Story So Far, The - Proper Dose Lyrics

Highs and lows are how I flow
My favorite mirror's there
I wanna look at what I think I know
But all I do is stare
Too long

I defy the proper dose
'Cause I'm alone and I don't care
And though that grass is greener
It just don't even compare
At all, at all

All this time I wanna give you back
I feel opaque and absentee
Am I just going through the motions
Or is this how I'll be?
Barely focused anymore
The haze is all that I can see
Red bottle, white cap

Slime in my stomach slowly turning
Staring at the grout in the tile
Dry is my heave and my head is burning
Think I'll be in here a while
I'm gone

And my cousin's age is turning
Growing into a man from a child
I wanna watch him play, wanna see him score
Wanna be around cause I need to make him smile
Some more, some more

All this time I wanna give you back
I feel opaque and absentee
Am I just going through the motions
Or is this how I'll be?
Barely focused anymore
The haze is all that I can see
Red bottle, white cap

Red bottle, white cap

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Story So Far, The Proper Dose Comments
  1. Bob Patiño


  2. TheGreaterG8r

    This song gives me so much nostalgia, even though its my first time listening to it

  3. Erik Jensen

    This is the song I'm gonna be playing in 30 years to my grandkids. And I'll tell them "this is how music is supposed to make you feel." Fuck I love this band

  4. JohnAndrewSegalla

    Dope video!!!

  5. yFiJi

    Me and bro have this on repeat when we go skating

  6. Jonny Bolen

    This band ages like a fine wine

  7. Frank Luccarelli

    All these Liam Gallagher comments are making me wonder, you guys think Liam was the first cat to ever dress like a douche?

  8. Baloi

    Was this all Sony a7iii footage?

  9. Baloi

    The color grading alone is so brilliant.

  10. C J

    Cringey as fuck that he's trying to be like Liam Gallagher 🤦🏻‍♂️

  11. The ABacross

    Anyone else get Fall vibes from this album?!


    The album cover too


    Still one of the best bands around!

  13. Rocky H

    I hadn't listened to TSSF for a while when this album came out. And when I first heard this album I was kid of aversed from new sound so I didn't really listen to many of the new songs. Recently, I was at a festival and TSSF was performing so I thought I would check them out for past times sake. There weren't too many people at their show but really I loved them. They seemed so much more genuine than ever before and I decided to actually look into their new stuff. It is honestly amazing. So real, so raw and just something so much more personal than anything else they have made before...


    my favorite edit is t 1:30


    so wait is everyone in on the whole liam gallagher thing or nah?

  16. Emily Canas

    This was the best day of my life

  17. Rudi Setiawan


  18. Sean Krekel

    I love how they captured the energy of the show so well and the colors were really awesome too! And, at 1:30 when they speed the video up its so satisfying!!!!!!

  19. Guilherme Fernandes

    come to brazil

  20. Tom Andriani

    I just saw you guys for the 3rd time this year, and I've been disappointed all 3 times. Idk what happened. This is more than maturing and growing up. It honestly looked you guys dont want a be a band anymore. Timid, stale, parker admitting he was drunk on stage. Dudes, if it's over it's over. Ill respect you guys more of you just admitted whats up and stopped. This album was phenomenal and you guys looked like youd rather listen to it and vibe with than play it live. Itll be a while before I see you guys live again. Kevin and Ryan, start you're own band, youre better off.

  21. ryan eades

    such a good song and sends a great message

  22. Jimny Crisdianto

    Liam why the fuck you sing for pop punk band

  23. Blurry Face

    He looks like Liam Gallagher.

  24. Gustavo Marcell


  25. lucas Delacruz

    1:01 my favorite part 😁

  26. Hilman Setiawan

    Now, J. Parker looks like Liam Gallagher.😅

  27. Nick Jackson

    Has the singer just found oasis for the first time?

  28. Ben

    Parker Cannon trying to be Liam Gallagher, he’s even wearing Stone Island, wtf

  29. Vicfit361

    That Burberry button up makes the video.

  30. OG BB

    Liam Gallagher really snapped with this one

  31. JayGrand

    Parker lowkey looks like Liam Gallagher on this video lol.

  32. The Goose

    I didn't realize these guys were such bro dudes. Lame.

  33. vans255

    I remember when i first saw them back when there playing a crowd of like 50 ppl at the talent farm. It’s amazing how big the crowds are now 🤙

  34. Gυнz.jαм NewJack

    l love you guys

  35. arius bentley

    I went to one of there concerts and it was fucking bad ass

  36. Flappy McDank

    TSSF > Neck Deep

  37. Johnny Wolfscar

    Their first show in Manila was worth the fckn wait! Apr 15 2019 was a day me and my newly wed wife (Got married 2 days before the show) will never ever forget. Both of us listened to TSSF for as long as our relationship (7 years) together. And Its all love now 💓


    Congrats Kapatid! More power at More Happiness sa inyong dalawa <3

  38. Rough Patches

    He dresses like Liam from Oasis

  39. Dylan Harter

    looks like hes trying to copy liam Gallagher while he sings haha

  40. Xavier Vaillancourt


  41. PugLord

    I think the best part of that show was before they went on, chop suey by System of a Down came one the background track while they were setting up and we all told them to not play until the song was over. We moshed to a background song and it was insane af.

