Story So Far, The - Smile Lyrics

I know it's been a while
But I will not fake this stupid smile
‘Cause you robbed me, fed me the line
Your bounty was me, took all you could see
And worked just side by side
The trust and love we’d abide
Until you left home thrust with the tide
And put this hate back inside my eyes

Are you blocking all the things
That have to do with me?
Is it easier now?
Do you feel any release?
Tell me how you fit in
And where do you begin?
Do you toast when they toast?
Do you sin when they sin?

Stepped through your place
Lust in my eyes, toyed with deceit
Planted your lies
Play it off well, say that I’m fine
Do I hold that small space in your mind?
Stuck in your web, flailing my arms
Trying to break loose from your charm
Split up your mind, do you some harm...
No stranger to harm


And how can I feel anyone anymore?
And how can I feel anything anymore?
And how can I feel anything anymore?


Stuck in your web, flailing my arms
Trying to break loose from your charm
Split up your mind, do you some harm...
No stranger to harm

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Story So Far, The Smile Comments
  1. Skedadlee

    This whole album is all I listened to in summer of 2015 right before I started college lol

  2. Caleb Groncki

    Do you sin when they sin

    Caleb Groncki

    Wages of sin are death.
    Straight and narrow.

    Book of Eli.

  3. Jasmine Anastasia

    Beginning guitar has Title Fight vibes.

  4. Aya Afterlife

    I love the little riff at 2:15

  5. Htet Ph

    Anna...... it's been a war but i will not fake this stupid smart....

  6. Frank Luccarelli

    I fucking love this band.

  7. Boris Bee

    i saw tssf live today., thank god! do you sooommeee haarrmmmmmm

  8. [broken machine]

    Such an amazing song.

  9. Isis Trujillo

    Fuck man. Fuck.

  10. Jacob Harmer


  11. Stephanie Blosser

    I can’t imagine being the girl that caused him this pain

  12. ClubLulu

    My favorite part is when the bass picks back up at 2:18 after taking a break at 2:00

  13. Chill Bill

    THIS band is so fucking good!

  14. Dan Corcoran

    Who hurt you Parker?

    *Whispers* who hurt you...?

  15. shelby carr

    Ugh never get tired of this fucking good and relatable. But aren’t all of their songs !? ❤️

  16. Dakota

    I love this song but it isn’t my favorite off this album but somehow it’s the one where those two lines got stuck in my head and I didn’t hate it at all

  17. Mark Mills


    Ryan Wheatley

    Mark Mills I saw news come up on Google bro can't wait see where it goes if its like this song

  18. trevor hansard

    Stepped through your place
    lust In My Eyes
    toyed with deceit
    planted your lies

  19. Dascha Loeser

    The Story So Far...Helping girls get over guys since 2007

  20. MetalSonicGamerX200

    Never heard this band. Story of the year brought me here

  21. MetalSonicGamerX200


  22. OrdinaryGio

    Am I the only one who thinks of Winter when hearing this album?

  23. Gonzalo Oseguera

    helped me get over a girl real fast!

  24. Bayani George Edward Angcao

    This will always be my favorite song of TSSF. Fuck my ex!

  25. Michael Arnold

    When your shit faced an forget there's not drumsticks in your hands and beat your hands into the granite counter top till your hands bleed then the sun Comes up but you can't stop lovelyyyyyy

  26. DaniFlocka

    Favorite band of all time and I was never into bands growing up. You guys fucking rock

  27. Alex Garibay

    This is the bands way of saying " Fuck a bitch"

  28. chineyravana

    holyshit! is the image really moving or am i stoned?

  29. skrvmz

    this album came out almost 2 yrs ago O_O time goes by so fucking fast

  30. haylee

    i just found out about the story so far and i wanna like them but ive never heard them before and ik that first impression means a lot. any suggestions before i ruin my perspective on this band forever?


    Yayee P. Empty Space by them is really good.


    cool thanks!

  31. Kaitlin Sage

    This album is pure gold. I can listen to this over and over again and it'll never get old. Its like Im Stuck in their web flailing my arms trying to break free from their charms...

  32. Carolina

    looks like acid visuals lol

  33. Jada Koehler

    the hate in my eyes havent left me yet

  34. Michael Dylino

    Everytime i heard this song , i can feel parker anger about his girlfriend. So last summer my gf dumped me for her ex , and now whenever i listen to this song , i'm technically being one "body" with this song. I feel you parker , i feel you

  35. UniversalMingie

    I'm obsessed with this song <3

  36. Miguel Chavez

    beautiful emotion💚

  37. Montse Herrera


  38. Christian

    Puta que me gusta esta canción weon :D

  39. LordSauce

    I'm Moist.

  40. BrOkEn MiNd

    when you see it in the URL. you'll shit bricks.

  41. David Reynolds

    Everyone look in the fucking URL right fucking now


    ahahaha.... yeah really. You seem like the only "twelvie" here


    ahahaha ... its just most of the time, "adults" wouldn't just point out the word pube

    pana cakes

    @Rekos2012 ahahaha ... it's just that it really depends on that person's sense of humor, not necessarily age



  42. Its Mags

    tssf helping get through some many things, guys, mental health, self-esteem, insecurities and making me want to start playing and writing music again. And all i can say is that I'm eternally grateful and thank you.

  43. Gold Blosom

    Saw them here in Toronto last Wednesday. Love these guys <3

  44. Last Summer

    am I the only one thinking he said "Anna it's been a while" instead of "I know it's been a while"? lol

  45. Brittanie Kittmunk Luccketta

    this band sucks.seriously how did they get a record deal??

  46. FilmCreed

    Missed these guys' music, glad to see they're back, kicking some ass.

