Story So Far, The - Keep This Up Lyrics

Chase me, fill in the gap now
Gold in my iris
I miss how the waves sound
I haven't talked to my brother
In over a year now
I hope that he's still proud

What's with the things I do? Try to disconnect you two
Tore all the fabric from our loom and I hate that
My pessimistic views stem from all the drugs I use
Hide all my guilt inside this bruise, it's my ruse

Phase me, I feel the distance
I hear the cadence
The worst of all my sounds
I wanna see why you love her
Why you're good for each other
But I just don't know how

What's with the things I do? Try to disconnect you two
Tore all the fabric from our loom and I hate that
My pessimistic views stem from all the drugs I use
Hide all my guilt inside this bruise, it's my ruse

Bet if you keep this up
You'll die here all alone
Yet you still fill your cup
Nodding off, nodding off now
Bet if you keep this up
You'll die here all alone
Yet you still fill your cup
Nodding off, nodding off now

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Story So Far, The Keep This Up Comments
  1. just cody

    am i the only one who resents this whole album

  2. Leon Del solar

    Makes me wanna surf all day long

  3. Jay B

    Where dat Acoustic Version!

  4. Bobby Mercer

    Dam cant choose which one has the better ending “If I Fall” or “Keep This Up”

  5. Sai Bea5t

    the story so far is keeping this up

  6. Bra1n Dis3ase

    Imagine at a freggin concert where 2,000 people are listening to this song and 1:55 starts with everyone singing. That would be the best part of my life

  7. Wyatt Riddle

    Long lost track from What You Don't See

  8. Bayani George Edward Angcao

    Tssf making guitar solos and i love iiiit. Ending paaaart

  9. Allie Kitkat

    This song means more to me than anything in the world

  10. milk dad

    i literally caN NOT get over this ending!

  11. B W

    Been listening to this album for a while on speakers and on headphones you really get the production value of the album. Such a better experience on headphones. Such a good album. Def one of my favorites of the year

  12. Malthus

    god i just can’t stop listening

  13. The ABacross

    "I haven't talked to my brother in over a year now, I hope that he's still proud." Damn....

    Nicolas Armstrong

    That one hits hard. "I wonder if he's still proud?" is such a good line.

  14. D S

    Got that 2003 blink 182 feel to it 🤘🤘

  15. bummble1

    Heard this on jjj the other day, what a tune.

    D S

    Didn't know jjj still played good music 😂

  16. Radical Razmataz

    lyrics are heartbreaking

  17. Michele Guerra

    This Is to all the people Who say tssf's last album Is shite

  18. K S

    Damn this band is so damn GOOD. like plz if u agree!!!!

  19. Trevor Baker

    One of the best they’ve ever released true banger! 🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻🤘🏻

  20. FenderFridays

    The starting line feels on that first riff?

  21. GD Audio

    As a recovering heroin addict, I feel this whole album on MANY levels... The most raw album as a whole released by any pop punk band, in my opinion.

  22. Top Frogger

    Okay my dudes, the concurrent albums that TSSF have released over the years have perfectly aligned with me growing as a person. I don't know if I'm the only one, but this is my favorite album *so far* ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) as I've digressed from my angsty teenage years to a mellow early adulthood. The amount of replays of this album I've gone through are immeasurable. Parker, if you see this comment by any remote chance.. the music that you guys have produced have helped me develop in more ways than you can imagine. So, thank you from the bottom of my heart, and Keep This Up!

    Murder HeWrote

    Nice. Keep this up.

  23. Yogi

    love the lilly band ads LOL

  24. Max Hillas

    Sorry fellas, completely dogged this for the top 100.

    If I could, I would.

  25. Conor McGregor

    This band will forever be legendary in the pop punk community. Such a great direction they took with this album

  26. BenjiHazyEyes


  27. Stephen Cassady

    but if you keep this up, you'll die here all alone
    yet you still fill your cup (spoon)


  28. Stephen Mathews

    I love this album and I love "What You Don't See" and all the acoustics. Why couldn't I get into the one before this? Weird. I had almost written them off.... I'm glad I listened to this.

