Stone Sour - Miracles Lyrics

I've seen it all and I know better -
I've felt the bitterness and pain
My soul keeps changing like the weather -
the only constant is the rain
I've known your black and white intentions and there's no room
For shades of gray
I never asked you to conform to me...
I only begged for you to stay

I waited here tonight for you to come
But your love just disappeared
I'm waiting in the dark for miracles
But miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here

I still have dreams that we're together
And I can still taste your skin
Reminders all around surrounded by your light -
I don't want to die again
I don't deserve to be discovered -
I don't deserve to know you care
I only want my promised other... not someone who isn't there

I waited here tonight for you to come
But your love just disappeared
I'm waiting in the dark for miracles
But miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here

Oh, I waited here all night for you to come
But your love just disappeared
I'm waiting in the dark for miracles
But miracles don't happen here
I waited here all night for you to come
But your love just disappeared
I'm waiting in the dark for miracles
But miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here
Miracles don't happen here...

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Stone Sour Miracles Comments
  1. Shane

    This is a song you listen to when it's pouring rain outside and it's gloomy as fuck

  2. Cecil Colgin

    I can't even find words to express how deep in my soul this song hits me... Every time

  3. Andrew Macleod

    Absolutely beautiful beautiful song.. God. How Corey Taylor can go from his slipknot aggressive singing to this just shows the talent of the man. Love the stone sour ballards. And of course slipknot snuff. Huge mancrush for corey lol. Seems like a nice genuine man too

  4. Phong Street Workout

    Bar brother

  5. Nafisa h

    Waiting on Allah to make me win the euromillions jackpot like....... 💫😒✍

  6. Sonnet Lyric

    This song like Snuff totally hits my heart.

  7. zeze do bone

    Someone needs to listen to this song...
    "Miracles don't happen here"🎶🎵

    zeze do bone

    🎼Do you like it? 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼Do you like it? 🎼🎸🎸
    🎼Who's laughing now 🎶🎵🎵
    🎼Who's laughing now 🎶🎵🎵

  8. Su Simone

    Every on is like Corey Corey Corey ..and I am .. Yeah but the drums and the guitars though . maaaan

  9. Leonnardo Hell Manson

    I Love that band! The lyrics is so beautiful as the instrumental also! Miracles,Hesitate and Imperfect are awesome!

  10. mark pate

    This song is really helping me through a tough time right now.thanks corey.i cant tell you how much slipknot and stoned sour have helped me in times where everything is fucked up and I'm losing hold of everything that means anything to may sound corny to some but to others music helps the soul through tough times like break ups,addiction,suicide as for me all of the above right now

  11. Allan S

    Hm 2019, from the beggining to now, i think in 800k views, 10k are from me

  12. brad

    Anyone else notice this sounds kinda like nutshell by AIC

  13. Tatsuma

    I always loved this song.
    But now that my marriage is over, the song makes so perfect sense.

    Wish I still only thought this was a pretty song. Wish I didn't understand it like I do now.


    I feel ya. Going through that situation right now. She's in the other room right now. It's a hurt like no other. Especially when children are involved. Wishing you well and my peace come to you man.

  14. Nikki Burch

    Cory Taylor is a fucking great artist

  15. FBomb

    Mom: *sigh* "Here we go again. TAKE OFF YOUR HEADPHONES!!!"

  16. Jana Elizabeth Sekelski

    I need my miracle to come ❤

  17. Rory Cunningham

    He can actually sing with feeling cool!

  18. JP Alpharo

    This song made me realise that some people just aren’t meant to be

  19. JP Alpharo

    They do happen, just not how we expect them

  20. Iulian Bindila

    Corey Taylor best voice ever

    randie Griffith-Hannahs


  21. tiffany nathasingh

    Derek, this is about the day I would be right over? That why this was posted? Didn't know your apartment # besides I seriously didn't think you cared sO stayed out there awhile and you didn't even come out. Don't you know how to read a girl? This song is so good.

  22. Daya Tom

    Miracles don't happen here.

    Annie C

    So much truth in that statement.

  23. GhulehGirl

    Corey has such an amazing voice. What a guy <3

  24. Jeff Karrick

    dude next album do a track with stapelton rockabilly blues fuck tags and all but i bet u could do some magic

  25. CoR3 GaM3R

    This is the best stone sour song ever

  26. megadezzies cat cat

    This song takes me to another dimension. Honestly Corey, I love what you do for music. Always a fan.

  27. CoR3 GaM3R

    All the 87 people that disliked this song can go die in a hole.

  28. Heather Shamp

    My King My Master Your A Miracle My Love My Love I Need You Like I Want To Show You You Have To Touch Me To Feel The Rest Click

  29. megadezzies cat cat

    Cries.... Love you Corey.

