Story So Far, The - How You Are Lyrics

Gone now I keep my distance
But still show persistence in trying to find out how you are
It’s really testing my patience, watching you waste this
Life that you have of yours in a bar
And I get the feeling that you’re gonna leave him
Cause you just can’t seem to get off
You’re so appealing, you can get anyone that you want somehow

Patience is useless when I’m sober and you’re wasted
And you don’t wanna hear it, so go on just leave it

Calm down, can’t we get level?
Can’t we be civil? We share a lot of things
And yeah, I think back when it was simple
Before I had earned some, and all I ever did was sing
Been caught under pressure, trying to measure
How I feel ‘bout this whole thing
You’re so appealing, you can get anyone that you want somehow

Patience is useless when I’m sober and you’re wasted
And you don’t wanna hear it so go on just leave it
And I count the times that I’m driving home
I’m talking to myself like I’m not alone
Trying to figure to out who I’ve been running from
Gotta figure out who I’ve been running from

I keep my distance now
Forcing my jaw to smile

Patience is useless when I’m sober and you’re wasted
And you don’t wanna hear it so go on just leave it
And I count the times that I’m driving home
I’m talking to myself like I’m not alone
Trying to figure to out who I’ve been running from
Gotta figure out who I’ve been running from

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Story So Far, The How You Are Comments
  1. Cody Crawford

    Still fucking gets me
    Please go back on tour y'all !!

  2. Hockey&Life etc.

    Sounds like nerve on the second part of the chorus

  3. yung feel

    2019 who is still listening

    Somer Monks

    Love this band!

  4. Trevor Baker

    The opening of the song with the guitar strum, and fade is so beautiful sounding I love it!

  5. spira

    you just cant seem to get off

  6. Jenna Fox

    Who else is still listening to this song in 2018?

  7. Jenna Fox

    Who else is still listening to this song in 2018?

  8. Adhitya Yudha

    this song must be in the Tony Hawk Pro Skater soundtrack, if that game still exist :)

  9. mermaltim68

    It bothers me that for as long as I've heard this song, I'm now relating to it. It hurts soo much😡😠😢😠

  10. Andrew Flintoff

    So many tattoo worthy lyrics.

  11. jords

    rlly wish this was played in live

  12. Mc Clouds

    Hell yeah

  13. Silverstein4

    eargasm 1:45 till end of the song

  14. Ryan Penkala

    this band would be even better if they just tried singing not screaming lol. still a good song

  15. Lidzilla __

    Please put out a new record guys. please.

  16. Nasty


  17. Jengo Fett

    I'll keep my distance now, forcing my jaw to smile....

  18. Provider Music

    Kelen = crushing it on dat bass

  19. Provider Music


  20. AverageMike

    Honestly, this is probably my favorite track on this album. Love the chorus and Kelen on that bass makes me feel things I've never felt before lol

  21. AverageMike

    I don't even smoke weed and I'd smoke a bowl to this

  22. davidromancelly

    Will they make another album for 2017?

  23. Michael Gomez

    The Bass riff at the beggining and end make me feel things....

  24. Izaya Enitan

    By far my favorite album

  25. Sarah Marino

    my everything

  26. Carolina

    me: girl who slipped me this tab? 😳

  27. PartyNowStudyLater

    "Patience is useless when I’m sober and you’re wasted
    And you don’t wanna hear it so go on just leave it
    And I count the times that I’m driving home
    I’m talking to myself like I’m not alone"


    Literally every song I listen to by tssf is giving me goosebumps , I really have to watch them live asap

    Holly Cassidy

    ANDRE ALVAREZ see them. You won't regret it.

  29. Jada Koehler

    Gotta figure out who ive been running from

  30. Swagcat

    Man some girl really fucked up Parker.


    I know right? That girl has some.... ''cheating skillz''.... sry xD

    Jordan Marsh

    funny thing is that Parker doesn't actually write the lyrics

    B R

    He does tho

    Gonzalo Oseguera

    Swagcat honestly

  31. Ryan Fears

    Anyone else think this song would fit perfectly mid-set at warped tour?

