Stone, Justin - Silhouette Lyrics

Told my family never stress
I got hits up in my chest
Say you got it
That's stretch

Need a million
Nothing less

No label yet
A and Rs tryna press
Left my ex
All she see my silhouette

I went ghost
Realized had to do what's best for me
I'm so close to blowing up
Artists all want the recipe

Don't stress me out
I stay locked up
In the booth

Became a prophet
Getting profit
You know that's just how we do

This is all I want
This is all I got
I got things to do
I can never stop

For the check
We do it
For the fans
I done it
Everybody see it
And they know I
Run it

Broke when I was 19
Knocking doors just to get paid
No daddy money I made it all
So really watcha gon say

I came up
You fell off
I don't ever take breaks

She wanna chill
I don't waste time
Someone Tell her
I don't do dates

Touring the states
Soon oversees

I got a Benz
Pulled off the lot
100 with ease

I got all that I want
All that I need

Black tint with the rims
All around
Can't even see

Sold out shows coming soon
300 every city
Same one's doubting
Saying that they were always right here with me

40 songs a year
Who else really grinding like me

Say you do it better but we both know that
Isn't likely

This is all I want
This is all I got
I got things to do
I can never stop

For the check
We do it
For the fans
I done it
Everybody see it
And they know I
Run it

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Stone, Justin Silhouette Comments
  1. Cv Vcccv

    Don’t kno what to say g but keep goin and visit bham England smtime

    Justin Stone

    Cv Vcccv I have a show in London

    Cv Vcccv

    Justin Stone fuck yeah man I’ll be sure to be there

  2. Nova Siphon

    Just subbed and turn on post notifications came from KingRodey

  3. Edwin Soto

    Killing it with the lyrics and double tapping with the beat🏅🌐

  4. Cool Dust

    I get pumped every time I play this song ! 🔥🔥🔥

  5. xIDJN

    Why do I stop listening to Justin, hes way to fire, its a shame on how i keep forgetting. Been here since steal your heart. This one bangs, like hell bro! Justin is for sure an underrated artist that needs to get known.

    Justin Stone

    welcome back


    @Justin Stone Thank you :)

  6. Pendragon MX

    Never stop 🔥

    Saludos desde México.

  7. Michael Tucker

    Favorite yet!
    Ever since you sang California Girls by Katy Perry at camp, I knew you’d hit it big 😂 for real though. Great work man.

  8. nimesh bhattacharya

    Man i just love the way u make this whole song this is all i want respect from india man♥️

  9. iMixMasteR

    Fucking dope

  10. Sebastian Illges

    This is another one that just gets stuck in my head.The first song I heard from you was "On Your Own" an I am still loving it. Keep it up!

  11. kazzy The monster

    You got merch bro? Wouldn't mind rocking your sweaters man 🤙

  12. Nexxten & Eraze

    Bro u keep grow ! Am here from 10k Subs and now 34k Crazy bro erazee here, Man u gonna be more more !!

  13. Brandon Wilson

    Bro I been with you since 2015 you and Kevin Flum are my boys, I turn you guys on to everyone. I have so much respect for you guys and I can't only thank you for helping me throughout so many tough spots ❤️

  14. Michael Kasala

    Left my ex all she see my silhouette 🔥 one of the best yet man, you’re an inspiration to me. Can only rely on yourself these days. Hard work pays. It’ll come.

  15. siham didi

    Dope track 🔥🔥🔥 See you next year in Paris 😁

    Justin Stone

    siham didi 🙌🏼🙌🏼finally

    siham didi

    @Justin Stone hell yeah 🔥

  16. Shalana michelle

    Keep on doing you! Run it!!!

  17. Hunter Lorenz

    Keep grinding bro, maybe hit us with an “addict part 2” just an idea

  18. FaZeEviiil

    Sick broo

  19. YamaAgni


  20. Leticia Stinson

    Utah!! Rep!!! Cant wait to meet you again!! Keep up the good work!!

  21. Feartorren

    why isn't this on spotify?

  22. Yung Bhatti

    Would love to work w u justin! 🔥💯

  23. Yung Bhatti

    Jheez 🔥🔥💯💯

  24. thegaminglife5


  25. David Prachtbrot

    Can't find this song on spotify but I like the vibe


    David Prachtbrot it’s coming out on “The Mixtape”

  26. Nathan Haskins

    I’m ready for this tour tomorrow

  27. Adrien FUSTIÈS

    Always great

  28. X8Coldkill8X

    Keep making fire bro 🔥🔥

  29. Michael Kasala

    See you in CLE today bro 🙏🏻

  30. Gomer

    Such an amazing artist !! I highly recommend seeing him live puts on an incredible show!!