  30. J Rich

    this song means alot

  31. Dennis Sanders

    Perfect song and of course Corey is a freaking MONSTER

  32. Jake Rod

    Why is this another Stone and Sour song with 75 dislikes? I wonder if they are the same 75 people.

    Bar Brothers Greece

    There's always people who dislike unfortunately.

  33. b miller

    Far out

  34. Taylor Grimsdottir-Jackson

    "...Miracles don't happen here."- college...

  35. Benjamin Short

    I don't know Corey's personal business and don't want to, but MAN.....he had to go through some shit at some point! This one, SNUFF, IMPERFECT, and HESITATE......deep feelings came from these! Thanks for sharing Corey!!! I feel you, brother!!!

    JP Alpharo

    XxlnFlaMeSxX hesitate, and miracles has to do with his divorce, snuff was about a relationship he had but it hits him hard because Paul used to whistle the tune a lot

    Clayton Scheiber

    Try reading his books. He had really fucked up early life.

    mark pate

    I can tell by his music corey has been through some fucked up shit like I have.thsts why I can always relate to his music whether its slipknot or stoned sour.the man is deep and very talented

    Beef Quirky

    You mean dating?

    Tami Matlock

    I agree hes an amazing talent and i feel everything he sings about..imperfect and hesitate especially

  36. Priscilla Tate

    To: Mike aka Shadow. babe miracles happened here. I'm alive, and I've made it home to Louisiana. I've broken free from my captives, and my only desire us to find you my love. so don't give up. be at the day center Friday morning and stay there until you get a note with my number on it. I promised you as soon as I make it home alive, I'll look for you, and send out a message with a messenger carrier. look for Raymond with the black truck. we both know him. I know he's met you. because he described you to a t and the places you usually can be found, and that you usually don't stick around long cause you don't like the drama. I remember you my love, just stick around long enough on Friday please. be there as soon as the day center opens babe. I don't wanna just miss you. I still love you just as much as I did at my uncles place in mid city. I'm reaching out for you and to you. I fought all these years to get back to you, let's make a miracle happens babe, let's get back the time that has been stolen from us. love your Lady in waiting, Priscilla Tate.

    lil sleepy

    bitch this aint gmail

  37. Prodigy Of Rock

    one of his best vocal performances the guys a fucken beast

  38. Valentina Becker

    Corey Taylor...the best...

  39. Magan Storm

    Badass song! ❤corey Taylor!

  40. Sean Metal

    This song reminds me of my ex. Kinda ironic this song came out when we were dating.

  41. chris gonzales

    This song so reminds me of an ex of mine. Most of my relationships after her have been empty and loveless.

  42. ArtisticWasteland

    song reminds me off dead memories

  43. James Perse

    this singer reminds me of the singer from slipknot

    Brucie Hunter

    James Perse it's the same singer😂 Corey Taylor

    Nightmare Fuel

    Brucie Hunter it's a joke

  44. Anthony Gerhardt

    stone sour is the best and most conistant band of this generation


    Anthony Gerhardt I wouldn't say they're consistent, but yeah

    Sophia Oetzel

    Anthony Gerhardt after slipknot

  45. jaggededges

    Miracles don't happen here - ain't that the fuckin truth

  46. Kenny Johnson

    ston souree is the best rock band out there they do good fast song and slow just great and sorry to say I did not like slip not

  47. Spiros Vozaitis

    Ελλαδαρααααααα!!! stone sour forever

    Bar Brothers Greece

    Spiros Vozaitis ο Corey Taylor είναι απίστευτος!

  48. Living Dead Girl

    This cuts deep. Damn...

  49. ambams1

    I fucking love corey taylor

  50. Manu


  51. Cominick Druz

    I fucking love this song <3 and im a rapper lol

  52. The FattBack Show

    aww man...beautiful im going through a divorce and this shit just crushed my whole inside...thanks \m/


    Mikey Lee
    :( sorry. I know the feeling, this song was introduced to me during a rough breakup

    Meat Popsicle

    Cassie this is the first song that came to my head after my breakup... shit's rough when you're in love and even worse when you know you're the one that fucked it up... goddamn I'm sorry Michelle and I love you


    I'm that man today

  53. Lucas Gregory

    Man, no matter what you say, for me Jim Root is the best guitarrist of the last 20 years! He is a MONSTER!!!

    Mj Dubbs

    He is talented for sure he has quite a range of types of rock he can play. John 5 is extremely talented and doesn't get much recognition for it either though and I will say as far as like bad ass heavy fucking awesome riffs the lead guitarist for shadows fall is a fucking beast period I don't know the dudes name off the top of my head but he really is a fucking monster at coming up with just bad fucking ass heavy metal riffs no joke. I think Oli from All That Remains is another amazing guitarist that just does not get the recognition he deserves

    Mj Dubbs

    Brent Hindes from Mastodon is fucking amazing as well Andy the dude sings on top of playing these extremely complex songs on guitar. Just incredible


    He and Mark Morton both inject a fair amount of blues into their playing, which is why their riffs and solos feel so damn good.

