Story So Far, The - Out Of It Lyrics

Leaning on a bad knee
Don't really wanna be with anyone
Can you hear in my key?
How can you not see it's not always fun
Wait and score, speed back
Lock the door, just pour, I'm getting numb
Not enough, gimme more soda
Soaking through the floor of 51

My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone
My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone

Glue me into my seat
Spill onto my feet and let it run
Cause I am all that you need
The hunger I feed, my loaded gun
Always sore in my back
From the spine that I lack to really be done
That's enough, no more
Barely breathing anymore

Ask me how did I let this get worse?
Dove through the mud for my verse
Tell me how many wounds can you nurse?
Dive into nothing headfirst

My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone
My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone

It's holding on but barely by the edge
You always ask me where I go
I'm high now, I'll hide it from
You and her, my closest friends and everyone

My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone
My appropriate opiate
Has me out of it, out of it
I can't believe you're still upset, get over it
And leave me alone

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Story So Far, The Out Of It Comments
  1. Manny Blackstar

    Shitty recording

  2. skraunchy tids

    I needed to hear this. I can get over it.

  3. גל הלפרין

    I can't stop listening to this powerful

  4. Jon Settles

    This version is still better than the album version. Sadly. Makes me wonder what the rest of the songs would've sounded like without being over produced.

  5. Owen Graziano

    “Soda soaking through the floor, I’m barely breathing anymore.”

    Damn, that’s rough.

  6. Revivify

    the audio mixing on this video vs the spotify version of the song is really terrible..


    There are 2 versions on youtube and on spotify


    @Grimrae ah didn't realize that, interesting

  7. Evan Frazier

    This was actually mixed by Tom Lord Alge vs. Sam Pura who usually mixes all their stuff. There were time constraints and logistical problems in the recording process and they wanted to get this single out before their tour so they sent it out to get mixed elsewhere. I really like this sound vs the album though, which is strange because all their previous albums with Sam sounded great to me


    i think the new album was supposed to sounds a bit more pop

  8. Jon Rowland

    I feel this

  9. Jayce Zucc

    2019 anyone?

  10. Zach A

    Haven't listened to any decent music like this since probably 2009. Heard "December FT Mark Hoppus" by Neck Deep a few months ago and realized what I was missing. TSSF, Neck Deep, and State Champs are a few of the band bringing back all the middle school and high school years for me. Hard to believe that bands like Blink-182, Yellowcard, NFG, MCR. and Brand New managed to fade at all. If you even remotely enjoy any of them you will probably love Neck Deep, TSSF, State Champs, Stand Atlantic, and so many more. Hard a lot of hard times in the early 2000s and it seems to be a recurrence in 2017 and beyond. So glad I found these guys I bought all the CD's (I KNOW I'M OLD AF LMAO) TSSF and Neck Deep have dropped. Strictly to support them and hopefully get more people supporting them and get some more music out of them.

  11. Michele Guerra

    I must have listened to this at least 100 times between here and Spotify

  12. cuffed jeans

    Listen to this version, then listen to the album version. They're the same song, yet they're so different.

  13. GD Audio

    I wish this was the production style for the full album. Regardless, this HAS to be up there with The Glass, Quicksand, How You Are, Mt Diablo, etc.. all the epic pop punk jams of the century.

  14. Stefan Valerio

    Prefer this mix to the album version

  15. Xenia Lončar

    My appropriate opiate has me out of it, out of it🖤

  16. Fatefullyyou

    Glue me into my seat spill under my feet and let it run

  17. slayer686

    Honestly, is there a song that's as catchy and hard at the same time? Hands down my favorite song ever now. So good I had to get it tattooed on me.

  18. TheRealMacster

    I use this as my entrance music for the indie wrestling promotion I wrestle for in Ireland

  19. bigdog440sp

    Hey Pure Noise Records, can you give us a version of "Keep this Up" like this?

  20. Ryan Venancio

    Ya'll should watch my drum cover of this tune! Great song

  21. Jeff Cavalier's Blue Marker

    The Story So Far, Neck Deep, State Champs, and Knuckle Puck. The four bands that introduced me into the world of Pop Punk . Forever grateful...

  22. Nick Damron

    I'm on a tssf kick right now get the [email protected]#* outta my way...

  23. Shark Bait

    Such a beast of a song!

  24. Rudy CantFail

    Shit, he's sippin that laundry sauce.......

  25. Sean Krekel

    This version is different then the album version and i like that. gives me a different version i can enjoy and i know its by you guys!!! basically less keyboard more bass n guitar in this one i feel. but maybe its just me.

  26. lily


  27. Joe Sizlack

    I like the single version of this song more than the album version

    Skev Beats

    iTs In ThE MiX MaNe

  28. Nolan Frye

    Can't wait to listen to this in 10 years and be nostalgic about the way things are now.

  29. The ABacross

    I love the original more then the album version

  30. Hanii Honeyy

    0:58 "Till we hit the quan"

  31. Riza Yudhistira


  32. TheH elloman

    reminds me of the flatliners

  33. Trevt Dfggg

    I love this song

  34. Dylan

    the new version is different or is it just me?


    Yeah they redid it for the new album

  35. Billy Barbosa

    im angsty too

  36. bigwillblahblahbla

    While you where sleeping is there best CD. All there cds have great songs tho just that's my favorite.

  37. Andrew Schwartz

    The final mix that made it to the album hits so much harder than the single

  38. DaShazamz

    Album version is different and I hate it

  39. Adrian Lindorfer

    This version is miles better then the album version in my opinion :/


    Yeah I can't help but think that I would have enjoyed the entire album more if it sounded like this

    Jengo Fett

    @h4rdd album sounds too clean. No emotion


    Now i can re-binge this song

    Evan Frazier

    This was actually mixed by Tom Lord Alge vs. Sam Pura who usually mixes all their stuff. Theres an interview on youtube where Sam talks about it, but I do prefer this version to the album

  40. Poke

    Interesting hearing the differences between this version and the one on the album. Both good, slightly prefer the album version.

