Stone, Angie - Time Of The Month Lyrics

It's 3:00 in the morning
Tell me where you been
See I'm in pain, these migraines
And my cramps are getting near
Don't wanna hear your stories
Don't wanna hear your lies
Let me go to bed
Swallow my pride
Cause you'll be sleeping outside

It's that time of the month
Don't even mess with me
It's that time of the month
Don't even mess with me

I go to work all week
Overtime I'm puttin' in
Now here's a mess
Cause I get my check and there's money missin'
So many things to do and now I'm wondering how
They tell me wait 'till they get it straight
But my bills are due right now, right now

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

Oh, let's keep it real
People don't care how you feel
Every little thing
(Everything) God may heal it
Where's a piece of mind when you need it, oh Lord
When does it end
I can't be bothered, not even with my friends
There's a lot of things going through my head
Just wanna go home and go to bed

[Repeat 1 w/ad libs until fade]

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Stone, Angie Time Of The Month Comments
  1. Darryl B.


  2. Valerie Walker

    Love this one, tell it like it is.

  3. ÄdiÖ ÄyÖ

    why angie dont get more love tf goin on?


    cause she beat her dauther up lol

    Drica Willis

    OG509 dead ass ????

    Darryl B.

    ÄdiÖ ÄyÖ For real though