Strait, George - Stars On The Water Lyrics

Down in Louisiana bayous by and by
A peirot pole or your natural soul
Keeps you tied to a tree high tide
Beer joint lights come on
And then crowd starts rollin' in
Pretty soon you got stars on the water
You got stars on the water
You got stars on the water
When it rains

Beaumont to Biloxi sea breeze at your door
Gypsy rains dang hurricanes
White silver sandy shores
Blue light lounge is shinin'
Why out on the pier
Makes it look just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
When it rains

When it's midnight down in Mobile
Shining moon beams on the bay
They come from miles around
To dance the jukebox down
Th hear the good time sounds they play
And all across the harbor night life shinin' on
Makes you feel just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
Just like stars on the water
When it rains

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Strait, George Stars On The Water Comments
  1. greg music

    yea from the astro dome

  2. DJ Highlights

    Awsome cover of Rodney Crowel's version

  3. greg music

    Tims ford lake yea tn

  4. greg music

    YEA FISHING with my boys and wife

  5. Ethan Weeter

    Autotune on this song. “Beer joint lights come on.” “Stars on the water” you can hear it as well. “Moonlight lounge is shining.”

  6. jerry munro

    well i live in Biloxi, ms. and this song is great sung by one of the greatest, you go george.

  7. Will Frey

    That's how Rodney Crowell intended it to sound. <3 Excellent, George.

  8. Awful Lawton

    His live version of this song is even better. Dont understand why he used the vocal effects.

  9. Happiness


  10. S. Belton

    Love this song!

  11. Doug DuRocher

    Written by Jimmy Buffett.

  12. Mr GatesDog

    So sad with the Auto tune it wrecks it :(

  13. Stephen Yardley

    Now that's a sing a long song !!!

  14. Sharon Hunter

    Great video! Awesome song!

  15. Bassmaster86

    Just saw him at Gillette Stadium, he opened with this

    Tanner Benoit

    Bassmaster86 I was there too! He killed it!

  16. Rafe Walker

    Awesome taste in music Half pint!

  17. Marryann Lamb

    Thanks for sharing have a great week end.

  18. Brush Popper

    King George....

  19. Yeah you're right Here's my stupid opinion:

    Surprised Jimmy did it better

  20. Rafe Walker

    Half pint

    You got some good taste!

  21. Ricco Saenz

    2019 anyone?

  22. Brad P

    Autotune really kills it for me. Listen to the original by Rodney Crowell

  23. upload boardo

    I like this better than the Jimmy Buffet, somebody older than them wrote it's a older one. This the best version.

  24. Tommy Yazzie

    F..kin great song!

  25. Travis Taylor

    A realllly good song, but I wish he'd had left the autotune to the hiphop crowd...

  26. M SnEvEtS

    Hardly listen to country but this one of my favorites

  27. Jesse Big Plume

    Miss my ex n this song eases the pain cuz I can think of her dancing

  28. David Whitmire

    The one original king of autotune.

  29. John Osborne

    We danced to this last night at a Christmas party played by a Texas swing band! Dam good time!

  30. Jaded Star

    George does it better


    my honey LOVES this song !! ♡♡

  32. Blind Luck

    You said hear his aversion by Rodney Crowell

  33. battsetter batt setter

    Amanda Castellano you are the light of my life i love you baby

  34. Anthony Jolly

    Need some Miss self proclaimed BAD A**YES! another Texas Native.Tanya Tucker Songs like Hangin In,Don't Go Out,and It's A Little Too Late.❤That name was on on her Tennessee License Plate in the mid 90's.🤠👍

  35. Anthony Jolly

    You still have your channel? I seen comments from 4-years ago.I just had to see by commenting on one the Greatest Singer Ever In Music History.🤠👍

  36. Anthony Jolly

    Way past due,time to name an Elementary School,or Jr.High School after George Strait in his hometown of Pearland,Texas.Now as a native Texan I will sign the petition.🤠🤠👍👍

    pencil whip

    He was raised in Pearsall, Texas. Maybe you meant that instead of Pearland?

    Anthony Jolly

    @pencil whip Yeah! I knew it was in the south near Houston,and it began with a letter P. I stand corrected Thank You,still name a school after him in that city,and name the Gymnasium after Dean! that dude can write some country music songs!❤👏👏👍

    100% Texan

    Anthony Jolly Pearsall is not even close to Houston it’s closer to San Antonio birthplace of the cattle drives. George Strait is a real cowboy from south Texas.

