Stone, Justin - Gone Lyrics

I packed my bags and moved away like I'm gone
Yeah, like I'm gone
I told them they gon' talk about me when I'm gone
Yeah, when I'm gone

I'm not dead I'm M.I.A
Cruising down the interstate
With a baddy and the passenger that barely knows my name
Lately life's been cool as shit
But I hate when people front
Acting like they love me from the jump, hell nah
I don't do that, blowing up I knew that
It would always happen way before I was a cool cat in my town
Now they waving everytime I pass by
Elementary loser turned into that guy
Never treated my music just like a past time
And that's exactly why I'll make it from that last line
Stole your girl that's a hard crime
Sorry homie she might have to do some hard time
I'm a savage yeah I know, but lately I've been trippin'
Chicago, West Virginia then I head back to my city
Always put in work
My studio is open, 24/7 on that grind until it's perfect, yeah

I packed my bags and moved away like I'm gone
Yeah, like I'm gone, gone
I told them they gon' talk about me when I'm gone
Yeah, when I'm gone, gone
I packed my bags and moved away like I'm gone
Yeah, like I'm gone, gone
I told them they gone talk about me when I'm gone
Yeah, when I'm gone

Expensive bitches been my taste
But they cannot conversate
Yeah, they hot as hell but on the inside look like paper plates
I won't stand this girl
That knew me before I was famous girl
Wanna send me ugly ass snaps, so I could savour girl
Everybody has me rolling, rolling weed
My music gets you high so they've been rolling, rolling me
I got hella tracks on deck
Gas tank still on E
But the moneys coming in so I just spend it on the beats
Invested in my future
Y'all think that I'm a dummy
But nah lately homie I just finished on the tummy
Always hit it hard
Big talk get it stubby
Back in middle school all them bitches call me chubby
Now they on my dick but that is just irrelevant
And I can't lie hit them back for the hell of it
When I'm horny I ask baby are you down
Of course you know their answer I'm the young king of the town, yeah

I packed my bags and moved away like I'm gone
Yeah, like I'm gone, gone
I told them they gon' talk about me when I'm gone
Yeah, when I'm gone, gone
I packed my bags and moved away like I'm gone
Yeah, like I'm gone, gone
I told them they gon' talk about me when I'm gone
Yeah, when I'm gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
When I'm gone, gone, gone, gone, gone, gone
When I'm gone, gone

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Stone, Justin Gone Comments
  1. Keaon Cox

    I just want the instrumental, I need to figure out how to make an instrumental myself.

  2. Sam Smith

    Finally good rap that mentions my state

  3. Lowtek Graham

    I listen to this when i doing push up

  4. Silas Travise

    Dub veeee

  5. yung nymira

    Accidentally Blasting Embarrassing Songs in the Library Prank (Part 2)
    brought me here

  6. rayan cedric

    crazy !!

  7. MichaelChiklisCares

    Good beat, lyrics dont match the beat plus I dont care when someone is talking about his hard dick on a track, such gay song.

  8. GYBZ Z

    nice back tune

  9. Anvesit

    I feel he can be a next logic.

  10. The Shield

    Justin Stone should try collab with the underground BONES.

  11. Alex Saltos

    Justin Stone keep it up 👍👍👍

  12. Alex Saltos

    Man I love the song, but I would like to hear the instrumental.

  13. Erik Perez

    whats the beats name, i like the beat a lot.

  14. Xotiic

    listen to it with Speed 1.25 it sounds like a rap :D

  15. Giacinto Marcellino


    Justin Stone

    Giacinto Marcellino kinky

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    I'm addicted to this music bro

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  18. Super boy

    fucking dope bro

    Justin Stone

    Aye thank you

  19. DJ KOALA

    Your music never fails to please my ears, love it bro keep up the great work <3

  20. David Etter

    is there an instrumental version?

  21. Gregory Perez

    just started listening to this dude. I'm impressed.

  22. Losted Roster

    love it

  23. SEm tEX

    love it ❤️

  24. Kubilay Ersayin

    Arena the SwagyTracks Music all free2use?

  25. Mrcool179

    Anyone got lyrics to post?

  26. TROLL Replays

    Justin U ARE PURE DOPE

    Justin Stone


  27. dan torres valencia

    Justin Stone <<33

    dan torres valencia

    You are the best :'D

  28. BapE

    God, Justin Stone is so fking underrated.
    Greetings from Germany

    Justin Stone

    They will wake up soon

  29. Archibold

    Is this Copyrighted?