  31. Pascal Kollos

    you gonna blow up my man🤯

  32. Justin Cummings

    For the check
    We do it
    For the fans
    I done it
    Everybody see it
    And They know I
    Run it

  33. Justin Cummings

    dude omggg :D

  34. George Carnrike

    100 with ease! Song is hitting! On repeat 🔥

    Justin Stone

    George Carnrike 🤜🏼😔

  35. Morgoer Manger

    Loved this Justin! Keep it up ♥️😘

    Justin Stone

    Morgoer Manger 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  36. W. Alston Crosby

    you killed it, 801 represent

    Justin Stone

    W. Alston Crosby thx g

  37. Daniel Loonasz

    Ayy' can we catch this at soundcloud🎼🎶 dangg!! u looked lean bruhh, need 2 increase back ur bench press brotha 🏋️‍♂️💪

    Justin Stone

    Daniel Loonasz lost all my gains ahha I’m sitting at 175

    Daniel Loonasz

    Keep on grindin brotha ✊i luv my cheatmeals day🍕🥞🍔🍟🍩🍰🍦 instead doin derrty bulking...

  38. damonn paichh

    Deserves alot more than 2k like man

    Justin Stone

    damonn paichh make it happen

  39. Tyler Weston

    This song is dope af!! this about to go crazy in cleveland

    Justin Stone

    Tyler Weston it’s 4th on the set list :)

    Tyler Weston

    @Justin Stone hell yeah, let's get it!

  40. Miranda Hoiland

    I went ghost, realized had to do what's best for me💯🔥

    Justin Stone

    Miranda Hoiland big facts

  41. NightOfApril

    When I listen to your songs I feel better because you bring me stability in emotions and I really appreciate that, keep making content <3 Love your songs since 2016

  42. Marin Delija

    cant find it on spotify :(

    Justin Stone

    Marin Delija fee weeks

    Justin Stone

    Marin Delija nov 22

  43. Zouma

    People ain’t noticing but the reason his shit been getting better he been going heavy on the choruses and the verses stay lit.

    Justin Stone

    Zouma yes sirrrr


    Justin Stone it’s what separates from the crowd 🙏

  44. Gavin Bock

    Can’t believe it’s almost been 4 years since I saw you opening up that Sammy Adams concert in Columbus, I got to dap you up and tell you you were gonna be big ✊

    Justin Stone

    Gavin Bock that’s crazy dope. Have you not been to a show since ?

    Gavin Bock

    Justin Stone nah man it sucks the timing and location has never been right since, I’m always on the look out for a new show man

  45. Tristan

    This is pure fire!!!

    Justin Stone

    Tristan thanks g

  46. lauro199471

    this goes sooooooooooooooooooo hard bro!

    Justin Stone

    lauro199471 🙌🏼🙌🏼

  47. Sacha Reus

    I follow you since "lungs" maybe 4 years ago, and you have never disappointed me, it's incredible

    Justin Stone

    Sacha Reus day one

  48. Rotina no Limite

    Hey bro, that's insane, Brazil here, I really appreciate your job 💚💪...

  49. Drew B

    My dude🔥🔥🔥

    Justin Stone

    Drew B thx homie

  50. Ryan Chapa

    Did you just film this? Saw you at Kilby the other night 🔥🔥

    Justin Stone

    Ryan Chapa just filmed it in salt lake !!

  51. Omar Yañez Zavala

    You sing nice bro

    Justin Stone

    Omar Yañez Zavala thx g

  52. Rico Flex


  53. Nico Grill

    I’m from Germany and I’m listening to ur shit 24/7 not gonna lie absolut fav artist❤️

    Justin Stone

    Nico Grill hell yes keep spreading

  54. Xotic

    This was filmed on the ocean floor, when you started rapping the ocean just evaporated

    Justin Stone

    Xotic oh ya baby

  55. Genni Richardson

    This song is FIRE 🔥🔥 I’m in love

  56. Christopher Quägwer

    Great song and video!

    Justin Stone

    Christopher Quägwer thx for the comment man

  57. MyInitialsAreACE / Graphic Design & More!


  58. Sam's Opinion

    Waiting at THE GARAGE rn cant wait!

    Justin Stone

    Dice Remnant hell yes let’s go


    Beutiful man !!