    Anthony Jolly

    100% Texan O.K.Thanks for the info,I think he competed in cattle ropeing, just like Reba McIntire does barrel raceing.Do you know the population of Pearsall,Tx? He is retired right? I got in too country music late summer 1989.I know a little about it.My Favorites are ❤Kay Oslin,❤Tanya Tucker (a Texan) ❤Trisha Yearwood,and another Texan Barbra Mandrell❤Thank You Sir from Texas🤠

    Tommy Truth

    Pearland is hot his home town.

  37. Don Ruryk

    I remember when I was little my momma would be getting ready to go to work and I would be laying in bed dressed and waiting for her to take me t of school. I was born jan.3 1972
    This song would be on the clock radio playing. . I miss her .. and love this song .

  38. Infinity On High-Functioning Sociopath

    I always thought he used the autotune to make his voice sound like a reflection on the water (if that makes any sense). I think it fits quite well actually but that's just my opinion.

  39. Desirae Reece

    This is my favorite country song by george straight and this song is my absolute favorite .if I randomly meet a country boy or men if that play this song you'll audiomadicaully have my key to my heart . And someone to treat me right

  40. bluewolf JOHNSON'S

    Guys you should see Herbie stutes he has a kid with he sings putty good

  41. David Ian Vaughan

    I may be wrong but autotune isn't the same as using a vocoder like in this song

  42. Robert Whitney

    Too bad this wasn't live......good song

  43. sleetskate

    its almost like you can hear the autotune!

  44. Morales Jim

    The Man

  45. Devin Francisco

    Haha why don't they play this at Stateline

  46. Caleb Collier

    Can we say, autooooo tune? Damn George Strait sounding like T Pain.

  47. Coyle Dewalt

    God bless Texas

  48. stan sosie

    Goodmorning..Lake Charles, La.Stars on da water,awesome 👍♪♪♪♪♪♪♪😎

  49. Paula Forester

    I'll meet you anywhere.

  50. Tina Morgan

    George always makes me love him more every time I hear voice. Hes so country. Not a wanna be but plain darn country. My favorite of all.

    Tommy Truth

    For sure, he was a rodeo team roper before hitting it big. And he has a degree in agriculture.

  51. Stormy Davis

    My all time favorite from, King George

  52. Bill Hudgens

    Please put at an Album without Auto-Tune. :) We loved your natural human voice... I will buy it!

  53. Bobble Head

    I remember every morning when my mother drove me to daycare she would let me DJ by choosing which CDs to play and I would always play this song :)

  54. Tony Eastman


  55. Jo Arring

    King George 🤠

  56. VirusHVEVO

    Not bad not bad at all. :]

  57. Sylvia Payton

    So true.

  58. Sylvia Payton

    Happy New Year, Sir.

  59. Sylvia Payton

    Praise God.

  60. Sylvia Payton

    Amen. Merry Christmas, remain blessed.

  61. MatulaVision

    It's autotune for sure but I still love him. This was the road less traveled album in 2001 when it was not considered a crutch to use it. He definitely didn't need it though. It was a cool effect for the song though.

  62. Wishin I'mFishin

    What a shame with that autotune, this would be such an amazing song without it... are there any versions free of it??

  63. Sylvia Payton

    Thank you.

  64. stephen bernsen

    Would you like to dance?

  65. Carolyn swaim

    Anyone want to shag;  . This is a good one to learn . not too fast but great timing. Get up out of your recliner and a little jazzy  little

  66. Mike Ashley

    Odale to this day I been jammin this...still in 2017 this song brings out alot of childhood memories...I love this song one of my favorites

  67. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning Sir. Be blessed today, Amen.

  68. Sylvia Payton

    Good morning, Sir. May God bless Texas, Amen.

  69. Ayva Schmeckel

    Majesty king of Texas Majesty king and country but the king of Texas for helping people and hurricane Harvey

  70. Sylvia Payton

    It is crystal clear to me and everyone else who watched the November 6th 2013 event of the year knows why the Texan, King George Harvey Strait won the Entertainer of The Year. I watched the televised episode on my personal television set as I was pondering about the meaning of life and praying for God's forgiveness for people who were not kind to me, my family, and friends. It's been more than thirty years and his music makes me happy still. Praise God.

