Strait, George - Cowboys Like Us Lyrics

I take off time to time
With those crazy friends of mine
Head out on steel horses
With wheels and we ride

We burn up that road to old Mexico
Blend in with the desert
Just we amigos
And we roll

Cowboys like us sure do have fun
Racin' the wind, chasin' the sun
Take the long way around back to square one
Today we're just outlaws out on the run
There'll be no regrets, no worries and such
For cowboys like us

We talk about livin', babies, and women
All that we've lost and all we've been givin'
We sing about true love, lie about things we ain't done
Drink one more cold one, come mornin' get up
And we roll

[Chorus 2x]

Cowboys like us

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Strait, George Cowboys Like Us Comments
  1. Cassandra Mills

    Reminds me of riding at rodeo s swimming in the summer with our 🐎 s back in the day

  2. Christian Frye

    Bet y'all didn't know george is 5ft 4in .....hmmm some food for thought ladies

  3. Danny Nee Music

    Good song, hopefully will do a cover soon! ❤️😊

  4. Jack Duncan

    Great song.

  5. Robert Beal

    this man is the one person id go to if i needed help seems like listening to his music washes your worry's pain and anger away great singer great person none of these new artists know what country is they think country rap and country rock is country but ill take a guitar and a nice slow beat over that anyday

  6. a m

    i love your voice, George Strait. This song is my favorite. Wish I could've seen you in concert, in person. Feel very thankful for you! :-D xo

  7. sethrigdon17

    All hail the King

  8. Mike Autrey

    Still racing the wind and chasing the sun GOD BLESS TEXAS

  9. Epic Family Fun Adventures!

    2019 still love it

  10. Kenneth Moss

    King George is the best singer ever

  11. eddie bahlman

    Real cowboy right there

  12. YouTube junky

    So hot 🔥

  13. Edward

    Good song

  14. Ben Allen

    Salute to old country

  15. Michael Schriedel

    It don't get no better than this............Thanks King George.............mic out

  16. Shawn Vandenabeele

    I miss texas!

  17. Tina Oates

    Love, George he's the best of all times. 😁

  18. Chris William

    But how can I go to the square when I'm the Helix compass Pat 333 4 times past my SS 454633354 👈and no man knows but the man with the number

  19. Traci Foster

    This Girl wants to George Been A Fan since 1981-82


    live on george and your boys.

  21. Not interested Love

    A real man and a great artist and there will never be anyone who can come close and that is a little sad. George I would like to come to Texas too see you’re show

  22. K RDP

    ahhh this good ole western tune where was this when i first dressed as country

  23. mr mrmr

    ⭐ *Go Cowboys!* ⭐

  24. Ulrike Thalhammer

    Super Musik George Strait und tolle Fotos 👏👍🤠🎶🎸🎵🐎

  25. Kenny Ward

    not many like us anymore

  26. J Okeefe


  27. John Gibson

    Fucking aye

  28. Thad nate McCoy


  29. Yooper Couple

    I originally wrote this comment on another older country video, but I'm going to paste it here. As I said, it was written by me, so it's not like I'm stealing someone else's comment. Original comment below:It just sucks because this isn't even a very old song, but it was back when country music was actually COUNTRY music. I'd give just about anything for somebody to revive country music the way George Strait did back in the day with his song "Unwound" that made him a household name. Those of you who are old enough to remember know exactly what I'm talking about. Nashville had turned into "urban cowboy" crap right before George came along and took it back to where it belonged. He opened the flood gates for guys like Keith Whitley, Alan Jackson, Randy Travis, Clint Black, and even Garth was actually country back when he first came onto the scene.

    George Strait even helped revive the careers of a lot of the older guys who had been doing since way before he came along. He sent a message to Nashville that he was going to do things his way, and he kept his word and stuck to his guns. Because of him, we have guys like Tracy Lawrence, Doug Stone, Toby Keith (not that his songs have been COUNTRY in a long time, but he was at first), Brooks and Dunn, Montgomery Gentry, Brad Paisley (before he turned into a Hollywood liberal), Gary Allen, Mark Chesnutt, Tim McGraw (before he turned into an anti-gun liberal and pop cross-over "artist"), Lonestar, and just about every other great artist from the 80s and 90s.