  32. Kyle Steven Sanders

    i'm analyzing, discussing, and creating a presentation on TSSF and this song for my written and oral final exam for the wind ensemble in my school. i can't explain how much this album means to me, so it's gonna be rough trying to articulate things beyond the mechanics and music of this piece...


    I hope you did well buddy! Have a great summer?

    Kyle Steven Sanders

    I got an A! I'm having a great one, I hope you are too c:


    nice! hahaha

  33. Lost Soulz

    The chills... from start... to the end... that ending part though..

  34. George Pyott

    Really needed to hear this tonight <3

    Matthew Young

    +George Pyott whats up?X

    Jordan Robinson

    Me too beautiful bear ❤️🐻

    George Pyott

    +Matthew Young Saxo's gone

  35. Matteo Iommi

    this song talks about .. ?
    Show your thoughts

    Christian Spade

    The poosy boss

    Victor Hugo

    Running away from somebody because they're not the right fit for you, mainly due to how they are.

    Jada Koehler

    a girl that broke a guys heart (aka parker). he keeps away from her, but shes always on his mind and he still cares about her, as well as her wellbeing.Parker doesnt like that his former lover is out there partying and not doing something with herself. He tries to tell her but shes too wasted to agree with him.

  36. Super Super

    you're so appealing, you can get anyone somehow"

  37. AverageMike

    Damn Kelen fucking kills on this song. the bass in the beginning is so beautiful

  38. Alisson Alessandro

    esse é o som

    Wendel Freitas Tutti

    Um dos sonhos,coloca na velocidade o.5 fica melhor ainda

  39. Victor Hugo

    I keep my distance now
    Forcing my jaw to smile

  40. Alexandria Kelley

    When I'm sober your wasted... 😒🙄😔😢

  41. Vitapig

    Mmmmmm that bridge though. Love it.

  42. Andrew Bokole

    "I keep my distance now
    Forcing my jaw to smile"

    Best part of the song!!! <3

    Bria ss

    Totally Spaced Out Right Now :)

  43. rockintheguitar

    I sense a lot of taking back Sunday influence in this song

  44. kiwi

    I hate to jump the bandwagon of comments but I can relate to.this track a bit. Had a bf of three years, it was an LDR. He kept me on the edge of claiming he'd get a place for us both so I can move in. Needless to say through those three years all he spent his money on was drugs and alcohol. The only time I would hear from him was if he was either bored and had no one to talk to or high and drunk. Needless to say I was willing to try and work it out but he decided to call it quits. His loss. XD

  45. Justus Jermaine

    best song one the album

  46. cherubalxii

    First song I've heard from them.. I'm ashamed that I didn't know about them earlier. I think I'm in love.

  47. Dani Fachrudien

    fuck Cornetto Adv! i want listening this song

  48. Sierra Madison

    This song and this band gets me through life way more than anyone else. They mean so much to me.

  49. Bassics

    and you'll be hungover all dayyyyy

  50. Amortentia Lain

    voice ♥

  51. Robs Gaming

    The Energy in his voice just gets me goin

  52. Shannon Boehm

    Best song from them yet, in my opinion. They killed it with this album.

  53. Joshua Dooley

    I love how the drummer is initiating rim hits into this album! adds so much character compared to what pop punk drummers usually do....

  54. Taylor Hewitt

    Does anyone else hear a chirping noise from the guitar during the chorus? I've only heard it on this track. Must be the way it was recorded?

  55. Kayla xoxo

    I saw these guys last night, and I got stuck in the mosh pit (I'm only 5ft, and I'm a female) and I got punched in the face, and almost had an anxiety attack.

    Michael McDonough

    @Cursed Kisses Very cool.

  56. Marty S

    If this shit inspires you also, and you live in Denver hit me up and let's create musical fusion. I play the drums. Serious inquires only.

  57. Matt330

    This song going into Phantom is the best part of the album!

