Story So Far, The - Stalemate Lyrics

Hard to clench my fist well with all of the things I should tell
Tension and an ill will towards you and I
It’s not the same as you feel, it used to be a light teal
But that shade was never real for you and I

[Chorus x2:]
Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That I just don’t know you anymore
Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That which you played me for

You know how hard that I fell
Hazy, every detail about who cared the most
When it came to you and I
I never thought that you’d bail
I guess I let it go stale
My blood is always hot when it comes to you and I

You want him like you wanted me
But I know that it’s not the same thing
Covet what you cannot bring
I won’t calm down
I’ll never let it be

[Chorus x2:]
Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That I just don’t know you anymore
Can’t ignore, won’t ignore
That which you played me for

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Story So Far, The Stalemate Comments
  1. Phantom Thief

    "My blood is always hot when it comes to you and I"

    This song is too real ♥️

  2. Fatefullyyou

    Such a badass fucking song. 2:26

  3. Cassandra Velazquez

    Have you guys noticed the covers of these songs match each other’s meaning if you look at their colors

  4. Joey Sherry

    When this album was released it was a major let down to me compared to “What You Don’t See”. But it’s grown on me over the years and now I’m going through a break up of a 4 year relationship this album is coming through in the clutch. Thanks TSSF.

  5. Funny Man

    damn!... just... damn!☺

  6. Alex Sánchez

    Pop punk in 6/8 and 5/8? Wow :B

  7. JDD

    took 2 years and a break up to final make this album grow on me, I'm really glad I gave it a listen again, beautiful stuff

  8. Kaleb Durrance

    still listening to this wondering when I'll be able to make the change and leave the past in the past.

  9. 90shackerlesbian

    2 years and this is still one of my favourites

  10. Josh Newell

    This whole album just speaks to me *internal sigh*

  11. Silentwolfx84

    Whoever this girl is, she must have REALLY fucked over Parker. So much so that he is willing to write three albums about her. Assuming its the same girl for all three albums.

  12. Risky Canadian

    Can't ignore, won't ignore, I just just don't you know anymore!

  13. spicy noodles

    "You know how hard that I fell hazy every detail about who cared the most when it came to you and I. I never thought that you'd bail, I guess I let it go stale my blood is always hot when it comes to you and I"
    This hits me too hard

    Snicklefritz Affliction

    me too... especially "My blood was always hot when it comes to You and I"

  14. eddie rodriguez

    man I feel this way everyday but feel to weak to 🚶 away most days but with this song I feel stronger just got to execute

  15. AverageMike

    Parker has so much pain and anger in his voice I fucking love it. it makes me relate harder to them cause I feel those same emotions when I relate to the songs.

  16. Mushtaq Samim

    Whenever I hear Parker's vocals at their highest i just want to punch the wall out of anger from the emotion he's conveying

    Phantom Thief

    We all do buddy.

  17. jordan loraas

    Can i get sheet music for this shit? I cant even tell what the time signature it is half of the time lel

    On The Open Road

    +jordan loraas I'm pretty sure it's 5/4 for the verses and 3/4 or 6/8 for the choruses and intro riff

  18. capostatus937

    too fast


    capostatus937 shut the fuck up

  19. rock

    like at 1:40 ! he never does that.

    Andrew Flintoff

    So good right? That part gives me chills.

  20. Justin Keys

    Damn that intro riff gets me every time

  21. eedfeldt4u

    Am I the only one who thinks this is one of the stronger tracks rather than one of the weaker tracks like some people suggest?

  22. 01UofMfan

    Who thinks for the next album Parker and Kevin should both sing, maybe like a duo song? I think at least Kevin should do backing vocals at least like he did in Under Soil and Dirt. Look up Keven Geyer feat. Parker Cannon - Friendly Fire. That song proves that hey could do a amazing duo.

  23. Joshua Gillespie

    I always thought he was saying"Ganondorf! Voldemort! I just can't win this anymore."

  24. Scott MacLean

    USAD when you're angry WYDS when you miss her ST when you're sad

    Andrew Flintoff

    100% accurate

  25. Greg Warden

    "You want him like you wanted me" damn you parker... that's too real.

