Stone, Angie - The Ingredients Of Love Lyrics

Hey Musiq, (Yo)
You think we can do this (Yeah, uh)
(Yeah, yeah)

[1] - How do we make love
And what's it truly made of
How do we make love
And what is it truly made of

Oh yeah, oh yeah
Gimme an ounce of some honesty
Some innocence and a cup of loyalty
A tablespoon of some attitude
And of course a pinch of freak

At least a pound of conversation
Some attention when it comes to relation
Two quarts of intelligence
And a gallon of righteousness, oh

[Repeat 1]

Yeah, yeah yeah (Yeah, yeah)
What I need is a smiggen of strength and a whole lot of stamina
What I want is a liter of respect and a damn good listener
Well if it means anything to you
Girl, I feel the same way you do
So let's let it marinate for about 365 days

[Repeat 1]

Oh baby, listen girl
Baby I need to feel it's blended to perfection
Love is spledid
In connection with old fashion remedies and recipes of love
Oh yeah
And sugar, won't matter what the friends in ?? eat
I'll be sippin' on every drop of the main ingredient
It's tastey love, yeah yeah

[Repeat 1 until fade]

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Stone, Angie The Ingredients Of Love Comments
  1. Marcus Reeves


  2. Miss Moe82

    What I don't get, is how does this song only have 59,671 views??? And 9 dislikes??? Come on MAN!!!


    This track is special. It contains the vocal talents of 2 of the most prolific neo soul performers ever and all sprinkled over a sample that A TRIBE CALLED QUEST made a classic!!!! Perfect all the way around.

  4. R Johnson

    Is that Freddie Hubbard's Red Clay being sampled on this track?

    Carlen J

    R Johnson yesss

  5. Josh S

    Good memories #thevibe😎

  6. January Simes

    love this song.very soulful.

  7. Lady V Ann

    Oh yesss, that's a serious meal to grub on 👍☺

  8. ivi13

    freddy hubbard- red clay

    gil bert

    thank you so much. was looking for this exact info and wasnt expecting to find it so easy!!!

    K Walton

    I just picked up on that freddie yesterday. Came here to listen again. Love these gems.

  9. Bnatural Brown

    This has always been the jam! If we could all get these ingredients of love, our love lives would be phenomenal!

  10. nixie NICLA

    Time for a feast :)

  11. Toni Price

    Can't get ENOUGH of powerful jam...I'm feeling every word, and I agree this is my wedding song also, what?! you gotta share now...

  12. C. Inglés

    The [Incomprehensible] part is "Sugar no matter what the friends say best believe..." Yes? Sounded clear to me..

  13. Alanza H O G

    I love this record from Angie. I had the luck in my life to sing with Angie on stage.. I love her voice, and the songs are so full of soul. We need more this!! Love you Angie. 

  14. Umeka Harris

    Love this chick she doesn't get the credit she should get a awesome women keep up the good work ..............

  15. Tony Goyang Jr

    great song

  16. Monique Leggett


  17. P Lynn

    Great groove, great classic beat from tribe, I likes it!

  18. Amanda Evans

    This is definitely a track for The Good Evans Late Show rockin it nice and slow

  19. loquaciousthe3RD

    did y'all notice the beat is the same as A Tribe's "Sucka Nigga"


    loquaciousthe3RD it's Red Clay by Freddie Hubbard. Jazz classic ❤️

    R Johnson

    I knew it!

  20. Dani Ela

    Good as gold :)