  60. Awaken Official

    Love for India bruh keep it up💕💫🎋

  61. Steven S

    man his music and lyrics are so close to me love your stuff much love

  62. Averse

    where u got that utah shirt from buddy

    Justin Stone

    Averse some big grocery store ahha

  63. Tonya Davis

    Bringing the fire! 🔥🔥🔥 You never disappoint ❤

    Justin Stone

    Tonya Davis thanks to ya

  64. Vladex

    Justin Stone With Another Banger? Tell me something I dont already know :)

    Justin Stone

    Vladex he has 10 toes

  65. TruSpike

    Dope song bro, been a fan sense what it's like. Keep it going brother! 🙌

  66. Herotic

    Yo, this song is sick! Keep it up man 🔥🙏

    Justin Stone

    Herotic thanks homie

  67. Rezy

    This song is dope 🙏 Love you man

    Justin Stone

    Rezy keep listening !

  68. Anxxiety


  69. CBGAMING 72

    is there any Justin Stone Apparel?

    Justin Stone

    CBGAMING 72 on tour !


    @Justin Stone Dang I'm in Dallas and i dont see Dallas on your tour :( I want some Apparel So bad

  70. Justin Bender

    Let's goooo!!! Loving it 🔥

    Justin Stone

    Justin Bender thx brotha

  71. TRog

    Feelin this one 🔥

    Justin Stone

    TRog 🙏🏽🤝

  72. Dustin Leafty

    Your awesome man keep pushing out more and more music

    Justin Stone

    Dustin Leafty keep bumping it and spreading!

  73. Michael Allen

    Whenever you go on tour, make a stop in northern michigan brotha!!!!! Keep making great music brotha!!!!!

    Justin Stone

    Michael Allen come to my Lansing show !

    Michael Allen

    @Justin Stone brotha when??? It is like 4 and half 5 hours from my house. I am gonna have to plan it out brotha.

  74. Anna PG

    i just want this one on spotify 😎

    Justin Stone

    Anna PG in a few weeks !

  75. Jamieson Murphy

    Fucking beast bro

    Justin Stone

    Jamieson Murphy 😤

  76. Nathan W-I

    As always, speaking truths and killing the game.

    Justin Stone

    Nathan W-I come out to a show sometime ! What city you in

    Nathan W-I

    Raleigh or Charlotte NC, either one works!

  77. KRIYO2Devontae

    every week 🔥 he finna blow

    Justin Stone

    EyezOthelo 😤😤

  78. Dr. Gainzzz

    Are you from Utah bro ? I've always got that vibe from you haha

    Justin Stone

    Dr. Gainzzz nah but I love salt lake ! Hella fan love there

  79. IMPULS3 Official
    Plzz do listen to this song by me....plzz share it if u love it

  80. Xander K

    Awesome video

    Justin Stone

    Xander K thank you !

  81. Jacob Shattuck

    Never stop homie

    Justin Stone

    Jacob Shattuck came too far to quit now 🙌🏼

  82. Rosie Castro


  83. Zac Flewids

    Sooo fire

    Justin Stone

    Zac Flewids can’t wait for us to hit the road

    Zac Flewids

    Justin Stone likewise brodie 🙏

  84. ZyRiZ II Michael

    Love your songs!

    Justin Stone

    ZyRiZ II Michael 🙌🏼

  85. Forest Thompson

    I love the song and the vid bro u goin up

    Justin Stone

    Forest Thompson keep it on repeat then 👌🏼

  86. Nick Vaassen

    beat fire verses fire your fire my dawg 🔥

    Justin Stone

    Nick Vaassen a lot of hits coming just wait

  87. Nina-Kristina Kéchichian

    This song is 🔥 an amazing artist all around 💎💙

    Justin Stone

    Nina-Kristina Kéchichian :) you’re too kind

  88. WZ McIntyre

    I could tell by the beat it was going to be fire

    Justin Stone

    WZ McIntyre 🔥🔥😭

  89. Carlo Meyer


    Justin Stone

    Carlo Meyer in a few weeks. We need to run up the views here first

  90. Bennykaay

    do you sleep at all? banger🔥

    Justin Stone

    Bennykaay no sleep

  91. Leobassman 18

    Been following since the I Prevai colab on Rise Above It. This jam is fire man!! Keep it up!! Cheers from MX lml

  92. Elie Kerjenevitch

    Dude, you really deserve to blow up, every song is fire!

    Justin Stone

    Elie Kerjenevitch keep showing your friends !

  93. Justin Stone

    If you want to see me grow please leave a like and a comment on the video! let's get 2,000 likes

    Justin Stone

    ForkUp never !!

    Nina-Kristina Kéchichian

    Love this song 🎼🖤

    Je suis Parte

    holy shit is this nice


    I 100 percent believe bro, Dooont stop, I'm rocking with you baby ✊✊🔥🔥


    Please upload on Apple Music. :(