    I know I'm not alone in my love of REAL COUNTRY music because I read it in the comments section of all the older stuff. But it's going to take an all-out boycott of the crap they're passing off as "country" music today before the record label execs in Nashville will listen to us. All they care about is money. If people will continue to buy the "music" of these wannabe country stars (we all know they're nothing but pop) and continue buying tickets to their concerts, Nashville has no incentive to reevaluate their standards. I literally haven't listened to "country" radio in well over 10 years. Not a single time. But I know who the so called "country stars" of today's crap are because my friends and family are always trying to convince me that one of these pop stars is actually legit. I don't care whose feelings get hurt when I say that Chris Stapleton is NOT country. He's an extremely talented guy. I actually even like his music (sometimes). But he's a blues guy. Plain and simple. And he's the one guy that I hear the most about being a legitimate "country" singer. George Jones rolls over in his grave every single time Tennessee Whiskey is played on "country" radio.

    By the way, I don't care who agrees with me. So save yourself some time and don't bother arguing your opinion. If I think there's any validity to what you're saying, we can have a debate over what constitutes REAL COUNTRY music. If not, I will simply ignore you. Oh yeah, I would also like to point out that guys like Eric Church and Cole Swindell are not country music stars. Growing up "in the country" and wearing cowboy boots does not make a man a country music singer. Cole's song about his dad is a very sad (and actually pretty good) song. But you have to look at a singer's full body of work before you can say they belong in a particular genre. Any singer that uses "snap tracks" as the percussion in their songs is NOT a country singer. Again, feel free to disagree. Just know that I don't care about the opinion of someone who thinks today's pop stars are country singers. I'll step down from my soapbox now.

  30. Gerald Otonchi

    i have never been to texas or tennesee but the country music this persons sing is soooo graet

  31. Tim Strickland

    George is the pimping cowboy. .real country.

  32. William Whitney

    That "steel horse" I believe scared me more than a real horse. Then up on it n began to ride chasing the wind with sun in my face. This was the best no counselor or shrink made me feel like this. The good Lord bestowed this on me it got me through a divorce n 25yrs of law enforcement.

  33. Veronica Chavez

    Good song ever that he has ever made

  34. Jon Gowan

    Memories of ???????????????????????

  35. Sasha Maynard


  36. Stephanie Mcpherson

    And we roll.....

  37. John Heigl

    Great song as i climb back into a long haul semi.


    i like your music

  39. Rhianna Yazzie

    I have a horse his name is George

  40. Brian Opichka Jr

    a cowboy in my eyes is anyone who know what working on a ranch means and how to rope and ride

  41. Ben Crouch

    Red dead redemption theme song

  42. Myra k Poncho


  43. John Durant

    Does anyone know if that's Stuart Duncan on fiddle? Sure sounds like it. Wonderful song either way.

  44. chris frye

    Cowboys like us , we sure did have fun , i wish i could go back 20 years I would do shit differently though it wouldn't be as much fun

    chris frye

    I would of turned my life around at a earlier age than when I did , oh well my education of these streets will last a life time and not to many people here lived a more crazier life than we amigos.......

  45. chris frye

    Just we amigos , this is to the unknown of life and friends

  46. sapphire07

    ❤❤ King George has my ❤❤

  47. donna loop

    lovin the song still 2018

  48. James Gentry

    George Strait, the country music version of Led Zeppelin. GOAT.

  49. Eternal Thread

    Lot of cowboys in Arkansas too

  50. Graydog 0126

    What happened to country music like this? Actually sounds like country not watered down pop music. Long live singers like George. Miss real country music.

  51. Wilson Vilela

    I live in Goiás,Brazil.It's like the Brazilian Texas.I love my country,but someday,I wanna go to US and visit Texas,cause I love the cowboy's way to live.It's one of the bests lifestyles.

  52. constrictorguy wilson

    My life. Forever

  53. Royal Eclipes

    "Cowboys Like Us"

    I take off time to time
    With those crazy friends of mine
    Head out on steel horses
    With wheels and we ride

    We burn up that road to old Mexico
    Blend in with the desert
    Just we amigos
    And we roll

    Cowboys like us sure do have fun
    Racin' the wind, chasin' the sun
    Take the long way around back to square one
    Today we're just outlaws out on the run
    There'll be no regrets, no worries and such
    For cowboys like us

    We talk about livin', babies, and women
    All that we've lost and all we've been givin'
    We sing about true love, lie about things we ain't done
    Drink one more cold one, come mornin' get up
    And we roll

    [Chorus 2x]

    Cowboys like us

  54. Matthew Shovlin

    Toller Song von George Strait

  55. Joseph Holder

    Grew up listening to George Strait I'm 24 and my dad got me hooked on this kinda music

  56. Random Redneck

    Back when country music actually was good and mental something

  57. Richard Taylor

    This song means so much to me because my uncle passed away and one of his friends that rode Harelies with him song and played this song on his guitar at his funeral.