  26. Agustia Arjuna Wiwaha

    This is so damn good 'yo

  27. Eduardo Lopez

    The intro kind of sounds like Mock

  28. Katie Crisp

    There isn't anybody but parker on this album. Go see them live and you'll knw its all parker. Lol.

  29. g0ya tonga

    'stalemate': "soulmate"

  30. colbld2

    damn this whole cd just makes me think about my ex. still a bangin album tho

  31. Emily

    One of my faves off of the album, along with how you are and mock

  32. Valkyr

    I adore this band, all their albums are fucking amazing.

  33. slip slip


  34. The Adjective

    Such a solid album. They never disappoint.

  35. j s

    I wonder what made that 1 idiot hit the dislike button...

  36. Whimsy Lorelei

    to wish for earnestly

  37. Wyatt Dominguez

    wait if thats not kev at 1:40 than who is it? Still Parker just softer or?

  38. Josh Bergenstock

    Now this is something I wouldn't mind going deaf too...

  39. shonedrummer

    I covered "Stalemate" on the drums on my channel.  I had some copyright issues with the cover so it's "Drums Only," but you can view the full cover on my Vimeo account.  Here's a link to the video -

  40. camerojl

    I wonder how many times this band can release the same song over and over before their fans realise...

  41. Cabinet Juice

    AMAZING fucking album, still not as good as USAD though, but this album still rules!

  42. Brandon Ferrell

    I'm going through a breakup, so Stalemate is a hard one to listen to. In time it will be my favorite though!

  43. A B

    My fave song on the album. These guys always have awesome closing tracks.

  44. Isaiah Hernandez

    Torf stepped up his game so much. His 3/4, 4/4, and 5/4 timings are all so solid. Props my man!


    Is this song 5/4 or 6/4 because i keep hearing people say both

    Connor Kenway

    @CameronParkOfficial Because it is both. The intro is 6/4 and when it switches the riff to interlude the vocals it switches to 5/4. If you count along you will notice it immediately. I really love this song because of the uncommon time signatures and I would have hoped that the newest album would have continued that path. Unfortunately they stuck to simple time signatures but I guess thats just how it is

  45. noah


  46. Dallas Reagan

    If they did a whole song in 5/4, I would shit myself.

  47. luna


  48. TheVectorPrime98

    The intro reminded me of Such Gold's Two Year Plan but both sounds awesome!

  49. Frarlic gies

    Weakest closing track and most awkward vocal melody on the verses


    Frarlic gies literally imma rip ur ass wit my dick

  50. 01UofMfan

    A great song to end the album! :D

  51. Nat Gromadin

    loving this chrous

  52. Charles Hollins

    There's someone else who is singing on this track, besides Parker, who is it?

  53. TheFinalJedster613

    ''It’s not the same as you feel it used to be a light teal
    But that shade was never real for you and I''

    Love the more subtle blue reference in this song, genius lyricism.

  54. start/end

    I just can't get into this no matter how hard I try


    start/end bruh shut up

  55. Alex Shrader

    They never fail me. So fucking good

    TSSF  <3

  56. Trabant

    Its time to let her go Parker.

    Jengo Fett

    Trabant you can never really let go, just get used to it

    Andrew Flintoff

    So true.

    Kevin Solís

    I think your comment got to him. Thats why they are now doing softer songs


    hot fire

  58. Blake Rosier

    So many 3/4 songs on this record

    Prithvi Jana

    @Blake Rosier this is 5/4

    Blake Rosier

    awww good ear. 

    No Potential

    @Prithvi Jana it's both. the chorus is 3/4 and verses are 5/4

    Adam Pain

    +Blake Rosier theres ome 6/4 in there too

    Syco Larry

    +Adam Pain It's 6/8 not 6/4. 6/4 is very rare. I've never actually seen it while 6/8 is the second most common time signature

  59. ATylenol

    All of these songs sound so similar to me :(
    Parker is using the same vocal melody in every song...I really want to like this, I do, but I don't know if I do yet. I love this band, though.


    @ATylenol Wow, the lead singer of a band has similar styles for his songs? Who would have thought?


    @asdfasdfasdfas He just has a boring cadence to me at this point, I guess. Personal opinion, kill me for having one.