  41. royisadude

    My favourite song by them. So good can't wait for proper dose!!

  42. Houdeani

    If you like this song get the album the album version is fucking awesome


    Really awesome

  43. Raphy Blue

    I can’t belive Liam joined the band.

  44. Grimrae

    Can anyone tell me what this song is about?


    Opiate addiction and how it was affecting his life

  45. Maria Beatriz H. B.

    i ve heard It billions of times and still love It

  46. Kis_topher

    That break down at 2:05 and then late back in with the drums shortly after is just perfectly written !!

  47. Dover

    This is super 2011 blink182

  48. Yaya Chan

    I just can't stop listening to that song that's insane

  49. kane daly

    Wish I didn't lack a spine

    Thomas Gaines

    kane daly same

  50. Haryo Sinandra

    Tom Delonge will be fit in this song?

  51. Quinton Sisler

    the catchiest thing they've ever done

  52. Normie Peasant

    This and "Let it Go" are probably may favorite songs of TSSF.
    I love all their albums, but these songs are something different.
    They're relatable and honest, to the point of making some of the people in these comments uncomfortable.

    If you don't love these songs, that's totally fine. These ones probably weren't meant for you.

  53. Mikel Jackson

    Double nut

  54. hfwrestling45 Harold

    I'm like 80% sure this song is about being addicted to lean.

  55. Brandy Jones

    Gunna be snorting some ps to this album x)

  56. TheOPIaddict

    This song I instantly loved!

  57. UnitedStatesOfHockey

    As long as Proper Dose has some of this good shit I'll be a very happy fan

  58. James Guthrie

    The band that spawned a million other copy cat bands I fear has been surpassed by it's spawn which I suppose is every parent's dream.

  59. gimli1212

    I really really enjoy the song and lyrics, BUT I feel like I’m the only one who doesn’t like at all how they produced Parker’s vocals on the track. Just my opinion though

  60. OG BB

    "Wait, score, speed back, lock the door, just pour
    I'm gettin' numb
    Not enough, gimme more soda
    Soaking through the floor of 51"
    "My appropriate opiate has me out of it, out of it"

    Is this song about lean? hahahah

    Joseph Lockette

    OGBB 6422 HAH never thought of it that way but that sounds about right 😂

  61. Anakin Hart

    New album in September!

  62. Sam Malone

    I miss you guys

  63. Jacob Boschert

    And now we are finally going to be getting Proper Dose! By the time the record comes out this song will be a year old lmao

  64. cuntcrusher

    this songs totally about lean


    Are we sippin lean in pop punk now


    Album is out September 21st!!!

  67. Scott Tryggestad

    GUYS ITS FINALLY COMING!! September plz come sooner 😭😭😭😭

  68. Joseph Lockette

    Sep 21 ⏳⏳

  69. Brawling Beast

    Amazing Song.

  70. AverageMike

    No relationship has shit on The Story So Far the way they played us with only releasing one song within the past 10 months

  71. Don lilliard


  72. After The Calm

    TSSF announced new music today! God bless.

  73. zachary backus

    half of these views gotta be me. anyone else help chip in? haha

  74. Dev Men

    I love this song ouffff

  75. Dev Men

    If any wondered what visuals looked like on LSD, this is a pretty good example.

  76. Suspend Wish when

    To anyone who doesn’t know, they just teased a new album with this vibe so be prepared for it to drop anytime.
    September 21, get ready.

  77. Desiree Gutierrez

    where's the new music though?

  78. Júnior Bastos

    I look forward to enjoying the new album, from my favorite band!

  79. Kidd Lich

    So are yall done ?
    Havent seen nothing sense this

  80. docfabz

    Damn, didn't know how much I needed to listen to this.

  81. trevor hansard

    *Dick firmly pressed against zipper*

  82. Kaleb Nolan


  83. TheAlmightyStan

    Pretty much any TSSF song sounds sick when you speed it 1.25

  84. Alberto De Ycaza

    The raw music, with real lyrics and no bullshit is the best! VAMO TSSF CARAJO!

  85. Jackson The Epic

    Almost 9 months....

  86. Jacob Ranjbaran

    Where the FUCK is the album

    Andrew Butler

    ayye thank you for speaking my mind homie

  87. Justin Principe

    I feel out of it

  88. Oliver Forster

    Still waiting. Please.

  89. Lewy G

    New album already please?
    Tired of listening to this on repeat, thinking about what the next album might sound like.
    3 years and still waiting 😭

  90. mx_valentin

    Love it. What a great song. Can't wait for the Album. Great hit guys. Keep going. I'm ready for a major surprise this year soon! :-)

  91. Meat Sauce

    Holy 2011 Batman

  92. Myles Corcoran

    high expectations for the new album beyond stoked

  93. Rudi Setiawan

    rage, emotional, simple, awesome


    Over 3 years since the last album. 8 months since you blue ball us with this. The hype for the album dying.

  95. Kerensa Loadholt

    please release a new album i'm gonna cry agghhh

  96. SleepingElite4

    Where's this new album????

  97. No.Comply

    summer 2018?

  98. TrinityRourke

    God damnit I'm drunk singing Story So Far songs again, thinking of her
    Oh fucking well

  99. Kevin Michel Cuevas

    Alguien habla español?

    Kevin Michel Cuevas

    Yuuzou nadie conoce a the story so far :(

  100. Color Me Leighzy

    It's been many months.