Stoned Jesus - Insatiable King Lyrics

Decay of the human race
Boiled in tortures and disgrace
Universal mind has gone astray
Destruction of everything
Start me up, I'm a war machine
God of Chaos, the Insatiable King

Insatiable King
We've come to natural end
Destroying our land
Insatiable King
Perpetual suicide
We all deserve to die

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Stoned Jesus Insatiable King Comments
  1. Wendell Mackey

    seriously what are the lyrics????

  2. UDT116

    Any heavier and the strings would fall off.

  3. Satan

    some of the heaviest shit i ever heard 

  4. Komrads

    This Rocks really Heavy... Thanks!

  5. Chanpekes Norris

    OK solo son 3?, si la de eastern magic awevo ya la habia escuchado, ta bueno, hasta el arte del album jaja me encanta

  6. MrCrepozoid

    En la respuesta en video tienes la tercera canción, la primera es una instrumental.

  7. Chanpekes Norris

    Hermoso! Upload the other tracks from the demo please