  60. AntiR0b0t

    Fuuuuuuuuck yes

  61. Savannah Hatley

    Damn, one of my favorite songs on this album!!

  62. desistx1

    I was having a hard time getting over my ex and then this album dropped. Beyond thankful, thanks TSSF

  63. Michael Hagen

    they have a part in 5/4 thats pretty sick

  64. Justin Cornejo

    Whoever broke this guy's heart really lead to some heavy/good material. Solid record from start to finish. Soil and Dirt is still my fave but with time this may close the gap! Long-live TSSF

  65. Sadie DeCoite

    FUCK THOUGH this album shows there worth, all there albums are fucking GOLD this just proves they are here to stay. It proves everything. Most new albums suck, and this album surely fucking doesn't, you've got it all wrong if you think it's not ATLEAST good, because it maybe different but it's still about the same person

    Jaden Miller

    She said I've got it all wrong but I'm sure, EVERYTHING WE DID BEFORE, DOESN'T REALLY MATTER ANYMOREEE

  66. Zack Neves

    The Story So Far ALWAYS gives me this "Fuck this, I'm better than this" feeling. Even just the musical intro. It's so happy and sad at the same time, just makes you want to throw shit, throw your bad habits and insecurities. So prevalent. No other band gives me that feeling. Makes me confident that shit will work, and that I'm doing the right thing by following my heart at all times.

    Zack Vishaway

    +George Pyott chiillll yo



    Snicklefritz Affliction

    Zack Neves why you got to take me on a Feel Trip bro?...

    Jake Enderby

    This is inspirational my man.

    Marcelo Serra

    i get that felling too, also with ADTR

  67. ManniBeats

    I never thought that you'd bail
    I guess I let it go stale

  68. Trey Smith

    This album is going to be repeat for weeks when it comes out .

  69. Ben Doverson

    When tssf releases their whole ep a week before it's released 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 #thuglyfe

  70. Ethereache

    Just finished all the songs, still dont know which one i like the most (phantom??) but lets be real you really get in touch with an album like 2am staring at the ceiling or something. I think the lyrics are really intense with feeling like damn what'd he have to go through omg

    Sarah Jane

    @LightersInTheGround Love your profile pic<3
    Ghost Town is life.


    dude that's edgy and deep as fuck

    Charles Peyton

    4am for me

    Crimson Perry

    @LightersInTheGround Phantom Intro was like Title Fight's hazy styles goes rolling
    and missing like bullets slamming into deer skin.hehe. Is Kellen Kellen it with an Upright Bass on the Phantom song?


    Dude for real, balled my eyes out by the time it got to this song

  71. Loser Kid

    This song's been on repeat since yesterday. My fav song off the entire album

  72. Satan

    in love with parker cannon and mat kerekes

  73. DelaneyMaybe

    Think this is my favorite off this album. Nerve is a close second, but this chorus is absolutely killer.

  74. Kellen Evans

    I've listened to all of the songs and I gotta say that this is my favorite one

  75. Jonathan Hernandez

    I'm feeling it a bit… a couple of more listens and I'll probably like it.

  76. Luka Gobac

    awwwww yissss

  77. FabreezeFlow21

    The guest vocals sound like Kevin Geyer... and like, you know... he's kinda been singing background for all the albums?

    Jordan Butler

    It sounds nothing like Kevin, I still think it's Parker

    Dan Goodwin

    +FabreezeFlow21 More like Costner or Smith..

    Dante Lamas

    It's mat kerekes

  78. Dani Paradise

    i have died

  79. xTWFUx

    Damn! That 5/4 groove tho, they pull it off so smoothly. Stoked on this


    @Jay Mazella Is it something I should know? I've played bass for 2 years and still don't know what any of it means heh

    Syco Larry

    +lolfroobface Well if you survived two years without it, you may not need it right now. But if you plan to right, knowing theory certainly helps.


    @Syco Larry I usually play things by ear and I can't read music or anything I've tried to learn but it's not for me, it just comes naturally.

    Syco Larry

    That's cool. I wish I was like that. I need to see things written. But once I get it down, my ears are enough to keep me on track. Drumming for me is different though. Drumming I only to hear it a couple times.

