Story So Far, The - Distaste Lyrics

Tell me how your life’s played out down south in the sun
Missing school, so you go out every night and try to have fun
And you still deny and try to hide the smoke from your gun
Think I’ll slip inside and start making you aim at everyone

Why’d you leave it?
Is it because what I chose?
Can you look in my face and explain why you put
Someone else in my place?
And I don’t wanna hear about your trips
And all the time that you waste
No, I’d rather not, I hate the thought
It’s such a distaste

I’ll never match your thievery, as far as this goes
You can’t say you never fucked with me cause everyone knows
And why you always poison everything I try to grow?
Calm somehow, but rising now someday I’ll let you know

Don’t hold much respect for you now
What did you expect to see?
Don’t need to accept your ways now
Go be who you want to be

[Chorus x2]

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Story So Far, The Distaste Comments
  1. Aya Afterlife

    TSSF: Best post-breakup music

  2. Aya Afterlife

    The intro gives me such a States and Minds vibe! <3

  3. Lupe Luna

    You can feel a song even more when you read the lyrics....

  4. Fatefullyyou

    go be who you wanna be

  5. Rodney Wells

    The first year this album came out I was at work spraying weeds (with poison) and this song came on

  6. Jason Meredith

    this album is the weakest link

  7. maddy matty

    ive never had something similar with what the lyrics says but i love how i can put myself in the singers place and how it makes me feel also the rhyme is amazing the lyrics as well

  8. Mik T

    why parker always looks like he is very angry

    Danny Stark

    Mik T i have the same problem,people think im angry when I'm not. Me personally its just my facial features being too serious and harsh.

  9. DT Psycho


  10. Jada Koehler

    this song is just toooooooo relatable to whats been going on with my ex oh my fucking god this is _creepy_ _af_

  11. Julia

    love this

  12. Siavash Massoudi

    Parker's vocals in the chorus kills me every time

  13. Super Super

    gives me chills

  14. Alan Angels

    almost a year since this album came out and I'm still jamming to it

    Taylor Ydg

    Good music doesn't go out of style

    Kirkland Johnson

    but it does.

  15. Brandy Keller

    I love TSSF, but damn she doesn't want to be with you anymore.

    Super Super

    thats the point.

    joshua van leuven


  16. Missy

    on spotify its spelled 'distate', im confused about which it is?

    Buckyroo Fuckyoo

    It would be "Distaste", most likely a spelling error.

  17. otto deleon

    this album 👌🔥🔥

  18. Alex

    Only Three tracks in and I'm loving this album! They remind me of A lighter Rise Aganist with a pop punk twist. Love it!

  19. Its Mags

    The break down in the beginning of the chorus gets me every time

  20. J.M. Tom

    That high note at 2:29 is something else

  21. Dylan James

    "Ima let you finish in a minute Taylor but, I just wanted to say, that The story so far put out one of the greatest albums of all time." -Yeezus

  22. Alex Yap

    thanks TSSF for helping me get through tough times

  23. Aaron Tuckner

    Being replaced by someone is shitty. Found that out the hard way. This album is so relatable it's mind boggling.

  24. Mayla M

    Holy shit this hit the spot

  25. ThiagoSaiz

    guitar game is on point, just listen to this shit, beautiful

  26. Colin Creedon

    best song on the album in my opinion

  27. MrCeasarHdz

    "And why you always poison everything I try to grow." my favorite part in this song.

  28. g0ya tonga

    'distaste': "distance"


    Whoever mixed this suxxx

  30. Marcos Rodes

    my fav from the album :D

  31. Marty S

    If this shit inspires you also, and you live in Denver hit me up and let's create musical fusion. I play the drums. Serious inquires only.

  32. MrQuickMiss

    TSSF is still killing it, had to pick this whole album up.

  33. j s

    Anyone else think that this song title was disaster without the 'r'???

  34. TheMudron

    Makes me wanna start swingin

  35. Poppa Punker

    No offense to anyone, I'm just not feeling this new album at all...

  36. Marcos Rodes

    Love the bridge part, when starts the palm muting

  37. jael leon


  38. noah

    i want to have sex with this album

    Bria ss

    sarah :)


    Do it so do it

  39. George Rapsawb

    I can relate to this on a spiritual level and omg how happy the new album is making meeee

  40. Ryan

    this & Mock are my favorite on the new album

  41. Jaiden Ramirez

    Lets see some music videos !

