Stranglers, The - Still Life Lyrics

While standing naked at the window watching the night
The thunder crashing all the lightening and the rain
I wondered if I could or even if I should
Attempt to see you or be with you ever again

Your smile is painted on a thousand faces

Still lying in my mouth still blowing through my hair
My legs are strong but they won't carry me away
Keep hiding sheets of lead what's that the things you said
While eyes are heavy they won't promise me to sleep

Your smile is painted on a thousand places
What of me now as I fade still life goes by

Cold sweat you haunt my skin
Your fingers echoing your name is written here in blood of life of sin?
Still burning on my bed your light goes out I'm dead
Who says the heads the law has nothing left to break

Your smile is painted on a thousand dreams I can't forget

What of me now as I fade still life goes by
What of me now here I stay and still life goes by

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Stranglers, The Still Life Comments
  1. varoennauraa

    Paul Roberts is the best thing, that happened to Stranglers.

    Ken Hughes

    Sure he was...... :D He's not a bad singer though.

    Joe Doyle

    Roberts saved The Stranglers, as did Ellis. They were there for 16 and 10 years, or When we were grown up enough to enjoy a damn good band. Stranglers to a ManinblacK. Hallow x

  2. Paul Dillon

    This song just gets better and better every time you listen to it.

  3. Tam Hickey

    An amazing piece of music, It builds and builds. Exceptional.

  4. Mika-Erik Söderman

    Fucking awesome...


    great song