Stone, Angie - Bottles & Cans Lyrics

Everybody wants some type of success in life
Like every woman wants to one day be a wife
Your success is measured, but to a degree
Cuz all the money in the world don't add up to you and me

[1] - I'd rather be pickin' up bottles and cans
If you can't be my man
I'd rather be homeless in the streets
With no food to eat

I'd rather be facing twenty to life
If I can't be your wife
Now I know that it seems like I'm crazy for you
That's what love can do

Look at what you started, there's no way this can end
Because I've fallin in love, but how deep did I fall in
If anything should ever stand in our way
I wouldn't wait 'till tomorrow, but I'd throw it away today

[Repeat 1]

I'd rather be pickin' up bottles and cans
Pickin' up cans baby, oh yeah yeah
I'd rather be homeless in the streets with no food to eat
I'd rather be facing twenty to life
Now I know that it seems like I'm crazy for you
That's what love can do

It just ain't money (Without)
There is no home (Without you)
It's no crime, baby (Without)
Who is everyone (Without you)
It's no career (Without)
It's not sincere (Without you)
These diamonds don't shine (Without)
Whoa (That's what love can do)

[Repeat 1]
[Repeat 1]

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Stone, Angie Bottles & Cans Comments
  1. Eve30

    Love you Angie Stone

  2. Léger Christian

    Oh my HEART , I love this song

  3. Valerie Walker

    Fierce lady.

  4. Anjia Smith


  5. Dee Harris

    I don't care I still like this song in 2019. 🤓👍

  6. Edmund Schrag

    Like number 666 😈

  7. Kelepi Draso

    Great song by Angie Stone....Bottles and Cans..

  8. Kudakwashe Zindoga

    Id rather be picking up bottles and cans......

  9. the promise man

    31 people have never picked up bottles and cans

    Dee Harris

    @the promise man
    If you don't have pride where will life take you

    the promise man

    @Dee Harris that's so true ...I remember when I first heard this song I couldn't stop playing it because it brought so many memories of my life

    Dee Harris

    @the promise man I heard this song a few years ago it was played for to me. These days it just reminds me of what once was.
    Like I said some people can't keep their word.

    Dee Harris

    @the promise man But inspit of it all I still have my pride.

    the promise man

    @Dee Harris wow I can understand what you went through but you survived it all no matter what God was there for you ...I heard this song about a few years ago too in a friend car from a mix CD ...he was to drunk to drive so I had to drive for him and when this song came on it just blew my mind I kept playing it over and over again

  10. KPH Tsotetsi

    Everybody wants some kind of success in life. that is it.

  11. evelyn carter

    DEEP SONG !!!!!!!!!!   WAIT LISTEN !!!!!!!!

  12. mikial stanley

    great song!!!

  13. Rhonda knight

    I love this song words are great!!! Love her...

  14. Love Anderson

    very Good song listen to the words.....

    Dee Harris

    I listen to the words.
    Yup I like this song

  15. Arthur Jackson

    This is an true song from the heart.

  16. Dasani605

    This song has so much meaning to me! Angie sang the shit out of it too!

  17. Juanita Mitchell

    It is a beautiful song. Not to be taken literally, but figuratively.

  18. Akyla Wanliss

    i love this song too!

  19. jesusdetoledo

    that's what she thinks til it happens

  20. Arthur Jackson

    My grandmother said this was her life and her story you have to listen to Angie Stone and her grandmother of what they went through back than.

  21. Corey J

    This is real music real words i love this song i never get tired of it this is so real

  22. Keiffie88

    Say that shit Angie!

  23. angie oconnor

    I don't think I would go to prison for any man coz u still gonna be without him. I'm definately will not pick up things of the streets for any man except God .
    The lyric are just saying 'you dam fool'. Love my Angie though. Beautifful inside and out. Keep it coming girl.

  24. Ayanda Tetyana

    this is what i call music

  25. JustJimmie

    Loved this song for as long as I can

  26. angie oconnor

    Angie smashing it again. Where does she get her lyrics from apart from Baby Face! Love itttttttttttttttttttttttt

  27. Monique Orrai

    i just LOVE this song, it says exactly where i am in my life

  28. LadyBearClaw

    is there a video to this song? an OFFICIAL video

  29. Savvy Bailey

    Love this song so much...

  30. latoya bryan

    this is a wonderful song so true words...

  31. Luanda Yasmin

    @furschee same here :D

  32. Luanda Yasmin

    OhMyGosh, my childhood

  33. Taajcrown

    @furschee MINES TOO! i grew up to Angie Stone

  34. Furscheé Roper

    OMG I grew up on this song
    my mom used to play it all the time
    I absolutely love this song

  35. myhappyness1

    I love some Angie Stone. I think she's one of the few wonderful singers that can still demand & get attention with her beautiful voice. I like her style and presence. Keep on doing great things Angie.

    Andrew Miller

    Anything for my baby. Until she messed up

  36. illhorse

    @themrduragss LOLOL

  37. themrduragss

    Thanks for this Angie you should try and get signed trust me youve got a future!!

  38. theunsane187

    Uh.....I'm not Angie Stone. Sorry.....