  71. David Alexandert

    you just cant beat a song written by Rodney Crowell and being sang by George Strait

    i love Jesus

    Written by Guy Clark

  72. sundoghrs


  73. T Casualties

    Quit trying to be cool, George. You're already the best. I forgive you... just don't do it again.

  74. Doris Stovall

    He very good

  75. Doris Stovall

    Love his songs

  76. shane vaughan

    King George

  77. Marty Hall

    Forgive me Father for fearing no moon. Dori said if I liked sleep We could have it. We only want your best.

  78. Marty Hall

    Thank You for loving Your Family so Well. We would never have it any other way.

  79. Andy Norvell

    Sorry George this song belongs to Rodney

    Andy Norvell

    Brittany B thats kool bcuz I love George Strait also

    countrygirl country musiclover


    Bo Howard

    Rodney is a good singer

    Jaded Star

    George does it better

  80. Karen Watts

    Love it!!

  81. V Diddy

    georgie i cant swim!!! send me a catfissshhh!

  82. Rob Spitz

    All Hail King George!!

  83. wyattluster

    i dont know why everyone thinks this is autotune , if you listen to him in concert its the exact same, he is just a great natural singer.


    Why are you so angry? Take a valium. Or grow up.

    Favian Vasquez

    Definitely real NOT Memorex!!Saw him on Tulsa in Strait Down Route 66.....AMAZING!! No bullshit just "Strait" music🤘👍👍👍🤙


    if you cant hear it in any of these examples i dont know what to say

    0:54 (audible throught the whole chorous)
    1:35 (whole chorous)
    2:47 (whole chorous)

    Jaded Star

    wyattluster Who cares?? It sounds pretty cool


    @Chandler Reed Barton This song doesn't go heavy on auto-tune

  84. Magic Hour Marfa

    lizzy here. who let king george get auto tuned?!

  85. jim turley

    a great tune by a great guy

  86. Karen Silva

    love this song!!


    to Karen Silva ,
    yes brilliant. Have you listened to Rodney Crowell doing this fab song ?
    He wrote it !!
    Best Wishes :)


    @Mystic Muse ALL my comment ... I stated that he
    WROTE IT !!!!!

    Jaded Star

    I love Straits version

    Jaded Star

    breffnipark duhhhh, but I like Straits version better

  87. Comedy Bros

    Autotune, George? AUTOTUNE?!

    Jason Heavner

    I know I tell me about it, which is why this song didn't exactly race up the country charts. But it's a great song and it's King George.


    How do you know it's autotuned

  88. David Newton

    Non-autotuned version. Wayyy gooder

  89. Charlie Brand

    great driving song just love it

    Paul Hill

    Okay out on the limb by Teena Marie music

    Paul Hill

    Out on the limb music by Tina Marie

  90. mholdr

    LOL at the autotune !!!!

  91. Guggin Bugginz

    play this at mi funeral!!!!

    Norman Williams

    Clardina Crook dmf

    Norman Williams

    Clardina Crook

    Norman Williams

    Clardina Crook fnnfrn

    Norman Williams

    0 ircy fj

    Norman Williams

    Clardina Crook gngnfngnnfnfngngnfngngnngnn

  92. BuniLynn Thomas

    My husband and I lived on Key Allegro, just a few canals down from one of Georges house...I know where he got the song!!!

    Gary Tomkinson

    It's a Rodney Crowell song...he wrote it.

    hunter cochran

    BuniLynn Thomas I live right next to him in Key Allegro!

    Jaded Star

    He got it from Rodney Crowell

  93. Monica Dominguez

    I love it so much

  94. younggunz

    nice video ... love King George :)

    countrygirl country musiclover

    younggunz847 AUDIO dumb shit. Not VIDEO

  95. Cathie Lavarnway


  96. TheNeemaV

    I like autotune when done right. And it's a relatively new technique so we're still trying to figure out what works and what doesn't. Hearing it try to Squeeze George's great voice into it's digital mold is not pleasant though. I'm glad this was just a one off for George. I'm not glad that the country auto-tune trend seems to be on the rise.

    Tony Beacock

    @TheNeemaV Very True, I agree!


    @TheNeemaV Bring back vinyl records and vacuum tubes. Best sound.