Stranglers, The - Blue Sky Lyrics

Goodbye blue sky, goodbye blue sky
Did you ever think you had it made
It's a big wide world
Think of all the games left to play
You wrote the letter
I saw your fingers bleed
And your brown eyes glaze
Such a beautiful waste

Goodbye blue sky, what will it be, wash over me
Goodbye blue sky, wash over me
What will it be, wash over me
Wash over me

Whatever happens to the time we give
Never took a life
Never stole a kiss
Sitting here
Staring out, it's a twisting world
Someone's cracked the glass and
Turned it upside down

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Stranglers, The Blue Sky Comments
  1. Tonyflamingo

    It's a beautiful new day

  2. Tonyflamingo

    Hey hey hey

  3. Oasis Gaming

    Bob Ross: How about we make a band
    *Creates Cloning Machine Real Quick*

  4. Monokurama

    Remember guys this is the illegal loli fbi meme song

  5. Johnnie Robinson

    1st comment of 2020

  6. Music Lover

    2020!!!! Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO! Please Tour in 2020!

  7. 4lex61 4lex61

    ...ну теперь уже русские понимают что это туфтовая музыка под уклоном...

  8. ray super5

    So yea the 2019 was nice

  9. Jobe

    2020 anyone!???

  10. fernando moreno


  11. Bluenose

    Here this song every home game at Birmingham City Football Club ........ KRO SOTV ......

  12. 『 Phagalizer 』

    Ending the decade with this song! Happy New Year's Eve everyone!!

  13. Sadman Kabir

    Mr.Blue sky mr bluuuuee skyyyyy

  14. Sadman Kabir


  15. Jeff Lynne's ELO 2020 Tour

    Best way to start the new year...You play Jeff’s Lynne’s Electric Light Orchestra Last Train To London just before midnight then for the New Year you play All OverThe World followed by Mr. Blue Sky...All Songs by Jeff Lynne‘s Electric Light Orchestra.

  16. Seán Donovan

    If only 2019 music was this good

  17. Tower MacMaolain

    Is that the late great Mike Edwards running by with his cello at 4:53 ?

  18. frezzer storm

    Pankeke :v

  19. Robert E. Lee Prewitt

    Was ist das nur für ein Scheißland in dem Videos gesperrt sind? Nicht dieses aber "Dont bring me down" dort kann ich aber nicht kommentieren.

  20. Edison Ferraz Ferraz

    I like ELO since I was a young boy. They're awesome!

  21. Chrole

    M E G A M I N D

  22. 林修一


  23. Andreas Megantara S.

    This song makes me move all the time! 😸😸

  24. Tito_uvu MillerMNC

    29 de diciembre del 2019, sigue siendo chida

  25. Димон Г

    Варламов ?

  26. polar 6906


  27. moggy5973

    This is for you , Rob.

  28. Ironwarrer

    When you realized that Thor is not an Avenger anymore but a Guardian....

  29. lil splash


  30. lil splash


  31. lil splash


  32. EnglandTiliDie

    This song reminds me of innocent, peaceful, beautiful, feel good, hazy, hot, care free summer days as a kid in the 70's, and of course Guardians of the Galaxy 2.

  33. Obyčejný člověk

    Варламов,до того как стал известен

  34. Tony Pearce

    First time I've seen Jeff with no sunglasses !!!

  35. Douglas Lewis


  36. Karl Wesaufski

    Every time I hear this song I have to think of the Chinese wall because I was there when I first listened to it.

  37. Asesoria Matematica Jade

    Mr Dank Sky Meme Mashup

  38. Cyle Enos


  39. Shubham Pandey

    this is the greatest song of al time. period.

  40. Kieran

    2020 yall here

  41. Тим Наличкин

    279 тысяч лайков!!!!!! 😁😁🇷🇺🤠😁🙂🥴🇷🇺😎🇷🇺

  42. Valentin Caffareta

    Un kpo el tipo

  43. CStarrk 666

    Que buenas musicas like si lo escuchas en estas épocas

  44. Glue Army

    i found it yeeeey

  45. streetz 16

    Bob ross: ima about to pull of whats called a pro gamer move

  46. maria georgieva

    This song is sooo Bob Ross style even the singer looks like Bob Ross

    Edit: lol I just realized there are at least five more comments like mine

  47. A Place :p

    Bob Ross’s Cousins Took The Band Industry instead of making paintings i guess :/

  48. Joanna Gwizdała


  49. Atanu Deka

    Guardian of Galaxy 🙄🙄🙄

    Jeremiah Owens

    Yeah and.....?

    Atanu Deka

    @Jeremiah Owens And you are awesome..😁

    Jeremiah Owens

    @Atanu Deka k

    Bacon Studio

    i watched the movie a lot of time ago and it was amazing

  50. Fais Faizal

    Someone who keep up with their weeb meme knows this song

  51. JayzeySZN


    Small YouTuber trying to Grow.

