Story So Far, The - Phantom Lyrics

It's harder to attract you
Used to dye your denim
In my parents bathroom
I can feel your phantom
All of me is dark blue
Picture you just dancing
Dancing in your old room
Damn it's such a bad view

Cause it's hard to attract you
Got me so dark blue

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Story So Far, The Phantom Comments
  1. otaku 0080

    Can someone please tell me the full albums name please lol

  2. Noehmi Soliz

    what exactly is the meaning behind this song ?

  3. Abbi V

    This song will always relate to me in the worst way.

  4. Issa Lamp

    Oh my god it's been literal years and this shit still hurts

  5. SuperNova04

    *Cause it’s hard to attract me so dark blue...*


    Who’s pumped for the story so far’s fourth album????

  7. smash bash

    Does anyone know what the lyrics are about? It sounds like its about a friend who moved away or died

  8. Cassandra Velazquez


  9. Torrin Hadley

    in a mood 💙

  10. ReneeDreams

    This song sounds so much like "Motorcycle Drive By" by Third Eye Blind...#vibes. The first time i heard this song....I felt like I had heard it before...and then I remembered "Motorcycle Drive By" from my college days (yeah...I'm almost 40)

  11. lain s

    This is the crazy wales(jaydon wale)shit

  12. Alex Trujk

    e jmek te pupa tata :*

  13. trinidydae

    Who's jey wale or however you spell it. I came here cause my friend was fangirling over this song on instagram so I finally listened to it and I'm in lOve

  14. Stephany Wilson

    Is this a love song or a break up song?

    Steve Aitch

    Stephany Wilson why not both :)

  15. Zer Prodigyy

    All these jeydon wale comments, I'm here because I have a great taste in music

  16. Christian Olson

    If I ever die..please play this at my funeral

    Sam Weber

    You'll die dude, don't worry

    Coming To Terms

    Sam Weber haha way to make him feel confident about that

  17. Genesis Cruz

    All of my is dark blue...

  18. goeataflyugly

    I feel like I'm the only one NOT feeling this song. Like, this has ought to be the ONLY song that I don't enjoy by tssf. It sucks even more (imo) because I can tell that they're going more into this direction and away from pop punk.

  19. Erika Palafox

    I'm so glad that I came across this song.

  20. ant

    love this song

  21. Mark Canales

    Stfu about Jeydon Wale lmao literally 80% people here don't know who that is.

    Caspurr Graal

    I do, I love him <3~


    Mark Canales no

  22. Juliet Moon

    When I saw them in April and Parker was singing this it looked like he was trying not to cry and it made me cry ;-;

  23. lily

    i love this band so much. every single member. theyre all so talented and the instruments are always on point. and i can pretty much always relate to the songs, allows me to get out the anger and sadness i feel at times. wish i wouldve gotten more into them when they were less popular tho.


    what's wrong with being popular?


    +cats in my hoodie nothing i just prefer their older stuff whenever they were less popular. they dont play my favorite song off of under soil & dirt anymore (which is also my fav album) either since they gotta play their new stuff. idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


    +___ all musicians do that. Popular or not. You play the new stuff

  24. dftbaz

    i shower my butthole to this music


    hi friends

    Brent Duffey

    the hell

    Christian Olson

    That's so pop punk


    dftbaz u wild

  25. Noah Dobson

    I always seem to attach a song to girls that I've really liked and I just came upon this song and the shoe fits. I thought this girl in my class was given me signs on Twitter that she liked me and developed feelings for her that turned into an infatuation of course. It took guts but I finally asked her if she liked me and she was completely surprised. Turns out she likes someone else that she's been given hints to on Twitter. She told me she never liked me in that way. This song goes out to her. I'll miss you breanna.

  26. Jack Nack

    What this have to do with jeydon wale

    sienna x

    his fave band x


    who is jeydon wale

    abigail c.

    a youtuber

  27. Salvador Navarro

    Am I the only one who wasn't brought here by Jey?

