Stranglers, The - Face Lyrics

Woke up on a Sunday cloud
Never noticed all the rain
Felt the sun behind the shades
Wanted you to take my blood but
Sunk into an empty place
Pulse was gunning through my brain
Felt you underneath my skin
Wanted to bind my hands
But you walk by with all I had
And I lie where it all began

You're all that's gonna save me now (x 3)
Broke up under summer's haze
My pieces falling everywhere
Felt your sun upon my frame
So strong I couldn't stand the pain
Thought about a Wednesday child
Felt the bullet in my back
Dreamt my hands around your face
Wanted you to waste my life
But you walk by where I still stand
And so I cry 'cause I'm a man

And the face I want to see
Is the face I want to be

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Stranglers, The Face Comments
  1. Tam Hickey

    I always loved this song and thought the album was very under rated Grant.

  2. cavy999rescue

    Superb song, super album, astonishing group

  3. lanslater

    there eems bugger-all else here from that Album "About Time"

  4. cavy999rescue

    Brilliant, thanks. Try the superb album "Written In Red" 98%, or, "The Masters" 95%, for a taster of 'mk2' Stranglers. Can't wait 2 add more 2 my collection. SMR

  5. Rockula Bacchus

    Electric violin by Nigel Kennedy and both he and they will be performing at this years BBC Proms. I wonder if there could be a reunion.