Story So Far, The - Unlisted Track Lyrics

You can't sell me incense
My world smells good enough to eat
So let's not eat, just smell the good in longing
Not owning

We'll circle like insects
Incensing the grief-liquored herd
Have you heard an encouraging word from them?
They pretend

To be so above it all
Or so they would have you think
I think no one thinks at all

You might show some interest
Your world looks good enough to eat
I see the ghost of a better world
Living in your disbelief in ghosts

Everyone tells me they're crazy
Crazy people aren't so fucking boring
Wake me when you're through being cool, cause I'm snoring
And hoping

To see you beside yourself
Show me the raw stuff of youth
Would you do it for yourself?

Or for me, we both need a change
Your fear of normalcy is hardly strange
Let's be freaks, plain-clothes police
Let's be deliberate, because it's obvious to me

Deliberately weird is pretty obvious
So color me obvious
I just want to be happy half the time
And blue only when I have the time

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Story So Far, The Unlisted Track Comments
  1. Alan Skolkin

    im so glad i found this song again

  2. Sage Hutchens

    Can we just make a law against covering songs from Dear You? I’m pretty sure Julien Baker is the only person I’ve ever heard cover one of those songs and not completely butcher it

    I Hate Naps

    Sage Hutchens better than the original

  3. Sage Hutchens

    Parker... buddy... no.

    I Hate Naps

    Sage Hutchens better than the original

  4. Paola M

    Fuck my ears have been blessed

  5. pleasebeokay鹿

    this is so much better than the original

    Jengo Fett

    BEEFISBURGERS calm down weaboo

    We Remotely Low

    How? Was the original just missing Parker's really annoying vocal-style?
    Other than that it's almost the same.


    Ok dude that got into music 5 months ago.

    Max Novakovics

    "Crazy people aren't so fucking boring" sounds way better in this version

  6. ben nu

    this is so good his voice is hypnotizing. music doesnt have to be intensely complicated to be enjoyable.


    this is why i hate nu gen punk

    Casey Patterson

    Honestly I think TSSF are much better than half the stuff in new gen punk.

    Max Novakovics

    @Casey Patterson Real Friends would like to know your location


    @Casey Patterson neck deep has left the chat

  8. darkmasterchief227

    This is kickass! Didn't know this existed! Thanks for uploading

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  10. dancenothanks

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