Story So Far, The - Mock Lyrics

How can I just break it off,
to leave for good and never talk?
I’m about to write it out for you to mock.
Clear my mind for the thousandth time.
I’ve been too involved to call it off.
I've been away for so long all I’ve got are
weak foundations, wishful thoughts,
and all around a greater view.

How do you think that that’s okay?
To still like all the things I play?
To still try not to walk my way?
I taught you all those things I say.
It's nothing like it used to be.
There’s no more of what I used to see.
But you help me with my honesty
while I’m yelling at your ghost.

Make things worse. I always seem to make things worse,
cause I can't seem to shake this curse,
I can't seem to put you first.
And I spend all my time with you in my hindsight,
got so many questions that I'll ask when the times right.

How can I just break it off,
to leave for good and never talk?
How can I just break it off,
to leave for good and never talk?


And when you finally see the scope,
feel the ghost grip of my choke.
I won’t know you, or love you less
and it’ll be effortless


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Story So Far, The Mock Comments
  1. Kayleigh Furia

    Always find myself humming or singing the words to this song

  2. Nathan García

    I knew it was going to be a great song since he started with the guitar

  3. VosssoV

    This honestly helps dealing with being dumped so much. The lyrics are spot on. If you’re ever going through heartbreak just always remember you’re not alone.

  4. Coping Season

    Personal favorite

  5. PartyNowStudyLater

    2019... and The Story So Far is just about the only thing making it worthwhile...

  6. Caleb Groncki

    Just got to this place where, where can't stop them, they don't listen to me.
    I'd do just about anything for them. It's like watching your family kill themselves.

  7. Caleb Groncki

    I tell them too.

  8. Caleb Groncki

    I DO CARE.

  9. Caleb Groncki

    And it's not funny all the time.

  10. Caleb Groncki

    Stop blaming other people, start taking responsibility.

  11. Caleb Groncki

    Fool me once, shame on you.
    fool me twice, shame on me.
    Fool me three, times, it's go time.

  12. Caleb Groncki

    I don't even care about the pot, it's the meth, and all the other stuff.

    It's like there are kids in the house.
    All I do is fight, just makes it worse.

    Cops out with "dont judge me"

  13. Caleb Groncki

    I don't want them to die.

  14. Caleb Groncki

    Think about health. I have a right to be concerned.

    And I'm probably kicking it for them.
    If I can do it they can do it.

    Just frustraiting
    They don't listen to me.

  15. Caleb Groncki

    It was fun in my teenage years and early 20's.

  16. Caleb Groncki

    Like the fact that if I joined in I would have a place to stay / live.

  17. Caleb Groncki

    Just makes me angry.

  18. Caleb Groncki

    It's always ALWAYS about the dope

  19. Caleb Groncki

    I gave 5 years of my life to that family.

  20. Caleb Groncki

    And it happens everytime.

  21. Caleb Groncki


  22. AMAC

    Damn man, this all just brings me back. I never thought time would move so quickly, I'm out of high school this year, & shit is so real to me now. All of the times I thought would last forever are all memories now & shit seems like it'll never be the same.

  23. Phantom Thief

    "I've been too involved to call it off"
    Oh man 💔

  24. Mikey James

    Everything they put out is perfect. Everything. Every song.

  25. Phillip Walker

    Whose here in 2019?

  26. Houdeani

    Does this have the same lyrics as another song?

  27. Tristan Smith

    Still don’t get how you guys haven’t blown up more 🤦🏽‍♂️ hope you come to Chicago

  28. Grày Gód Îndrà

    Am I the only one who plays this song in a low volume for the first 3 seconds then suddenly max it out to full at the fourth second?

  29. Filip Nomark

    please tell me the letters are moving i feel my sanity level lowering in rythm with my drugs

  30. Jibby Jib

    Inga where you at broooooo <3

  31. Oppsie

    Also I love TSSF

  32. Oppsie

    To everyone writing lyrics and shit. They’re in the description. Just saying 🤷🏻‍♂️

  33. Sean Krekel

    I think you should probably get the lyrics right.

  34. George Garza

    this album me through some shit , deep shit.

  35. Adam

    Thank God for letting me find this band🛐

  36. Diamond-Tooth Placenta

    You know its a fucking great band when there are only 42 dislikes.

  37. davidromancelly

    Will they make another album for 2017 ?

  38. ericka oeckel

    i love how they got almost like 3 albums all about hate and anger for one girl xD still so damn amazing songs <3

    Shawn Davis

    I have figured out just by listening to them for awhile that they are writing about a girl but do you mind providing backstory for who she is and what happened? Thanks if you can <3

  39. Dumpy

    1.5 speed is sick

  40. Andrew Mclalin

    I just found this band about a week ago, but damn they are good. Every member of the band kills it.

    Ryan Wheatley

    Andrew Mclalin Yeah bro found this band 2016 they are so sick dude rock on :)

  41. disgruntled black man

    1.25x Sounds pretty good. The voice is a little off, but the music itself sounds damn good.

  42. tired_tiger

    didnt really like this album on the first if say its my favorite of theirs so far. def a grower.

  43. Jose Beltran

    it is just me or do i wish that this and other good songs would last longer than 3 or 4 min???


    Jose Beltran that's just you

  44. Allison Wulfhorst

    Hyped to see them at warped this year, their music make me want to crowd surf

    Matt Cadena

    Allison Wulfhorst I missed it I was so mad!

  45. UVV Protein


  46. SlappyDaBass

    I'm so glad I heard them on pandora because I e listened to this whole album twice now

  47. Michael Dennis

    This album made my 2015 summer 10k time better that's for sure. I will be jamming this when I'm fucking 80.