  29. Rudy CantFail

    Is Parker sippin that laundry sauce???????

  30. ozzy ancol

    i love this song

  31. Jamio

    Could listen to the ending on repeat for the rest of my life

  32. Michele Guerra

    Ok, after more than a month of listening of this album I can say this:
    Keep This Up is one of their best songs and my favorite from Proper Dose

  33. Chris Simms

    I made the mistake of overlooking this song when the album came out. Never again 🙌

  34. mopo auto

    i hope everyone in he band are doing good

  35. Luke R

    whats with those things I do? Try to disconnect you two, tore all the fabric from our loom, and I hate that.... My pessimistic views stem from all the drugs I use, hide all my guilt inside this bruise, its my ruse.

  36. Matthew Novak

    Lost my big bro to fentanyl in December. This album is just what I needed ❤

    Devin Leitner

    I lost my father too fent as well. Stay strong bro

  37. Jake Simpson

    found this song from ninja

    Robert Smith

    Did he actually play it in his stream?

    Jake Simpson

    @Robert Smith yeah

  38. kate


  39. DJ LiMA

    this song is written so well

  40. UltraWolfLord

    I feel like this song may help my alcoholic ass. Every time I want to drink, I’m going to hear that end chorus. Thank you Parker.

  41. ThiccMedia

    "Bet if you keep this up, you'll die here all alone." That shit hits so damn hard, I can't help but replay it over and over.

  42. Shane Bergiel

    Can't wait for the tour.. TSSF, Citizen, Movements, Turnover.. BRUH



  44. Alihan Hut

    Tyler posey story

  45. Jackson Iris

    Someone get Parker a phone. He needs to call his brother.

    Josh Cannon

    Jackson Iris we good

    Tim Pierzchala

    @Josh Cannon this is awesome.

  46. Tay Flowers

    The ending is the best thing I’ve ever heard

  47. Erin Xyz

    The way the chorus comes in is just perfect

  48. xJuturna

    Can't stop listening to this song! It has been stuck in my head since I first heard it.

  49. JDD


  50. Dylan Gilbertson

    Chills everytime he says "And I hate that..."

  51. Alfie Dibrowa

    Makes me wanna jump on my skateboard and hill bomb

    Ryan Wheatley

    Alfie Dibrowa so true bro :)


    Wear a helmet please.

  52. Erisu kun

    I was checking this band out cos I heard about them and HOLY SHIT THIS IS MY SHIT

  53. K Briney

    This is THE VERY EXACT ANGST I am on right now OMFG hits the angsty spottttr

  54. Jose Lorduy Beltrán

    Best of this album

  55. Jern Loos

    Saw them yesterday in Antwerp, first day of the Proper Dose tour. I can easily say that this was the best show I've ever been to. The energy was amazing, so much angry fingerpointing.

  56. Emman Na Lang

    Proper Dose is the name of the album because it is the proper dose of pop punk we all need.


    can you tell me where the punk is here? ...all i hear is overproduced vocals and pop sound.

    Emman Na Lang

    Vocals may sound over produced but it still sounds pop punk to me. All I hear is nostalgia for early 2000s pop punk.

  57. Billy John

    i really needed this. one day im gonna make a song like this is swear!

  58. JoeBee

    Fuck yah parkers the man, way to go Mr. Punk Rock

  59. Sam Walden

    Going to be the best song preformed live.

  60. min tzik

    didnt have any kind of expectations for this album. but damn it turned out really really great. they really reinvented themselves. loving every song so far.

  61. Petualang Pikiran

    Yang di jakarta, yuk bikin band

  62. Gnarwolf

    Compare and Conform anyone ???

  63. Bri

    What’s this song about?

  64. Michael Clutch


  65. SSLW B3ATZ

    So sooo good. Legends

  66. LetsROAMaround

    Best song of Proper Dose

  67. Andrew Michalczyk


  68. owningall

    God damn that break was incredible.... “BUT IF YOU KEEP THIS UP, YOULL DIE HERE ALL ALONE. YET YOU FILL YOUR CUP, NODDING OFF, NODDING OFF NOW” god damn that shit is going to RIP live.