  30. LeGiT_mCsLiCk

    Dude, I can always relate to this guys lyrics. Hope he blows up he has great talent.

    Justin Stone


  31. Kat MTR

    Where is he?! He's usually in the comments );

    Kat MTR

    @Justin Stone oh hey there :) Another nice track <3

  32. CivilAviation1

    Where was the photo taken?


    Yeah, but where in L.A.? I searched through Marc's instagram, but I couldn't find the location.

  33. Dylan Paauw

    Justin coming with 🔥🔥 again

  34. Rostocker055er

    Not Bad, i love it!

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    🔥Check out 'Stylish Rap' new channel featuring chilled rap songs! 🔥 nice upload btw

  36. Mr Aziz

    this goed hard dude I hope 2017 will be your year you deserve it

  37. gymshew52

    J STone, thank you for what you do. You're out here grinding. I still haven't heard a bad track from you yet. Keep doing you and don't change. The fame will come

    Justin Stone

    Means a lot homie

  38. Angela Davis


  39. Michael Wavves

    Catchy af!

  40. Masomitsu

    Absolutely great to listen to while beeing faded.

  41. Phil

    Is there an instrumental version of this? :D

  42. Paul de Rooij

    Niiiceee ^^

  43. Hey XD

    Como sempre, uma ótima música!!.

  44. Rmn c:

    Hopefully will Justin never be gone!! <3

  45. JDAM

    justin never disapppoints

    Justin Stone

    Love bro

  46. Musuko Diran

    thx for the music bro it helps keep up the good work

  47. Neto


  48. Jorge347

    Truly amazing man

  49. Max C

    Theres a new artist called "Ali g" he's lit and i think you should put it in please

  50. Raid

    By far my favorite SwagyTracks Artist - Justin never disappoints me 🙏


    Justin Stone Dopest Vocal & Lyrics 🙏

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  52. 7ZY

    In only 2 months you gained 50,000 more monthly listening on Spotify Justin, the success is just in front of you!

    Justin Stone

    That's sooooo nuts 👀


    And 20 000 in 4 days haha 🚀

  53. Stanislav Mitev xD

    FIRE, I LOVE IT! Justin, you are the man! Keep up the good work.

  54. SuperFlyJ11

    Swagytracks promote HEYITSLUKA look up his channel!

  55. Brian Atkins

    straight 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  56. Matt Suter

    it's about time for another Justin stone - Keep up the amazing work man

    Justin Stone

    Thanks homie

    Matt Suter

    Justin Stone omfg man thanks for the reply holy shit I live in South Africa and its 2 AM and i stayed up just in case but thanks so much - better than any christams present I've got

  57. VvAustin

    Justin never disappoints <3

    Justin Stone

    Love the sound of that

  58. Zenshi

    J Stone, oh what can I say. Your music is phenomenal, you've become my favourite producer in time, short at that. You've done so much in such little time, oh how I wonder what you'll have in store next year, you're gonna dominate the game in 2017 man, no doubt.

    Justin Stone

    Thanks homie

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    que foda .. ♥

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    Justin Stone


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    the vibes are A1 rn.. justin always delivering a story

  64. CuRRuptXxX AngeL

    Love it justin, looks like I'm Def sticking around 😋 Merry Christmas to you my friend

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    @Justin Stone  <3 gr8 music

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    another great song

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    A bad day has turn into a good day couse you Upload Ur musik . Best xmas present 😍 merry xmas

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    mary me justin ❤🙏

    Love Gaming

    no homo

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    Love this exclusive, you really put effort into all of your music which is why every time you release music I can hear it and put effort into portions of my life!

    Justin Stone

    Thanks brotha

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    Love Gaming

    Music Lyrics you made your point

    An Egg

    i think he wants us to check his account for lyrics

    An Egg

    James Cassalia he just wants attention, any will do.

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    I wish 2017 bring you the best
    happy new year fam
    and keep them coming

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    Unique Vibes

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    Justin Stone

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    Justin Stone

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    Justin Stone

    That's a good standard to live by;)

  91. BennDoverr

    What program you record on ?

    Justin Stone

    Pro tools

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    Justin Stone

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    Justin Stone you're honestly my favorite rapper. Keep doing what you're doing man!

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