Stranglers, The - Here Lyrics

Of silence in pieces here
Voices all disappear
Sacred inside
Doubled our silhouettes
One shape I can't forget
Tears the inside

Here could be sad if empty hands
Were what my head was resting in
Consider them protecting

Footsteps in paradise
Really moving through me now

It's cold lay your hands on me
Don't look into my eyes
I'm burning out the time

Here wrapped in all these chains
Only scent remains
Scares me inside

Feels like I'm sinking fast
Some moments never last
Keep it inside

It's just too bad that empty hands
Are what my head is resting in
I'm rendered unprotected

Fool steps in paradise
Really moving through me now

It's cold don't take your hand from me
They look into my eyes
I'm burning out the time

Footsteps in paradise
Fool steps

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Stranglers, The Here Comments
  1. blanca roca

    Paul made a lot of great songs with Stranglers like this one and many many more. It’s annoying we can’t get joy de viva anymore on YouTube I’ve got the cd somewhere guess I’ll have to dig it out. That’s one of greatest ever songs. Hugh should do a cover version , it may suit his voice well he can probably sing anything.

    blanca roca

    Ps in case any punk fans haven’t seen it .. search Stranglers Blondie Sex Pistols and get the concert in holland fantastic especially JJ karate through a wall ..

  2. Jeffrey Molnar

    sinister Paul About Time album is as good as any they ever made IM0

  3. bingoace

    @Tom Green. I totally agree. I loved this era. Paul has a fantastic voice and he brought a new contemporary sound to the band. Shame a lot of people were negative towards him. He had fresh ambition for the band where Hugh completely lost interest. He may not have Hugh's voice but he has a great voice x

  4. Анатолий Тепляков

    Великие музыканты!

  5. sunsetoneuk09

    This is a superb track. Thanks for posting.

  6. Tom Ato

    One of Paul's finest moments with the band. His voice is brilliant, it did not lend itself well to the original Stranglers material, but all of the new albums with him were a fantastic era for the band.