  42. Brandon Thrapp

    That high note Parker hits at 2:30 is so awesome I hope he can do it live, I can't wait to have my hands on this album

  43. Lee Broadbent

    My favourite track on the album, absolute masterpiece imo

  44. Parker Ayliffe

    I can see myself getting very drunk to this album


    Don't do it. Very bad idea.

    Dascha Loeser

    I don't see myself getting drunk to this album, I saw myself get drunk to this album too many times...too many times...


    Currently drunk to this album....dont do it lol.

  45. Katie Archer

    this album could not have come at a better time

    Aaron Tuckner

    I agree!!!


    @Katie Archer why u going thru some hormonal girly shit?

    Dasani Is Shit Water

    @MikeBizzle87 ROFL...........

    James Ariola

    @MikeBizzle87 wrecked haha


    annnnnd  Hot Fire

  47. AntiR0b0t


  48. Like Lions

    holy shit all i can say is this song is so dope

  49. Stacen Brooks

    Welp this will be the 4th summer filled with TSSF and I love it.
    So pumped to see them in June

    Chase Rowan

    @turd Ferguson Dude I'm seeing them in June too! see ya there brother

  50. TheComment2011

    I do miss there bouncier sound from songs like Roam, swords and Pens, Quicksand etc, but I like this maturer sound and Parker kills it with his vocals on any song so its all good! Can't wait till the album is released!

    Johnny Strachan

    @TheComment2011 I feel like the tone on this album is much darker and that's probably why it's less "bouncy". I miss it too, but the verses on "How You Are" still make me bounce!

    Mike Dunne

    @TheComment2011 Empty Spaces?

    Jay Mazella

    Time. Signatures.


    +TheComment2011 Am I the only one who thinks you can bounce around to these more?

    Quinn Baker

    It's because the song is in 3/4. Several other songs on this album are as bouncy as their older stuff though, like Nerve, Heavy Gloom, and Solo

  51. All Nighter

    We need more yelling at fields


    @All Nighter That video is such a classic!

  52. Daisy Weir

    I can't wait to get my hands on this album!! it's gonna be so good!!

  53. Who hurt you Parker?

    Austin Moore

    @Mushtaq Samim zero chill bro

    Alex Lamerato

    @MARYANA3110 the funniest part of this is that he actually mentions that people keep asking him this question in the song nerve "mad now like i was before, cause somebody's always asking who i do it for, but i dont want to do it for you anymore."

    Earthwalker IHW


    Earthwalker IHW

    psycho.femme p

    Beck Yunckes

    sleepy☁️pupper let's kill her

  54. C Trusz


  55. Jaime Andres Herrera Bustamante


  56. Sadie DeCoite

    I can't

  57. Blake Wurtzler

    Best yet

  58. mckennah landers

    I've loved this fucking band since I was 13.. They never disappoint


    @Liam Morley Hi-5 for you sir hahahahahhaahah

    Comander Bubblez

    They have been around since 2009 but have only been popular since 2013 so unless you live in the walnut creek area I highly doubt this


    @Connor Mcgillis Eh, Under Soil and Dirt came out in 2011, they got pretty popular after that. So they've been relatively well-known for about 3 1/2-4 years, but...doubt still remains, yeah.


    @mckennah landers Keep on loving them, dont listen to pretentious fucks about how long theyve been around, music isnt a competition, cheers

    Anna Michael

    @Connor Mcgillis a) they've been around since 2007 b) they released an EP in 2007, and another in 2010 c) you don't actually know that she ISN'T 17/18 and d) it's perfectly possible that she found out about them pre-USAD via this magical thing called the internet, don't be a hipster, it's boring

  59. Benjamin Wortley

    oh man i love this

  60. Justin Cornejo

    Anyone feel like doing some angry finger pointing

    Meme Lord

    Love react ❤

    Dascha Loeser



    Yeah bro



  61. Drew 666

    Holy shit this is fucking perfect

  62. Davis Fox

    very good, was expecting something more like WYDS, but it is similar on some tracks. Overall a very good album and progession.

  63. desistx1

    This band is incapable of making bad music.

    Ryan Bewick

    I bet even if they tried to put out shitty music it would still make our ears pregnant of awesomeness


    @desistx1 real talk

    Dascha Loeser


    Matthew Lopez

    And their newest album proves this right once again


    I will do some crazy voodoo shit once I get this album

  65. mattmakescovers

    This is incredible.

  66. James Ryan

    Surprised to see so few views, but I'm loving this album so far.