  47. sublime654321

    holy ex girlfriend flashbacks

  48. Kingsfan 91

    This song has easily become my favorite tssf song. So good. Tremendous musicianship. Tremendous vocals and lyrics.

  49. Brady Moore

    Why no music videos for this album?

  50. Use your Imajination

    is anyone else here cuz of jeydon wale? no just me cool.

  51. Maggie

    anyone else because of Jeydon Wale ? <3

  52. Titus Hartsfield

    I hope one day she hears this album and thinks of what she did to me.. THen she can fall in to my best friends arms in front of my eyes again..

  53. Zachary Serna

    "And worked, just side by side
    The trust and love we'd abide
    Until you left me thrust with the tide
    And put this hate back inside my eyes"

    This is my favorite so far from the blue album. These lyrics speak to me so clearly and i understand every note and word as if i were the one to wright them. "Is it easier now, do you feel any release" fuck, parker you're gunna make me cry.

  54. Boris Bee

    Currently hating my ex to this :*(

  55. Chillhardy

    TSSF might be the closest thing to a perfect band there is

    mateo forni

    Chillhardy The foo fighters too!

  56. Space Ghost

    My favourite song from the album, for sure. (:

  57. Megan Langley

    When is the album on sale in the UK?

  58. Jake The Snake

    As good as the music is, it's really one-dimensional. Love the songs but sick of hearing about his ex.

  59. Introverted Killjoy

    @Mr.Bones c:

  60. Brady Moore

    I don't know why, but this song fits the album art perfectly

  61. Daniel Brown

    Did anyone else notice 'Pube' in the link to this video? How embarrassing. Still shared it on Facebook!

  62. Lexi

    Its crazy how you can relate to these lyrics and just all of their music. I love these guys so much.

  63. Damien Harding

    "Stepped through your place
    Lust in my eyes toyed with deceit
    Planted your lies 
    Play it off well, say that I’m fine
    Do I hold that small space in your mind?" My favorite lyrics to sing to!

  64. jen !

    this is, art.

  65. DecayLegacy

    I naw it's been a waw but I will not fake this stupid smile!

  66. Marty S

    If this shit inspires you also, and you live in Denver hit me up and let's create musical fusion. I play the drums. Serious inquires only.

  67. SoullessFlower

    Forever loving them

  68. 01UofMfan

    Here's some TSSF trivia, what song is this by lyrics, no hints:

    Let's make way for a new day, don't even think of what to say
    Everything will be explained, don't wait to take it all away

    Ethan Hodge

    20 more feet (;

  69. TheMudron

    Best album yet

  70. Christopher Lydon

    No one understands me as much as TSSF does

  71. Corey Shaheen

    sooo goood

  72. Rob Wittig

    saw them in philly Saturday and words can't describe how incredible the show was the energy was insane!!!

  73. Fabio D'apote

    mmmhh :S

  74. steven newman

    Been jamming this shit at least 4 times a day since it came out. Got me feeling some type of way. lol

  75. Life Support

    Damn, i'm loving this right now! Easily my favorite band.

  76. Edward Jimenez

    Definitely favorite song on the album

  77. Jackson Reid

    Banger of a intro

  78. Alan Beauvais

    Is it Parker singing
    "How can I see anyone anymore?
    And how can I feel anything anymore?"
    or is it someone else?

  79. Emilat K

    It seems like they are trying little new things but also keeping their pop punk soul. I love it

  80. Cir7ca


  81. noah

    holy shit

  82. Rebeca Grimaldi

    So many feels dammit

  83. Danilo Guarniero

    the beggining of this song picks up where the last song of "what you don't see" ended, with all the guitar feedback and all. just noticed that, don't know if it was on purpose, but it's definitelly cool, seems like both albums are one whole piece of work if you listen to them in a row

  84. Elizabeth Bodeau

    stop hating this actually has meaning

  85. phil d

    lol fucking boring. man fuck pop punk and scene kids/girls, fuck old school tatts, fuck ray bans, fuck five pannels, fuck windbreakers, fuck unnecessary backpacks, fuck clean hair cuts,  fuck flashy shoes, fuck suicide girls, fuck the fucking trendy genres that pretend to be punk and underground... sick of it all. haha

    phil d

    @Brian Huntress


    @phil d 2edgy4u

    phil d

    hahaha dont be so mad everyone, its kind of an 'opinion'... itd be cool if i could also get likes from little girls on this reply


    @phil d lol. im little

    Jengo Fett

    phil d little girls? fucking pedo

  86. MsShadow627

    This album just so much feels so much to what I can relate I love it !!!

  87. Von Visuals

    These dudes killed it at Spring Fling!

  88. Aschmarge 96

    Thank you for releasing these songs on my birthday!

  89. Isaiah Hernandez

    I have no words for this song or this album. TSSF creates some of the best music I have ever heard. Talented dudes doing what they love.

  90. Natalie Csapo

    Fucking pop punk gods


    Parker Cannon has not been happy for a long time. It's a good thing. Cause he truly produces the feels.

    Ryan Wheatley

    Nintemic so true bro

  92. shonedrummer

    Who is featured at 1:58?

  93. Final Insomniac

    I love this so much I could cry.

  94. Nat Gromadin


  95. Matthew Ray

    All of these

  96. jaira vionne del rosario

    I fucking love this

  97. Guillermo D. F.

    i made a playlist if any of ya care, better then hearing the messed up full album uploads

  98. Leif Nedweski

    Saw this played live last night, and if I could afford it I would have gone to Chicago tonight to hear it again. Kick ass album and glad they played a bunch of the newest album.

  99. goeataflyugly

    Do the lyrics "do you toast when they toast?" seem off to any of you guys, or is it just me?


    And the second line seems off too. It's probably
    "Do you toss when they turn?
    Do you see what they see?"


    He say Toast like raising your glass! A toast to this amazing album btw