  58. broncosfan1580

    How can you not like this?

  59. Josh Miller

    Amen to this song god bless

  60. crazybloger dudes K & L

    A good song

  61. Ronnie Bunch

    Absolutely the best!

  62. bigmike937

    Country music royalty

  63. Steven H

    At this point in my life I do it with 18 wheels. And it's not time to time it's every day

  64. 777antlers

    Truly the King of Country Music...a living legend.

  65. Chuyito Espino

    Love this song

  66. Elena G.

    Man he has such a good voice

  67. viper 120

    Thats real music

  68. Mike Snyder

    I love this song

  69. Ethan Reynolds

    Hi to all cowboys and cowgirls in the world.

  70. Alyssa Carty

    So beautiful!

  71. little Chris TV

    51 # 1's

  72. GageTheRagee

    I think this is one of his top 5 songs in my opinion

  73. David Lamoureux

    Hey there! I'm wondering how can you upload this song without getting flagged for copyright infringement?

  74. Jacob Woods

    I am from Texas and george strat is all i listen to when i am out workin on the farm

  75. makayla Kindrex

    2017 and this is still an anthem in my life

  76. Austin Derwin

    the Tom Brady of country music

    Austin Derwin

    +countrymusiclover 1993 Tom Brady is a goat and so is George

  77. Chuck Vanyo

    nice video

  78. kimtoledokt

    George is King of Country! A true Texan cowboy not fake at all.

  79. Sandra Rivera

    Love me George strait!❤

  80. Coleman 175

    Need younenigt

  81. Michael Dundee

    Goin Straight 2 Texas

  82. Christopher Morris

    It's songs like this that further solidify George Strait as the undisputed King of Country. Long live the king!

  83. Justin Jordan

    I'm from texas and live in texas hard working cattle when its the hundreds degrees but we still get it done!!

  84. Sterling Archer

    Alonzo Webb Born in Louisiana, raised in Texas. Now I reside in Montana life is good for a southern

  85. Mike Black

    Thank you Mr. Rose.

  86. James Oneal

    god bless steel horses and George Strait

  87. Henry Johnson

    AMEN Johnathan. Thank you buddy. KING GEORGE RULES

  88. Argerine Jordan

    Love this song!!!💕💕

  89. Mr. Chip

    I cant believe he was still having Hot 100 hits in the year 2003

  90. Carrie Merkle

    Good music and good time

  91. Trevor Philips

    Real country shit

  92. Marc Henson

    I can't remember what year this song came out, it's been a little while but I remember thinking at the time that there was never another song like it on the radio at the time.

    All these years later and that's never been more true. The real country doesn't exist on the radio anymore.

  93. Dylan Clark

    Is and always will be the king of country

  94. Ronald McReynolds

    In the middle of what is called Country Western, nearly hidden by glitz infiltrating from Pop, Rock and Punk, can be found still the nearly invisible, barely existent thread of pure country western music that centers that genre of music, makes up it's core and still marks the best of what it's about.  But you got to look hard for it and from within that core resides the man who  represents it best.  His name is George Strait.

  95. Skinny Redneck

    I'll admit I ain't no cowboy, but yalls music is just fuckin great. Strait is a real deal. He earns those belt buckles he's got. I've seen him rope. But Justin Moore wants to act like he's fuckin Cowboy Troy or some shit. The fakeness it today's music is just sad...

    cowboy up

    im a cowboy in heart not in my closet i was born a cowboy i love horses and cows i ride bull i was raised tough i was raised with two older bros they use to beat the shit out of me but i still out cowboy em love this life work hard and party loud love this song

    cowboy up

    Tyler Edgar my boots have seen a paster and my boots have seen a lot of shit i dont have fancy boots there sir i ride bull and rope

    cowboy up

    Tyler Edgar but u r right my freind wanna be john wayne jrs

    Skinny Redneck

    Yeah I do wear slip on work boots. They're called Justin's

  96. Misty Dobbins

    George Strait will always be king of country.. I wish they would bring country back it used to be like Tim McGraw,Allen Jackson the real country but some ones are okay

  97. Charles Beckham

    Kicking back on the Frio, lawn chairs and cold beer, cool breeze in the moon light. Thank you Mr. Straight for the music

  98. Jordan Summers

    love this music