..

    if that's what makes you a metalhead then have at it, but i don't need that in my life. music's too important to me to be filled with negative people like you..

  50. FierceDeity33

    have you EVER listened to/read the lyrics to any "real" metal song? how on EARTH can you take any of that seriously?
    don't get me wrong, i LOVE metal to DEATH but being serious about it is totally stupid IMHO.

    thank you very much.

  51. Fernde09

    Gene wears fancy shoes when he drums

  52. kiwibikerboy

    He should've kept the skullet !! Everyone needs a trademark and how many dudes have the balls to give it a go?! Devon is the man

  53. Assaulted Peanut

    strapping young lad make speed look so piss easy! Dev is even wearing sunglasses

  54. zieglurski

    he looks like a predator with those sunglasses

  55. NinjaMoose234

    @Sekiath That isn't an opinion, it's a fact.

  56. Cynn's old channel

    @Destructerator I took a shit earlier that is heavier than any dubstep.

    Oh wait, dubstep is nothing but autotuned farts. Nevermind.

  57. Destructerator

    @berserker213 you mean around 1:10? still heavier than anything dubstep has ever done

  58. Destructerator

    "I may be a nerd, but I'm no pussy!"

  59. Abysmal Oppressor

    @squidbeefedit YES haha love the moment when this song comes on and the kid stops crying, \m/

  60. MichiruMichiMi

    This wouldnt be real metal if it wasn't in 240p

  61. xXEPICSXx92x

    Best fucking bands of the 90s Strapping young lad, Pantera, Mr bungle, Faith no more, Primus.

  62. Divayth

    This is not a song, this is a f*** drug

  63. Timothée Guilbart

    @DESTROYER68483 mmh i think you 2

  64. Andy Smith

    @Sekiath even more metal than Toni Iommi?

  65. Oli4drums

    240p. Cutting edge in video quality...

  66. macadoolahicky

    @Sekiath Opinion is worthless. What you just said, my friend, is a fact

  67. captaincompost123

    @qwertyuiopRANDOM HAHAHA YES!

  68. brokendeath18

    Brings back old memories, i used to listen to this band when i was 15 years old, now i'm almost 20 and i still love this song

  69. DESTROYER68483

    this band sucks

  70. Max C


  71. Max C

    @losermonster ...fuck it, I think I'll just burn a giant SYL emblem into my back. Like a real man.

  72. Max C

    I wanna get the SYL emblem tattooed on my back. So bad.

  73. MoonPisces029

    devin is kinda hot......mmmm

  74. Kurt0000007

    0:43 soo gay..

  75. Mati W

    20 people are not ZEN. THESE PEOPLE HAVE TO VISIT YOGA CLASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Ron R

    They GODS, and DEMONS!

  77. haloman720

    Century media. You should start posting videos with higher video and sound quality. It would be greatly appreciated by MANY MANY people.

  78. DJxOCEANx

    Did you think that I was kidding?!

  79. FishBulb

    2:15. Quitting my job to watch this full-time.

  80. Jarek30001

    2:00 is surely one of the most badass music video moments of all time.

  81. ZebIsSporadic

    My name is very almost Zen.

  82. Wild Open


  83. cooliovasquez

    both of the top comments are gay. i am disappoint

  84. Knight of Mirrors

    Ironic how the comment under the decrees, simply breaks them...

  85. Aren Dobbs

    And he does it with boots... bloody boots....

  86. weevilboy

    devin is a superhero

  87. Lovecraft's cat name1

    @Finaliity by ziltoid the omniscient

  88. AriasRequiem

    Little known fact.That is not double bass drums but is actually Gene's stomach rumbling.

  89. TheLord Fenris

    @vavra222 sounds like you've got the same problem. idiot...

  90. jp0005jp


  91. mecca6801

    @FlamingMuffinz and dont forget that thou shall be rewarded smite and bitch smacks for violating the rules!

  92. silirat

    SYL for the win.

    FlamingMuffinz for the lose. Posting the Decrees without commenting on the video violates Decree IV.

  93. vavra222

    @Sekiath He is, about 2 years before, i thought that Shagrath from Dimmu Borgir was pretty awesome, but now.... he looks like pussy, chasing money and making shitty music, Dimmu will never be the same, sadly. But this band cheers me up everytime! :D They are still awesome even after those years, unlike many other bands.

  94. vavra222

    @HotRodSixString Even that they are not so famous, they are still one of the best bands in metal world. Devin is fucking genius, partialy madman, but you know that these two are very similair.

  95. vavra222

    @TheLordFenris Another little kid making stupid comments about dislikes, how original and clever.

  96. vavra222

    @Finaliity Stop this shit already! It´s almost everywhere now!

  97. Sekiath

    I just want to say that Devin Townsend is, in my opinion, the most metal man on the planet.

  98. Mitchell Moshtank

    When A Job Needs Doing and the Throne Is Empty... It's Time To Call In Hoglan!