  42. Hello All

    Amazing song

  43. ashy

    this song has no business being so short

    Andrew Nathan

    I mean that's what pop punk is unfortunately

    Tim Karsanov

    That's good punk for you. once you really have something to say, any wasted space has got to go.

    Gene Su

    @Tim Karsanov @ashy i agree with both of you simultaneously

    Phantom Thief

    It really be like that

  44. Kyle William

    Cant wait for the future of this expanding band. Excellent video

  45. Joe Dooley

    is there anyone else or when I hear a vevo edit (radio edit) makes me wanna go search for the explicit and full version in 2019? fuck, remember listening to this in full, with fuck and all and the epic riffs and breakdowns

  46. Noah Gil

    the burberry tartan flex

  47. underscoremaddi -

    i've watched this music video so many times on my phone but it's so much cooler on a computer

  48. Hisyam Afifudin

    What's the story so far? Morning Glory

  49. Michele Guerra

    I have listened to this a lot since September, but I never focused on the lyrics. Boy they're good

  50. Justice Greer

    Seeing these guys for the first time this summer at Warped and my excitement cannot be contained

  51. Danika Dickerson

    that opening intro to the video was dope

  52. Aghi Rocket

    this album i wont delete til 50 years later

  53. Brian

    Wannabe Liam Gallagher.

  54. Chad Stroh

    I miss my little brother when i listen to this song and I don’t even have a little brother

  55. chillbass

    This is a cinematic masterpiece honestly.

  56. TheDrummerscotty


    best song on the album!!!!!

  57. joeyrogerson83

    Why does the drummer of this band always look surprised to be playing? Like omg there's a drumset in front of me whoda thought?!

  58. Gaëtan Heuzé

    Where is Noel? Did he left the band?

  59. dansal96

    u see what the problem is, you won’t drop a vid for if i fall

  60. Christian Ramirez

    Good luck to TSSF and Lucy Rose Barnhardt.

  61. Sajadah Batik

    Liam singing a pop punk song?

  62. Edgar Morales

    Liam Gallager

  63. Grant MacIver

    More like "opaquesh crimson bottle white cap" get your lyric game on point pc got damn.

  64. brett linthicum

    These guys suck now. Not surprised, every band always sells out

  65. Robson jacob

    Come to Brazil guys!!!

  66. Tyler Tubbs

    this music video ripped off trophy eyes - lavendar bay so damn hard

  67. Scissorsaria

    You know, there no much better than TSSF doing music video with they performing. They life is on stage that's what it is

  68. Jay Mazella

    Not sure why, but I’ve long considered these guys as being beyond ‘Pop-Punk’. Despite the fact that their lyrical content centres mostly around dramatic introspection and decidedly youthful themes, they have a maturity about them that almost doesn’t fit into the prescriptive expectations of the subgenre.

    Maybe they’re just above-average at crafting resonating songs that facilitate the lyricism; they say that music is ultimately a form of emotional hypnotism, after all.

  69. GetSomeRest

    This song is about taking your meds isn't it holy shit

  70. S W

    Go on Liam son 🤣

  71. dfgdfb sdfvv

    1:48 to the end i got yalll mothafuckas lol

  72. CodyDTD

    The Beady Story Eye.

  73. Lupe Luna

    Can the original Trey the Ruler please stand up!

  74. apaucokes

    Parker Gallagher

  75. Sad Boi

    Takits sa Skydome hahaha

  76. Dreamcast3w

    Música foda.

  77. hayden alejandrino

    tssf freestyle

  78. Whooza

    I want angry finger pointing!

  79. Arnold Mojados

    Liam gallagher new band??

  80. Daniel Rockwell

    Dear parker plz stay pop punk

  81. Elias Rosales


  82. Devin Grace


  83. Kira Michele

    OBSESSED with this song. Can’t stop replaying it. Chilling lyrics that make me emotional but it’s also a fuckin bop. So glad they’re making music again 👏🏻

    Bhutt Boi Faart

    Lol you sound as stupid calling this a bop as we did saying “that’s so sick” when I was younger. I love how youth slang stays so bad.

    Kira Michele

    @Bhutt Boi Faart I'm 25 but thanks for being so condescending for no reason :) Let people enjoy things

    Jay Mazella

    Bhutt Faart You start your sentence with ‘lol’ yet make a sanctimonious remark implying that you see yourself as being above youth culture.

    Makes perfect sense to me m8

  84. playcash

    where's your energy parker?

  85. Aghi Rocket

    say hi from indonesia!

  86. Ahiro avec un o

    Where Peter found his jacket ? Just wanna know xd

  87. Stacy Johnson

    Love these guys but God damn I have no idea what hes saying over half of the time

  88. Robson jacob

    Come to Brazil!!!

  89. Grace Camille

    Ughh take me back! This was my first time seeing them. So fucking good!

  90. David Pearce

    Acts like a young Ian Brown.

  91. MollieVerra

    Fuck this is amazing. Their new album gave me eargamins. Loved every song..

  92. Johnny G

    p o p p u n k h a s le f t t h e c h a t

  93. Gustavo Goméz

    Come to Brazil 💚😛💛