  54. Nick Smith

    goodbye forever

  55. Shineesta Johnson

    I wish it wasn't so hard to let someone go. I wish I could be just as heartless as the one's that chose to leave. why do we gotta have this feeling called pain or fear? fuck anxiety.

    Austin Perez

    Shineesta Johnson I feels

    jake beckley

    i know the feels, the only difference is that i am normally quite a cold person so people leaving doesnt bother me, until recently when i got really close to someone i knew was leaving for New Zealand, i allowed myself to get close knowing the pain i would cause not just me but her as well.

    Stanley West

    Tell me I named one of my son's Corey Taylor

    Heather Shamp

    I'll Take It All Away My King My Master My Love Your Beautiful Just Like Me Creeping Together In Bedroom 🚪 the other hand is a good thing

  56. Juan Andrés Rivas

    I like better Stone Sour than Slipknot, personally i think Corey fits better.....

  57. fede camusso


  58. hate Craft

    Jim Root is a god

    sud4 gh

    To bad he left

  59. ArinInQuotes

    How is possible for one human to be this talented?! It's incredible not only the emotive intensity but also the emotional range that Corey can display between Slipknot and Stone Sour.

    Tasha Vladimiroff

    ArinInQuotes right

    mark pate

    Corey and zack are two totally different entities.both are very talented in their own ways

    mark pate

    For corey to go to heavy slipknot songs with harmonies in them.then go to songs like this is very impressive in my book.hes a legend in my eyes.

    Sonnet Lyric

    I'm an independent artist myself and I'm not being egotistical. But I can do something similar with some songs I've written and put the vocals tracks down. I can go from a soft song to something heavy. Trust me there's many artist like Taylor, we just haven't gone major yet lol. Taylor is fkn awesome! One of my favorite vocalists!

    Sonnet Lyric

    @Randy O'Donnell three years later! You're eating those words! Zakk Wylde is very talented as an artist and vocalist! You're just one of those people that really doesn't appreciate a soulful vocal like Zakk. Yea we all have opinions, but yours is full of shit!

  60. Modern Prodigal Son

    Fuck love, I've had my heart broken and I'm not doing that shit again. The thoughts of suicide and self harm trying to get over why she left. Almost 4 years later I'm still trying to trust people.


    I fucking FEEL you man. There is no amount of alcohol or weed that ever took that feeling away from me. All I had (and still do) was rage, and thoughts of just destroying everyone and everything that stepped in my way. I was and still am RUINED. My problem was contacting her after me being fine with everything and accepting it for what it was. The pain rushed back like I was kicked in the fucking nuts. Trust takes years to build and seconds to break. I myself still have the same trouble trusting anyone.

    DoomedMandy77: StormFront High Priestess

    Modern Prodigal Son
    Try losing three babies and it killing your marriage. Fuck it all.

    DoomedMandy77: StormFront High Priestess

    Cheers 🍻

    Valentina Becker

    How is your heart? everything changes...

  61. Megan Denise

    best song ever.

  62. 33deelz

    miracles don't happen here!¡

  63. Madison Stogryn

    this song was deep

    Becca ann

    Metal overload bruh what was the point of that? Haha

    Bluesman 78

    Such a great voice great Singer

  64. Connor Gordon

    my x an me in a shell

    smoke rain

    ha same

  65. gomo lastixas

    Μου λείπεις...ίσως αν διάβαζες ποτέ το μυαλό μου να καταλάβαινες..Σ'αγαπώ...

  66. Burg Disc Golf

    Anyone else notice how this sounds just like Nutshell by Alice in Chains. Play them back to back, I dare you mortals. See what music is becoming, just a bunch of photo-copies and stuff

    Mj Dubbs

    Nutshell is one of my favorite songs of all time and sorry to say this song sounds nothing like it not even remotely close as far as guitar chords or rhyming scheme or the way he sings it.. no way not at all



    Lyle Jack

    You ever notice how Nutshell sounds like Purple Rain


    Keegan Maxwell I haven't heard nutshell, I'll be sure to go check it out, but have you considered it could have been some form of inspiration for this song? (if there is a relation)

    CoR3 GaM3R

    They are nothing alike.

  67. moonhawk x

    brings me to tears.

  68. MrUnknown 32123

    love it

    Bar Brothers Greece

    @perry zeplatypus It's for you :D

    MrUnknown 32123

    I know. Good to see you listen to your subs. Im so happy. Thanks man