  58. GatorZero

    This song is really something. Lots of good vibes. The rhythm is perfect.

  59. Edith Williams

    good stuff tssf i love your new album

  60. Anne Askins


  61. The Adjective

    So good

  62. avoidconfusion


  63. RODAX


  64. Jake

    100th liked :D

  65. Josy navs

    Eternos sean chicos <3 :')

  66. Mr_280

    This albums fire

  67. Bradley McClelland

    My favourite from the album, absolutely love 1:46-2:32

  68. Trash Water

    No other band is even comparable being completely honest

  69. victoriahashope

    I love this, the new album is awesome!!
    New TSSF and Chunk! No, Captain Chunk! albums both released in the same week... I'm not sure I can handle how great this is. No complaints though. :)

  70. Brandon Labat

    That lime is Justin Timberlake lol.

    Peyton Weir

    u got the lime add

  71. Eric Ripper

    I met one of the guitarists after the show in Detroit the other day,  it was pretty cool

  72. Billy Mulligan

    I get a daughters vibe from this…

  73. noah

    holy fucking shit

  74. Aidan Nixon

    The Bory So Far... zZZzzZzZZzZzz

  75. Tuesday Huff

    Every song sounds the fucking same. This band sucks. Parker is a dick.

  76. Kodar

    That bass line. Nuts

  77. BenjiHazyEyes

    love the whole album favorite song has to be heavy gloom or solo but this is raw

  78. Nick Crompton

    Seeing them next Wednesday!!! Can't wait!😃

  79. Devin Ruiz

    Chillest track to me on this album, love the bit at 1:45. Such a talented band

  80. Grizzy

    Have to say, this is my favorite song on the album with scowl has a close second. As a disclaimer though, all of the songs are excellent.

  81. vaize

    Favorite song on the album.

  82. satch402

    This song is an absolute jam! I did an acoustic cover of it on my page if anyone is interested in checking it out!

    Dillon Perera

    @satch402 Dude...that was amazing. I loved it!


    @Dillon Perera Thanks for the kind words!

  83. desistx1

    This whole album makes me think of Summer. I want to get in my car and just drive with this blaring

  84. ATylenol

    That intro with the groove between the drums and the bass was sick!

  85. StayGoldKH

    i hate how this song has an ending.

  86. Savannah Hatley

    "I keep my distance now
    Forcing my jaw to smile"
    this whole song is literally so relatable

  87. Pat Tynan

    Can't wait to see them in NYC. I'm going to jump on someone.

    Ryan Bewick

    Don't forget about the finger pointing brother!

  88. nonexistent

    I keep coming back to this one after playing the whole album

  89. sonicspeed07449

    Easily my favorite song TSSF has ever done. Chords anyone?

  90. Brandy Johnson

    Clicked like before I even played it.... I just know

  91. Totodilite

    This album has absolutely blown me away. It has completely shattered my expectations. TSSF are by far the best band out right now.

  92. Erik Feeley

    Being 100% honest, everyone in the band did an amazing job, but I swear Torf on the drums stole the show. On a whole other level on this album.


    @Erik Feeley Really? Outside of the cool little rimshot parts on a few of the songs, I feel like What You Don't See blew this away from a drumming perspective.

    Erik Feeley

    @satch402 guess i just have a different ear. WYDS was solid. I just enjoy the different things he explored with on this album.


    @Erik Feeley Christ the drum intro to Smile is insaneeee

    Erik Feeley

    @TheFinalJedster613 amen to that. That was the perfect intro to this album

    Ajay S

    For rreealll.

    He's a monster.

  93. Justin Thomas

    definitely my favorite track. well done!

  94. sam hallett

    Love the bridge of this. Them melancholy vibes.

    Andrew Ramirez

    Best moment on the whole record

    Michael Mollins

    Agreed to best moment on the record

  95. Mackenzie Manuel

    This is everything

  96. Hannah Hartman

    My favorite so far 😍

  97. smittyletsgo

    Love it straight away :)

  98. AYAYA

    god bless this whole album