Stone, Joss - Stalemate Lyrics

Did I let you down?
Did I give you up?

So what's it all about
Was it not enough?
No, no, no

It's alright, yeah
It's okay, yeah
It's alright with me

I'll be fine, yeah
I don't mind, yeah
I'll pretend at least

But if you give me something
That I believe in
Give me something
I will wait

But if you give me nothing
I can't help feeling
I'm in stalemate with you
Stalemate with you

Used to pick me up
Like a sunken

And I've been thinkin' it
And we worked so

But it feels wrong, yeah
When I'm strong alone, yeah
Strong alone by you

And the words you say, yeah
Just to get your way, yeah
Well, they just won't do
You got to

Give me something
That I believe in
Give me something
And I will wait

But if you give me nothing
I can't help feeling
I'm in stalemate with you, oh, I'm in stalemate
Oh, I'm in stalemate, pretty baby
(Stalemate with you)

I need more, I need more
What are you waiting for?
It's so frustrating
(So frustrating, baby)
You got to

I'm so frustrated with your love
What you do to me
Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah
You got me in stalemate

Ooh, ooh, ooh, woo, woo, woo, woo
No, no, no, no, no, no
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
Hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey, hey
You got me in stalemate, hey, yeah

Ooh, don't hurt me, baby
Don't hurt me, love
You breakin' my heart now
Don't you break my heart, no
Don't you break my heart

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Stone, Joss Stalemate Comments
  1. Axola Mashiqana

    Beautiful song

  2. alexandrea bellman

    Joss did it better :)

  3. TM Serena


  4. Meya Ebrahim

    love the song

  5. Hayley Terraine

    thank you for upoading :)

  6. Maxi Harvey

    Anastacia, i love you but this completely gave me goosebumps. Thanks for good music Miss Stone.

  7. Joe Calata

    sorry, i prefer Anastacia

  8. TheBecc22

    ahah..i came here AFTER listening to anastacia version and reading stupid comments saying joss is better bla bla bla..... so here i am to say i love anastacia s voice there s nothing to compare..much more power u cant deny eheh.. :-)

  9. Jay Williams

    This song is freakin amazing. Love joss stone.

  10. Eliiimusic13

    I like Joss´s version actually way better than Anastacia´s....<3

  11. jamirocat

    beautiful duo
    thanks Miss Stone!

  12. Raven Jones

    Don't come on Joss's video and say Anastacia'a version is better,leave that comment on HER page,this zone is for Joss fans,don't come over here with that shit

  13. Kell Nos

    I just love the colabo cause it's just the right people for this sing.:) way to go joss. always making my life a bit more livable everyday with your music. and jamie you did a very nice job with her on this track. kudos. :)

  14. gula1989

    Amazing! Joss's the best! Love her voice! And this is song is so amazing just because of her! <3

  15. Rubén García

    i love this song

  16. H******

    anastasias is better...but this isnt bad either :)

  17. Lamberto Mancini

    I feel Joss not Anastacia...Just an opinion

  18. alaba kick

    i wish i could marry Joss Stone....

  19. Alex P.

    Anastacia's version is BILION times beter!

  20. terri ward

    for you tim

  21. MarinaIPG

    OMG!!! ANASTACIA make it so much better She's AMAZING!!

  22. InterestingName

    I just think Anastacia sings it as if sges really pissed of with the relationship while Joss sings it as if shes sad, i love both versions

  23. Kostas.K

    Anastacia's version sooo much better!!

  24. Joe Dietrich Automotive

    Guns and roses is more my style.... But this is probably one of the best songs musicly and lyricly that I've heard in 15 years. I'm sold!!!

  25. Diondra B

    Love this song! Beautiful. =)

  26. Linz van de Winkel

    damn, it's a beautiful song.
    I love her whole album!!

  27. jd rojasm

    i cant either...i love it...and this songs is one of my favorites....i love u joss!!!!!