    Sanctioned Taco

    +Salvsdor Navarro I bought the LP on the release date, fell in love instantaneously.

  28. Carley marie

    all these emo kids here because of Jeydon wale make me want to rip my hair out (-:

    Nicole -

    Carley likes flowers Hahah tis me your talking about :)

    Alexandria Colvin

    +Fallen Stan go away then


    Alexandria Colvin lol dickhead


    Carley marie who dat

  29. Sinister Wolf

    How many other fothermuckers are here because of jey wale


    Um, yes

    Aoife Darcy

    hell yeah

    Caspurr Graal


    Nicole -

    Sinister Wolf666 This Fother Mucker right here 👋

  30. Kerowyn Jones

    jeydon got me obessed

  31. asdf

    imagine this song with a second verse..

  32. Bria 908

    I miss you with every fiber in my being

  33. megan mcnaboe

    I s anyone here because of jeyden wale? no? okay.

  34. Swagcat

    This absolutely fucks me, It just fucks me with feels. In all seriousness this is such a heartfelt and beautiful song.

  35. Anna Kenton

    got here from Jaydon (MDE) and I love it!

  36. Isä Flores

    why doesn't parker sing like this all the time its beautiful

  37. Isä Flores

    why doesn't parker sing like this all the time its beautiful

  38. queserasierra

    Jeydon Wale brought me here. Fuckin amazing song.

  39. 90shackerlesbian

    jeydon brought me here .. 💕

    Matt Nolen

    me too!



  40. Nafisa Ahmed

    I'm here because of Jeydon. But I really like them. Damn.


    me too:D

    lain s

    Nafisa Ahmed same

    the microscopic banana

    Nafisa Ahmed same

    Mazie O’Reilly

    Me too!

  41. Lorna Marie

    Am I the only one here cause of jeywhale?

    LittleLeaf AJ

    @Lorna Marie :D Nope. I just came here cuz of him XD

    Britney S.


  42. avoidconfusion

    Would love to hear the meaning behind this song. Is this about someone who died or "just" a breakup?

  43. Kyra Sanmiguel

    This song is so addicting

  44. Kyra Sanmiguel

    I.. love it :)

  45. Tyler Botelho

    I think this is my favorite song by them when they get all shoegazey

  46. Machoo Sen

    Giving me the Feelsss

  47. Abi Farrow

    Am I the only one listening to this because jeydon wale said that this was his favorite song. Anywhore I love this song and the album <3<3<3

  48. Liquid Mind

    Definitely a good song to play when you're in a shitty mood. 10/10

  49. Jasmine Morgan

    Jey whale brought me here. Love the song <3

  50. Joe Moser

    Got me some dog poo

  51. Paddie Corley

    It's scary how beautiful these particular vibrations on my eardrums are

  52. The Adjective

    I love this.

  53. My Friends Call Me Lou

    It's harder to attract you
    Used to dye your denim
    In my parents bathroom
    I can feel your phantom
    All of me is dark blue
    Picture you just dancing
    Dancing in your old room
    Damn it's such a bad view

    It's like a reminder of me and my ex girlfriend back when I was 17


    Colonel Bishop that’s why I’m here homie haha. Bought this on vinyl for my girlfriend when I was 16. This was her song. I’m happy now but ya can’t help but go back sometimes and just think back on it

  54. Page Thomas

    Kinda sounds like Alica In Chains... Anyone else get that vibe?

  55. Nicholas DiCiancia

    favorite song on this record

    haley Ny

    It's amazing

    Nicholas DiCiancia

    I know!!

  56. TinUser

    They sound like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus here.

  57. Morgan B

    "Pictured you just dancing" great lyric

  58. Timothy Clark

    best song on this album imo

  59. johnboyc5

    I can so picture a music video of this being really trippy. Or I can also see this being used in a movie like someone having a flashback during a moment of chaos or someone doing something messed up like OD'ing and that person fading out while this song plays and this song would give it a really weird vibe for it...