  48. eva rae

    I, newly introduced to this band am conflicted.
    I really can't seem to like how they sound but I love the lyrics.

  49. Javier Torres

    My ears got a boner.

    David Hollingsworth

    +Javier Torres you got a bonear

  50. MrFlockentoast

    I love that their evolving their music and style, its pretty polarizing from previous works, it really shows they've grown. Best album yet.

  51. Tyren Ty

    my favorite song on the album!!!!!

  52. Chica Rawwr

    MAKE. THINGS. WORSE. I always seem to MAKE. THINGS. WORSE.

  53. Esai G.

    can't wait to shred the gnar to this album

  54. chanelnadia

    this song is way too addicting

  55. Evie Meow

    thnnnnx cacaboo

  56. nstlgc

    This album came out like the day after a 3 year relationship ended. shoutout to tssf for single handedly getting me through that bullshit, and through the current bullshits

  57. Riley Plourde

    wheres the rest of the lyrics

  58. Xenia Lončar

    great album!

  59. Joseph Planer

    First album hearing from them to be honest. Very unique rhythm they use. From all the songs I'm hearing from them so far.

  60. sublime654321

    IT didn't have to grow on me. I read the lyrics Hated my ex's, all of um! and damn I loved it !

  61. lolfroobface

    This song has the least views, but is the best song on the album. Aight.

  62. DearKareenn

    I fell in love with this album. Anything the story so far plays brings my heart to take control over me. I'm a fucking detached person, but I truly catch my emotions with this.

    Alex Manka

    Shit i fell in love with you, your amazing!


    Wow that's really sweet of you Alex! With me? :D

    Alex Manka

    Of course you're cute as fuck!


    @Alex Manka Oh thank you so much! ^///^ You're so sweet lol. I don't know what to say. c:

  63. Ryan Hall

    my favorite song off the album!

  64. Marcos Rodes

    Good vibes yo

  65. perkyoranges 2

    good anime

  66. troyissmexy

    if i see this fucking red bull ad one more fucking time

  67. Julian Lopez

    "What you don't see" was such a better album than this one

  68. Mike Sorrentino

    This one is my personal favorite. I think the song has one of the strongest choruses of the album.

  69. Dennis O'Brien

    This whole album"s so good maybe better then what you don't see and under the soil and dirt but in all honesty it has a giant "fuck you but seriously I still love you" kinda sound to it it's so personal but then again all their songs are but still a great band

  70. Matt LeClerc

    I feel like this album really has to grow on you but once it does it's fucking incredible.


    Yeah tbh I only heard clairvoyant and navy blue. And when I listened to them with electric guitars and drums it was so different. Nerve barely started growing on me. I guess I'm not used to a singer screaming like that but now it sounds incredible :D

    Bria ss

    Matt LeClerc :)

    Funny Man

    it was whatever to me for a few years, just a month ago it fucked me good! now its all i been listening to lately!

    Phillip Walker

    I was hooked immediately. Solo started itm didnt find them until last year in february and theyre my absolute favorite

    John Smith

    Same with every album of theirs for me

  71. satch402

    I just uploaded a full band cover of this kick ass song to my channel. This band has and will always be my favorite. TSSF for life!

  72. Gariela Torres

    Wish they would have performed this!

  73. Holly Cassidy

    All these pop punk songs remind me of my ex-girlfriend.. I love tssf so much 💕

  74. Haten on Moto

    Why would you be so mean and not put all the lyrics

  75. Andrew Ruotolo

    Every song on this album is absolute gold...


    @Andrew Ruotolo Ehh, I'd say it's more dark blue-ish..

    Syco Larry

    @yuudachi.poi well it's not painted black


    Well that's good, it used to be golden the last time I checked.

    OminousakaKelly Studios


    Bria ss

    Andrew Ruotolo Yess!

  76. georgedrumz93

    I suspect Parker might have synesthesia haha

  77. Slayy The Scene

    i am so FUCKING excited theres more songs up!

  78. noah

    how i feel about this]


  79. Jasmine Morcelo

    This album is going to be a big part of my summer,I'm so pumped

  80. Ghosts

    I spend all my time with you in my hindsight.

    Well how many of us know this feeling. Much feels

  81. chaser derf

    When did 38 become a thing and where did it come from? Lol

  82. Natalie Csapo

    My heart really wasnt ready for such an amazing album

  83. Greg M

    I can't decide what the best song on this album is. It's seriously the soundtrack to the last few months of my life, my shitty senior year of high school.

  84. Matt Sliwinski

    The beginning reminds me of yellowcard

  85. ArronPeaceXI

    it's sounds good sped up too lmao

  86. robbybelen

    His voice sounds so cool when it's less raspy!

  87. Tanios Helou

    Fuck.. That just killed me.

    Lyrics hit home so hard.

  88. Samuel Pérez

    How can I just break it off 
    and leave for good and never talk 

    ^Damn... <3

  89. Reno’s Sword

    This is my summer anthem.

  90. Zach Hussey

    This song at 1.25 is fucking amazing

  91. Emi rasol

    Yep, favorite one.

  92. Ryan Bewick

    It's 3am but I don't care. Priorities are priorities ❤️

    Michelle Cobb

    @Ryan Bewick 1:40am here / now - I concur.

    Bria ss

    Ryan Bewick :)

  93. apogee

    that opening guitar tone makes me wanna take a bath SO DIRTY!!!

  94. Pick 6

    ahhh this was the one in the album teaser #2!

    Chase Rowan

    @A1 JakesSauce Came here to say this haha

  95. Michael Jovanovski

    This song hits home. Also, great writing all around.

  96. Joshua Roman

    Best one.. And nerve

  97. jhofmann27

    Ive been checking near hourly for more songs to release. Then I get to wake up to 7 new songs. fuck YES