  52. CodyThaLegend

    Depression: *exists*
    Bob Ross niggas:
    *I'm about to end this man's whole career*

  53. Breakfast Mc.muffins

    this song cures my sadness

  54. Magl


  55. Toady en cai Erik paul


    Lukas Mertens

    Ik begrijp je man bro

  56. Toady en cai Erik paul


  57. Zeke Edwards

    Whenever this man picks up a paintbrush or a guitar,......magic happens #bobrossband

  58. Meir Harush

    This song are really tuoch in my life


    Plot twist:all of the members in the band are bob ross twins

  60. Carl Jones

    Possibly the most feel good song of all time!! Who's with me??

  61. Lord Gaben

    is it me or they all look like bob ross?

    Trustin Club

    They are bon ross

  62. Good Youtuber 56

    What's that instrument called at 1:04 ? (the one that sounds like hitting a trash can with a spoon)

  63. Madeleine Jordan

    I said to one of my friends that this is a good song and they replied “what, this old song?!” I just said “HELL YEAH!!”

  64. Music Lover

    Congrats Jeff Lynne's ELECTRIC LIGHT ORCHESTRA (ELO)...The Album "OUT OF NOWHERE" is ranked among the top 40 Albums in the world for the year of 2019 (Per Classic Rock Magazine). Long live Jeff Lynne's ELO please tour in 2020. Amazing Jeff is now 72 and still Rocking!

  65. おはよう

    I'mJapanese I love this music‼️

  66. RJGow25 VR

    The Bob Ross gang

  67. Kumbe Estrada vazquez

    I love music

  68. Music Lover

    When you have seen the greatest bands in concert, you realize in 2019 that Jeff Lynne's ELO is really on top... for their sound, vocals and musicians. Please tour in 2020.

  69. Мартын Гиря

    И кстати, с серебряным голосом.

  70. Мартын Гиря

    Один из лучших мелодистов в мире.

  71. Todd Todd

    The Invention Of Lying Anyone?

  72. Bruce Kimball

    Anyone here from the movie the Game Plan? Great song

  73. Michel Provencher

    Wow Jeff without sunglasses! Very rare.

  74. Rip Van Winkle

    0:41 when you hear FBI next to your house

  75. Sxm

    Is this copyright on insta

  76. Xeadriel

    had a bad mood. my best friend sent me this one.

  77. Grizzie.heine

    so fui conhecer essa banda esse ano, e caralho é muito boa!!

  78. mks gg

    Depression: exists
    Bob Ross: jeje
    Depression: ah shit here we go again

  79. Katy Fern

    2019? :0


    No sunglasses

  81. Dan L

    Martha Dumptruck in the flesh...

  82. Black Phoenix

    I listen to this every time there's a nice, sunny day (a rarity in Chicago).

  83. Eran Ger

    the beginning sound like rap god :o

  84. The WTF TV

    4.11 this extrait is beatiful

  85. Joseph Stalin

    Depression: * exist *
    Bob ross band: *the council will decide your faith*

  86. JoelitoStriker 888

    Mostly people knows this song from Mall Cop,Megamind,Cursed Images,Guardians of the Galaxy but i know this song from Tf2 Moments With Heavy Bowling episode
    Rip kitty i thank him for bringing me here this awesome song

  87. Alonso Fernández Pérez

    FBI OPEN UP!!!!

  88. Don Kiddick

    The hairdressers did well in the perm dept that week... !

  89. sarita tambayong

    Most of today's people:
    Guardians of the Galaxy.
    My ten y/o:
    Cursed image meme vid

  90. Cathy Sacher

    Jeff Lynne is so gorgeous.

  91. Some Dude

    Hear like rap’ but listen to people tunes family ah

  92. Carlos Arias

    Woohoo Bob Ross band!!!

  93. Krompir

    Sun is shinin' in the sky
    There ain't a cloud in sight
    It's stopped rainin' everybody's in a play
    And don't you know
    It's a beautiful new day, hey hey
    Runnin' down the avenue
    See how the sun shines brightly in the city
    On the streets where once was pity
    Mister blue sky is living here today, hey hey
    Mister blue sky please tell us why
    You had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?
    Mister blue sky please tell us why
    You had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?
    Hey you with the pretty face
    Welcome to the human race
    A celebration, mister blue sky's up there waitin'
    And today is the day we've waited for
    Oh mister blue sky please tell us why
    You had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?
    Hey there mister blue
    We're so pleased to be with you
    Look around see what you do
    Everybody smiles at you
    Hey there mister blue
    We're so pleased to be with you
    Look around see what you do
    Everybody smiles at you
    Mister blue sky, mister blue sky
    Mister blue sky
    Mister blue, you did it right
    But soon comes mister night creepin' over
    Now his hand is on your shoulder
    Never mind I'll remember you this
    I'll remember you this way
    Mister blue sky please tell us why
    You had to hide away for so long (so long)
    Where did we go wrong?
    Hey there mister blue
    We're so pleased to be with you
    Look around see what you do
    Everybody smiles at you
    Mister blue sky

  94. Joshua Walker

    Everyone’s talking about this just being a band full of Bob Rosses. My question is, where are Jeff’s sunglasses?

  95. Martin Scully

    K R O Bluenose

  96. Vyxz

    I listen every day to this so i stop liking it

    *i fail everytime*