    Dan Goodwin

    +str8updroppnkids I read that as "stroked to this"...

  80. el WirØ

    so...USAD have 12 songs....WYDS have 11 and TSSF self titled have 10 so......................ILLUMINATI CONFIRMED!!!!!!!!

  81. VolumeSe7en


  82. Tommy S

    You don't see many punk bands with songs changing betwen 3/4 and 5/4 time signatures. they really know what thery're doing, just saying.

    Cody Ellis

    What does that mean?

    Tommy S

    @Cody Ellis well, an easy way to tell is that you count to three instead of four for every beat, if the song's in 3/4 that is. Go look time signatures up, i love experimenting with that sort of stuff when i write music!

    Cody Ellis

    @Tommy S Awesome! Thank you!

    Daniel Holgate

    @Tommy S this is one of my favourite all time tunes because of those crafty signature changes. First time listening through was an epic one, going to tap along in a standard 4/4 to realise, 'oh wait!, holy shit! Yeeees boys!!' Truly talented!


    This is why i tell everyone they are one of the smartest pop punk bands out there. They know theory very well. It comes across even in their tuning for some songs.

  83. Cindy Valencia

    Love how they use colors of the spectrum like light teal navy blue dark blue, it'd be cool if they started using red when they made love songs or something in the future

    Tim Williams

    The story so far will never make a love song

    Andy Diaz

    @Cindy Valencia In Parkers harcore band Snarl, he uses red as anger. The line is, "Dead in my sights, beam on the head
    I feel the heat now yeah I'm seein' red"

    Cindy Valencia

    Actually they have in the sense of navy blue partically

  84. Saco Jorge

    This band has transcended pop-punk and become something different altogether.

  85. BenjiHazyEyes

    got new neck deep song coming out may 12th, knuckle puck album this summer, this album is here im one excited motherfucker right now

  86. Dustin Perna

    this is fire?

  87. Charlie Österlund // Drums

    I'm a little dissappointed to be honest. Lyrically they're still fantastic but none of these songs are half as catchy or memorable as "Empty Space", "Quicksand" or "Stifled" for example. Maybe it's just me who has too much of a soft spot for pop-punk, but this album felt more "emo"-oriented than anything else they've done.

    Oh well.


    Really? This album is good as fuck. How you are is really fuckin catchy. Also and emo feel? Wtf? This is what pop punk is? Nobody has released any good pop punk except for, "the story so far" in years.

    Charlie Österlund // Drums

    @mycrunkisfree My point is that the hooks are seriously underwhelming in comparison to their first two LP's. I've given this album many shots and very few songs stick. Just my two cents, of course.

    Jay Mazella

    Fuck hooks, this shit has odd time-signatures.
    Now that is interesting.

    amber drums

    +Charlie's Drum Corner It'll grow on ya.

    Funny Man

    Pat Tynan best response lmao

  88. waste yagami

    Yo was that Mat Kerekes?


    Its all parker

    Nick Ferry

    it is 

    Dante Lamas

    yes it's mat kerekes. one, he voice is very distinctive it's obviously him. two, they don't always credit gust vocalists. three, I confronted mat at warped tour and he just smiled and laughed and said "noooo? " then I asked him to to say "same thing" and pronounced it exactly the same way in the song lol. he laughed more and said alright alright no more. never actually confirmed it but he couldn't stop laughing every time I accused him of it.

    Kevin Neal

    it's Corey Taylor


    I think it might be a couple keys lower actually, I think he normally goes up to about high C, and this sounds like he is only going up to the B flat above middle C. He has an amazing range for sure!


    Great song to end the album

  90. BenEissmannTV


  91. BasilHawkinz

    i'd go gay for Parker


    @BasilHawkinz oh yeah no doubt and for joe taylor and ben barlow:)


    @BasilHawkinz Just read my mind haha!

    Alex McCullough

    Bro who wouldn't


    I'm pretty gay for Parker too, if gay means happy.

  92. okaywhatever

    I am so happy with this album. Their songs are GENIUS.

    Devil In The Details

    @okaywhatever they get stuck in my head after one listen.. so damn catchy and so good