Stranglers, The - Joy De Viva Lyrics

She wiped the smile right off my face
And hid it away in a secret place
The night was dark and the ground was cold
I slipped myself into a pool
I saw the trees but not the wood
And floated in an icey flood
As cold began to freeze my heart
I heared a voice come through the dark
Bring up the coals
Light up the fire
Joy de viva
Joy de viva
Smile your shining smile on me

If you see her
Say I need her
Joy de viva
Joy de viva

Now sunburned men tell tales of me
Of how I sail the ocean deep
Upon the brow I shade my face
Searching for that sate of grace
Every night the moon appears
She shows me that I need not fear
The crashing rocks and siren wind
And I will find her in the end
Then I will run
Into her fire

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