  60. Crimson Perry

    The intro was like Title Fight's old hazey shit. Is Kellen Kellen it with an Upright Bass?

  61. Kevin Konig

    Real Friends like sleepy eyes and bony knees, TSSF likes blue.

  62. Dana Armstead

    who hurt him so bad that he feels colors? but i still love the album .

  63. Charlotte Koskamp

    This song is so intense, this is my favourite of their new album :) The story so far just keeps getting better and better

  64. MrSnipes91


  65. Our Odyssey

    Anyone know what this song is about?

  66. Jacob Ingram

    Why can't this song be longer???? It's fucking beautiful

  67. All My Heroes Are Dead

    Why doesn't YouTube have a repeat button :c

  68. Joseph Aguilar

    This one hits home..

  69. Talitha Naomi

    I want this entire album to become a human so I can take it on dates and show it off to everyone

  70. 01UofMfan

    They definitely should make a acoustic version of this song!

  71. anoceanbetween

    A lot of people are commenting about the blue imagery in the music, but I really love it. It gets me in this vibe and it's like I can feel what Parker is feeling. I can't think of any other artist that has done that. Real Friends has the "sleepy eyes and bony knees" motif, but that doesn't give me any feelings like TSSF's blue lyrics have been able to do.

  72. oh, bother.

    Definitely the most memorable song on this whole album.

  73. Pootie2Good

    I think they're writing a poem...

    Under soil and dirt,
    what you don't see.
    The story so far.

    Zack Neves

    @Pootie2Good Under soil and dirt, /what you don't see (are)/ songs of/ the Story So Far.


    @Zack Neves ...? That's the point.

    Zack Neves

    Songs of is the EP, it wasn't mentioned.

    el WirØ

    @Pootie2Good haiku*

    Color Me Leighzy

    Proper Dose

  74. Alexis Kart

    does anyone have the chords for this omg

  75. Natalie Csapo

    Favorite on the album after How You Are. shit, the feels are real

  76. Monique T.

    Whats with these guys and colours? aha

  77. Ally Beehm

    Haven't been able to stop listening to this song, I love it so much

  78. Dominic Widdop

    Oh baby a triple

  79. skykelly26

    I wouldn't be opposed to a 10 hour version

  80. robbybelen

    Parker sounds so different in this song! In a good way, of course.

  81. Devin Ruiz

    The guitar work is so fucking good on this album!!!

  82. Jordan Kidd

    I hear a slight American Football influence? It's been awhile since I've listened to a song that makes me tear up. Thank you tssf. You continue to impress me.
    -sincerely a fan from Day one.

  83. Moose Factory

    I'm feeling this whole album.
    Another great one TSSF!

  84. Julie Tommo

    And with THIS song their new album officially becomes the most perfect thing ever this is going on the shelf of the albums of my life

  85. Clayton Isham

    used to dye your denim in my parents bathroom
    i can feel your phantom
    all of me is dark blue

  86. Bri

    I love how they reference colours as feelings lots in their new album and some other songs. I really dig it

  87. Neil Duran

    I love this so much ahhh

  88. Jacob Mckay

    Favorite song on the album

  89. Michael M

    Such a chilled song, love it

  90. We're All Thieves

    much indigo,
    so dark blue,

  91. Chica Rawwr

    This song is not like they at all :c

  92. Molly Cullinan

    First navy blue, now dark blue, whats next, navy light blue????

    David De La Cruz

    @Jason LovesPWD marine

    JDM Cody

    Molly Cullinan don’t forget indigo


    Molly Cullinan sky blue baby blue

    Phantom Thief

    Midnight Blue.


    Feelin' W O A D

  93. Belen Williamson

    This song has a very third eye blind feel to it and it's almost like an interlude. Nice, I dig.

  94. Daniel Balmer

    Blue. Blue, Navy Blue, Navy Indigo, Blue, Dark Blue. Blue Blue BLUE BLUE BLUE!

  95. Plug Your Ears

    Best song on the album?

  96. Hunter Eastep

    This is a million different kinds of perfect