  69. Stephen Dre

    Fresh as Vitamin C

  70. Bree



    You guys never disappoints ! Never!!

  72. itsjruff

    Any one else get the While You Were Sleeping vibe from the intro riff??


    Nice PFP!

  73. Lucas Lvr

    That fucking outro man. First the bass and then the unreal vocal line. Might be the catchiest thing they ever wrote.

  74. Justin Rubin

    At the end of the song Parker is talking to himself; saying that if he keeps up his drug habit of cough syrup (promethazine and codeine) he’ll die alone. He knows this, but continues to pour the cough syrup in his cup, making him nod off, a side effect of the drug.

    Also, “nodding off, nodding off now” is also very clever word play, sounding like “not enough, not enough now.”

    Kaine Wauchevy

    Damn my boy be on the lean and off them beans lol

    Shounak Banerjee

    guess lean is a prevalent topic in more than hiphop smh sucks

    Mike Delta

    @Justin Rubin
    Do you know who hes singin about in the chorus?
    He mentioned his brother before, is it bout him maybe?

    Thomas Borem

    thank you for what this song is about i didnt knw that


    idk why everyone is giving you shit, most people wont take the time to look at the literal meaning of the song, and make their own interpretation of it. but its nice to see Parker's actual thoughts and reasoning behind the song, so thank you.

  75. Stephanie Penner

    Best on the album, hands down

  76. Sean Smith

    Yo this song gives me the fucking chills.

  77. Josh Jones

    Sounds like the while you were sleeping ep. Dig it.

  78. trash kid

    i'm so in love

  79. Richard Parker

    This songs tempo reminds me of The Offspring. Sick

  80. We Remotely Low

    This is their best album.

  81. Sodium Lights

    The freaking LADS, yo.

  82. B Watson

    Who’s still listening in 2030?

  83. Joey Sherry

    Absolute bop

  84. michael condori

    Wow this songs amazing .. def a song that can get anyone into this genre of music

  85. Benjamin Davidson

    This whole album gives me the vibe of Blink's Untitled/Self-Titled record

    D S

    In some ways this song sounds so much like Feeling This by blink

  86. Bobbie Mason

    Possibly the best on the album


    What an absolute slapper!

  88. DallengerCheapBand

    This is so reminiscent of early TSSF & I’m loving the shit out of it

  89. inyrui

    am i the only one who doesn't like the album


    It’s not the end of the world if you don’t like it, I personally like the album

  90. Ryan Task

    0:27 this section of the verse is prolly one of my favorite parts of this album

    The Lemon

    That's called a chorus my dude

    Ryan Task

    The Lemon I’ve been waiting for that response. Too lazy to edit lol.

  91. Andreacgd Gd

    Never switched this quickly from porn

    Thomas Ramirez

    what do u like porn or bands lol

    Andreacgd Gd

    @Thomas Ramirez you didn't get it

  92. Coollegs

    This is honestly their best album


    Hello no.WYDS wipes the floor with this

    Stephen Dre

    brownpunk I remember my first beer...

    Jonathan Hartman

    Couldn't agree more.

    John Reeder

    Coollegs they just need more fam to rebuild the lost sound of punk to regain that courage that pop punk still exist, but tbh I don’t consider them pop punk just nice easy mellow punk is more like it.

    Top Frogger

    I couldn't agree more

  93. Andrew Elesbão

    Pra quem disse q essa porra não era POP PUNK.

  94. Blinkysaurus Rex

    Not much of a fan of some of the songs on this album, this one is an absolute fucking tune though, and it will make me give the whole album a real chance.

    Anyone transcribed this yet? I've figured out the lead sections on the chorus, but I can't be bothered to tune back up to standard and figure out the whole thing.

  95. Elliot McCollum

    Best song on the album for sure

  96. João Pedro Souza Penha

    The other songs from this album were great,but I prefer this old-skool style!!

  97. Chase Crawford

    instant banger from the second it comes on.

  98. pallor mortis

    Love love love